Rigel is on Top Web Fiction, Web Fiction Guide. Hurray!

Hey guys,

I have been trying to publicize Rigel extensively for a week by trying to get into Top web fiction, Web Fiction guide, Novels Online.

The admins over there hate copied content and they read your work before accepting it.

Today, after a week long wait, Rigel was finally accepted.

The reason why I am telling this to you guys is simple. I just wanted to share this news with you all and see whether I can gather some help which in return will help me get more readers.

Top Web Fiction – Link!

For every 25 votes Rigel receives on Top Web Fiction, I will release One sponsored chapter as my gratitude.

Web Fiction guide – Link!

For every 25 ratings or for every 25 reviews Rigel receives on Web Fiction guide. I will release One sponsored chapter as my gratitude.

This contest and will last until the 15th of March 2016.

Thank you for your time and help guys. My dream is to publish my own book one day and I need all the help I can get.

Thank you,

GSD Reddy.


One thought on “Rigel is on Top Web Fiction, Web Fiction Guide. Hurray!

  1. Hi again

    i did both things, but honestly i don’t enjoy reading rigel that much.
    i stooped reading after rigels owner tried to kill him and then healed him and left.

    I think I did narrow down what I didn’t like. I feel you are using surprising events too often without a proper setup.
    you are doing it on riddick too.

    of coarse new turn of events or the unexpected is very exiting, I might have missed it but I don’t feel the setup for any of them.

    my point is, i feel you are trying to do the unexpected and try to hide it from the reader too much. like in riddick I have absolutely no Idea what is going to happen nor what is his goal anymore. only that he wants to free void. (even that I’m not sure of) that would be OK if riddick was lost but clearly he knows exactly what he is doing.

    wait, was this the reason Void is gone. so the reader dose not know what is going on. and bringing new (or old) friends so they understand riddick to the point he dose not need to explain again so the reader knows nothing.

    from my point of view I hope this changes in the future.

    Thank you for time, and hard work.


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