Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 27 – Borrowing Fame


Borrowing Fame:       


“Kubera Auction house is going to auction yet another Top-tier third level medicine pill tomorrow. I wonder how much attention this pill would gather? The last one was sold off for more than eighty thousand spirit stones.” A girl said in an excited tone to another girl while two men beside them were drinking wine and listening to the girls chatter.

High-class wine beyond the reach of ordinary cultivators was wasted everywhere while girls so beautiful and so enchanting that ordinary men can only dream about were in every man’s arms.

Standing there on the bank of the river, Rigel was at a loss. It was his first time experiencing the luxury which is an everyday commodity for the high-class society of the cultivation world.

“What do you think?” Derek asked with a smile on his face.

Rigel’s face didn’t change in the slightest even though he was surprised by the sheer magnificence of the party. He looked at Derek and said in a calm voice, “As expected, it is a magnificent party worthy of your status Young Master Derek.”

Derek smiled as he saw Rigel. To him, all the attention he got from these women and heirs of the various powers wasn’t interesting. All of them without an exception would try to win his favor. Rigel, on the other hand, was an enigma he was trying to break.

The first time, Derek saw Rigel in the church. He just merely glanced at a kid who stood among many others, but somehow he remembered him. Then again, he saw him more than half a dozen times within a single month. The more he saw him, the more he realized that Rigel wasn’t your ordinary kid. He was more cautious and alert than guards.

Now, he met him again in the most unexpected manner. Derek only hosted this party because of his father. His father, Ragnar had always told him that being social is also a part of skills he had to learn to be able to survive in the cultivation world.

The Shia clan unlike the other two major powers of Rio town was just a minor branch of a major power. The main clan was a super power respected and feared in the whole Gehenna empire.

Thus, it’s position was a lot more stable than the other two. Even if they had the guts to oppose them, neither the Xia sect nor the Li sect was willing to start a war with the Shia clan.

However, with certain advantages comes certain drawbacks. Since Shia clan was a branch sect, the main sect had total control over it. So unless the son of the current clan master excels, he can’t succeed him. Thus, Derek had always been careful and sincere in front of everyone but his inner thoughts, they were varied. He didn’t exactly share his father’s philosophy.

Derek smiled in his mind as he sat down with Rigel. The two then went on to talk for half an hour. Derek asked Rigel about his time in the Xia sect and his past.

Rigel frowned in his heart as he explained about himself revealing as little information as possible. Rigel was hesitant to believe anyone without thoroughly knowing them because he had seen and experienced his fair share of people who aren’t exactly what they look like.

Finally after half an hour, Derek left Rigel to attend to his other guests. Rigel sighed in relief and thought, “This guy is dangerous.”

Rudra laughed and said, “Leaving aside how dangerous he is, you should probably stay away from people. This little trick by that trickster has garnered you more attention than you may want.”

Rigel’s eyes turned cold as he felt various gazes land on him. Men and women alike were watching him with cold stares while Derek was nowhere to be seen. Rigel sighed loudly and rose from his seat.

However before he could take a step forward, a man walked towards Rigel and stood before him. His face was cold as he asked in a small voice, “Who are you, kid? How do you know Young master Derek?”

Rigel glanced at the man. He was almost twenty with a rugged beard and a massive muscular body. His young face had a sharp lines and had various scars on his arms showing his numerous brushes with death.

Rigel scanned with his divine sense and caught Derek two hundred meters away smiling as he silently watched the whole scene with an amused expression on his face. Rigel sighed in his mind and thought to himself, “Since you have decided to trick me for your fun, I might as well reap every last bit of profit from this instant fame.”

Rigel raised his head and said in a calm voice, “It is proper manners to introduce yourself before you question complete strangers.”

The man frowned as he looked at Rigel but he didn’t want to make a scene in front of everyone, so he snorted coldly and said, “My name is Aldeth, I am the heir of the North River clan.”

Northriver clan was a major power near Lake Sumatra, almost at the level of the Xia sect. Ryan too belonged to the Lake Sumatra region.

According to the legends, once an immortal used to live in that lake. He had several servants who eventually build their clans and began to rule the lake and its surroundings. Rio town and the Lake Sumatra were close by and shared the water and resources of the lake.

The three powers of the Rio town made a non-aggression pact with the factions of the Lake Sumatra four generations ago after a devastating war. Since then, all three major powers have maintained an amicable relationship with their counterparts in Lake Sumatra.

Rigel smiled slightly as he looked at the man. He had pretty much guessed his identity from his sheer size. Northriver clan had a peculiar art called the Vajra Body. Its central concept lies in treating the body as a weapon and training it to exceed the limits set upon cultivators by weapons.

“My name is Rigel, and I am a disciple of the Xia sect,” Rigel answered in a calm voice.

Aldeth frowned as he heard Rigel. Why would the young master of the Shia clan bother talking to a mere disciple of the Xia sect personally for so long?

“And what business did Young master Derek have with you?” Aldeth asked in a cold voice.

Rigel smiled to himself inwardly and thought, “This is what you get for tricking me Derek.” He nodded his head and replied, “I am an expert in the alchemy of Poisons, Young Master Derek, and I just made a deal.”

Derek, who was sipping his juice, coughed up as he heard Rigel. He had intentionally tried to trap Rigel to try to force his true intentions out. However, never in his dreams did he expect that Rigel would instead use his name so daringly.

However, his surprise soon turned into a hearty laugh. How could he blame Rigel when he was the one to first mess with him? Derek smiled lightly and walked away thinking to himself, “Rigel, was it? Haha! Interesting. I shall remember you name kid, and let’s hope that we shall meet again soon.”

Back at the grounds, the crowd was in an uproar as they heard Rigel. A Poison master and that too one who had eligibility to make a deal with the Young Master of the Shia clan.

Aldeth attitude immediately changed as he asked in a respectful voice, “Sir Rigel, was it? Hahaha! I didn’t know that you were a Poison Master. My bad, my bad. What services did Young master Derek seek from you, Sir?”

Rigel shook his head and said, “It’s confidential. If you may, I have work to do.”

Aldeth’s face immediately fell as Rigel didn’t give him any face, but he still moved aside because he didn’t dare to block a guest of Derek. The other’s similarly moved aside making way for Rigel. In front of their gazes, Rigel slowly disappeared from their view.

When he came, he was no one, but when he left, he made sure that his name was etched in their minds.

Frank taught Rigel two things about opportunities.

Life gives us many opportunities. If you manage to use them all, you will be rich. If you manage to find opportunities within an opportunity, you will be richer.

Meeting Derek was an opportunity Rigel had encountered through sheer luck. However, by making use of such an opportunity, he now paved a path for many such opportunities.

As Rigel walked back into the forest, he said to himself in a small voice, “I need to get into the alchemy department of the Xia sect at any cost. I regained my ability to cultivate, but alchemy was something I learned from Frank. I promised Frank; I have to improve myself every day.”

Rudra, who was listening to Rigel, smiled to himself and said in a calm voice, “If it’s alchemy then, I think you need not go anywhere else. I am more than eligible to teach you, kid.”

Rigel was startled as he heard Rudra. He immediately asked in an excited voice, “What level of an alchemist were you when you were alive Rudra? Seventh, Fifth, no, no, fourth is pretty good as well.”       

Rudra smiled mysteriously and said, “Who knows. Forget about my rank kid. Tell me, do you want to learn alchemy?”

Rigel nodded his head and said in a determined tone, “Of course, I do.”



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  1. Bro, to me pace doesn’t matter just painting the picture for my mind. Part of reading is the imagination. And you inspire the imagination, I want to picture Riddick concocting in the lab, hahahha


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