Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 2 – In Each other’s arms

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WARNING : NSFW content alert. I just discovered I can write an adult romance. Read and tell me your opinion.

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In Each other’s arms :

“How can you be still alive? You definitely died that year.” Kimberley stuttered after being stunned to the core.

Riddick smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “I am. What? Aren’t you happy to see me Kimberley?”

Kimberley throat dried up as he heard Riddick. Even though he could tell that Riddick was still in deva realm and even though he was now far stronger than he was when they first met, the terror known as Riddick was deeply etched forever in his mind.

That year Riddick killed his father and almost wiped out his clan of the face of the earth. His father was like him, an ultimate expert and yet, he died miserably in Riddick’s hands. That image of Riddick was burned in Kimberley’s mind.

It was not that he didn’t want to oppose Riddick, he simply wasn’t capable of doing it.

Riddick smiled lightly as he looked at Kimberley while hugging Vera. As he stood there, the twelve great clan masters who once acted all high and mighty began to tremble in fear. Just now, in lust and in greed, they acted against Vera. They were all now regretting their decisions.

Riddick looked at them all and said in a calm voice, “I will now take over the position of the commander and the leader of this alliance. I hope you won’t mind, would you?”

The twelve clan masters stared mutely at Riddick. He was essentially asking them to give up every last bit of power to him. Riddick’s eyes were cold as they stared at them. He was telling them that this was the price for their sin.

Out of fear or trepidation, one by one, the clan masters began to accept Riddick as their leader and commander. Gunther and Kimberley alone remained as every other clan masters silently accepted Riddick’s as their leader.

Riddick stared at Kimberley who sighed in his heart and nodded his head. Gunther was reluctant to agree but alone, he knew that he wasn’t a match to the combined forces of Riddick and Vera so he too nodded his head.

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Alright, then until I give further orders, stop all acts of aggression against Lehar empire. Just maintain your stand and don’t give Lehar any reasons to launch an attack.”

The twelve masters agreed silently without a word of complaint. Riddick nodded his head in satisfaction and then lifted Vera off her feet and threw her on his shoulder. Vera squeaked in surprise but her image soon vanished as Riddick slowly disappeared from everyone’s view.

Kimberley sighed heavily and sat down. Gunther’s face was ugly but he too sat down. The ten others clan masters, their condition was much worse. Some were even unable to retain their calmness.

“Why is he still alive? Why? Isn’t he supposed to have died a hundred million years ago Kimberley?” Gunther asked in a angry voice.

Kimberley rubbed his face with his hands and said in a low voice, “He did die. We all lost our cultivation levels by a realm due to that man. He is a monster, a demon who has acquired many inhuman skills and divine abilities.

I don’t know how but he is here. That look, that face, everything is same, he is Riddick. I don’t know why but I think that the Stellar plane is going to undergo a devastating change. Those meteors, the changes in the power levels of the empires. The shady moves of the Demon church and the arrival of Riddick. Everyone of these changes can cause devastating results.

I don’t think that the current Riddick has the ability to win against all of us but we can’t be careless. We should always remember that this is the man who has slayed the last Demon pope. Until we have a better idea of his current strength, we won’t make a move. Understood?”

Kimberley’s words already weighted heavily in the alliance. After the arrival of Riddick, his words turned into orders because everyone believed that if anyone had the chance to defeat Riddick, it was him.

Back inside the inner chambers of the Ganges Fort, Vera was thrown gently into the bed. Riddick climbed on her and began to kiss her into submission.

Vera laughed and cried as he held Riddick in her arms. Riddick lifted his head and began to bite her neck as his hands were doing all they can to undress her. Vera on the other hand was aggressive and directly tore apart Riddick’s clothes.

Riddick laughed and said, “Aggressive, aren’t we? Where did that shy girl who didn’t even look straight at me in bed go?”

Vera smiled and pushed Riddick away. She then caught his hips and then began to lick his chest. She kissed Riddick lightly and said, “I now have a lot more experience mister.”

Riddick narrowed his eyes and asked in a cold voice, “No, no, there isn’t anyone else, right?”

Vera put on a mysterious expression and said, “Who knows?”

Riddick caught her neck and pushed her down. He then kissed her deeply and said, “There isn’t anyone. There can’t be anyone. If there is someone, then I will kill him. You are mine. Mine alone.”

Vera bit Riddick’s lips and said, “Then make me understand that I am yours.”

Riddick grabbed Vera’s ass and said, “Oh! I totally intend to.”


The next morning, Vera woke up from her sleep and found Riddick staring at her. It had been a long time since she slept so peacefully. With her cultivation, she can survive without sleeping at all. Sleep was more of a psychological booster than a physical necessity.

“What are you doing?” Vera asked Riddick as she turned around and faced him.

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “I was watching you. I was with the most beautiful woman in this universe but I was a little busy last night to get a good look of your face.”

“Where did you learn to talk like this?” Vera asked with a cute frown on her face. “I didn’t know you had such flirting skills.”

Riddick smiled and said, “I met a girl in this life. She is called Rachel. When I loved her, I didn’t have my memories so I tried to learn all kinds of techniques to woo her.”

Vera’s face visibly shook as she heard Riddick. She tried to act as if she was unconcerned but she couldn’t keep her calm. Riddick took her arm and kissed her as he continued, “Rachel was just a Soul construct. She didn’t have a physical body. So we can never be together. She now lives on as a part of Eliane.”

Vera’s eyes turned moist as she held Riddick. She knew that it wasn’t Riddick’s fault for loving another girl. Love isn’t limited by race, age or sex. One can love anyone and it can happen at any time and in any place.

Vera was consoling Riddick at his loss. Rival or not, she felt sad for Rachel as well. Rachel was someone who shared her love for Riddick. Thus, she felt a sense of familiarity with her.

“Where is your God beast, that lil girl Sylvie.” Vera asked in a loving voice as he held Riddick’s head in her arms. Riddick was resting his head on her thighs as he said in a low voice, “I had to let her go. She has her own destiny. If fate allows us, we shall reunite.”

Vera smiled lightly and kissed Riddick. She then asked in a serious tone, “So what do you intend to do Riddick?”

“Nothing.” Riddick said in a calm voice. He then continued and said, “We will do nothing to aggravate the current situation. For a period of time, we will simply stop this war.”

“But…” Vera said in a hesitant voice.

Riddick turned his head and looked at her. He then said in a low voice, “I understand your concerns Vera but trust me, it’s for the best. The Stellar plane is going to change soon.

If the meteor shower didn’t happen then maybe, it would have been for better but now, there isn’t anything we can do about it. The surrounding galaxies are already been notified of my existence. The Heaven should have despatched their forces by now as well.

A thousand years later, disaster will strike this plane but even before that, we shall be put through various tribulations. Vera, this plane is no longer isolated. Soon, we won’t be just against Krum and his forces but against an entire army of sovereigns.”

Vera’s face was grave as she heard Riddick. He smiled in return and continued, “Different galaxies have different customs, different cultivation methods, different abilities and different values. We will be up against unknown elements. So it’s better for us to now rest and recuperate our strengths.”

Vera smiled bitterly as she heard Riddick. From Riddick’s words she understood that peace won’t last much longer. She had just met Riddick and wanted to cherish their reunion much longer. However, she immediately nodded her head and decided then and there that she would stay with Riddick, for as long as possible.

However, she still asked in a calm voice, “How should we convince the twelve clans? They aren’t just going to sit there doing nothing. Would they?”

Riddick laughed and said, “Convince, didn’t I just convince them. They will stay guard until further orders which are never going to arrive Vera. Don’t worry, all of them fear me and won’t attack until they are sure that I am not a threat to them.”

Vera nodded her head and asked in a calm voice, “What if the Lehar empire decides to attack?”

Riddick smiled lightly and took out three stone statues. He looked at Vera and said, “Originally, I wanted to use these to preserve our peace. All three of these are early Celestial immortal level totems and they are of same origin. So I was thinking of using them all in a defensive formation.

I am confident that with me controlling the formation, no one under Celestial immortal realm can break it. These totems and the twelve clans will be our forces which will let us stay in peace.”

Vera nodded her head silently. She was a bit surprised to see the three totems. The three totems of the three great Underworld empires had another identity. All three of them were made by the same immortal and thus were extremely compatible to each other.

In either offence or defensive, together, they will unleash power much higher than their own due to their synergy.

Thus began the days of peace where Riddick spent everyday of his time either training or with Vera. However, he knew that disaster was just around the corner. Sooner of later it will strike him and then, everything will change.


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15 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 2 – In Each other’s arms

  1. A little timeskip next chapter? Maybe a few months for his training days? How long does it take for Riddick to become a Yaksha?


  2. After such a long time being separated, their reunion looks quite tame.

    I know that they can’t just laze around and do nothing, while pretty much most of the galaxies wants to kill them, and they don’t have much time before first assault arrives, but still… I was somehow expecting more.


      • It’s not just about sex. We know it was there, no need to make it into erotic novel.

        For me, it was lacking on the “feels” department. It went: “hey, I’m back > banging her brains out whole night > lets train!”.

        It just doesn’t feel like they missed each other for 30 (this lifetime, no memories) or 100 million (real personality) years. More like they got back together after long work trip that lasted a month or two.

        To be honest, I don’t even know what should be there to make it better (and not make it into shoujo manga).
        Talking about what happened to them?
        Going on a date and blushing like teenagers?
        Crying their eyes out?
        Bang her some more?
        Slaughter some nation together?
        No idea… I just feel that there is something missing there.

        Well, maybe it’s just me and I’m complaining asshole. Or someone else will point it out in comments.


      • No, no, I understand. I thought about that too. Thus, I tried to write as intimate as possible. However, you need to understand that they are not only lovers, they were married in past life. Also, they once met 30 years ago. If I want to go any further than this, then it will turn into ATG or may be even into a romance novel where I have to dedicate entire chapters simply to show the way Riddick can flirt.

        Frankly I can do that but people expect something from EN works. If I write like ATG, they won’t bother to even read it. It’s just a prejudice against EN works.

        Thanks for telling me your opinion Mordant. I will try to increase the intimacy levels or the ‘feel’


  3. Thank you for the chapter.

    Finally I know the reason of the totems xD
    And it is justifiable one too.

    I’m assuming training includes cultivating.

    Loved the romance bit. I think it was the perfect amount. And the way it was told was very good.

    I was actually wounding like Vera what is the next step. When Riddick told her nothing. I laughed a lot. I was think a lot about that for a long time and I always felt Riddick was going to do nothing it didnt feel right and that keept me In a loop.

    Great chapter overall.


    • Hello Xth, welcome to reddycreations. I am currently working on next chapter. However, Rigel has been getting some great attention lately on RRL and I want to capitalise on that hype. So I am going to concentrate on Rigel. The next chapter of Riddick should be out next week. Don’t worry, I will release my promised eight chapters (six remaining by Mar 31st ) I will.

      If you haven’t given Rigel a try. Please do. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

      GSD Reddy šŸ˜„


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