Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 29 – The Pure Yang Art

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The Pure Yang art :

          “A third level beast spirit core. That’s not possible. You should know that I am still in the first level of Qi condensation. If it was a third level Qi condensation cultivator, it wouldn’t be a problem but a spirit beast is a different matter.

        Any spirit beast is compared to a cultivator one rank above it. So a third level spirit beast should be at the same level as a fourth level Qi condensation stage expert. I can take on a second level beast but fighting a third level spirit beast is risky.” Rigel said in a grave voice.

       Rudra laughed and said, “Don’t be scared kid. A third level spirit beast isn’t even able to awaken it’s innate ability. Why would you fear that?”

       “Innate ability.” Rigel gaped and said, “That’s something which is awakened only by Spark formation stage beasts. Are you trying to get me killed?”

        Rudra smiled lightly and said, “Alright, alright. We will put aside alchemy for some time and do something about this uncertain character of yours.”

         Rigel snorted coldly and said, “I am not uncertain. I am just stating the facts. I have next to nothing to protect myself if something goes wrong. I have nothing but the Asura Poison to attack.

          Asura Poison is indeed powerful but it takes a huge toll on my Qi. With my current cultivation, I can’t use it more than three times. What if I don’t manage to strike? Besides brute force, I don’t have a single profound art.”

       Rudra listened to Rigel and smiled lightly. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand why Rigel was uncertain, he knew what Rigel had experienced in his life to come here. Someone who had experienced such a hellish past wouldn’t be uncertain.

        If he was, then he wouldn’t have made it past his childhood. He was just teasing Rigel. To him, Rigel was like a little child, like his own son.

         Rudra laughed lightly and said in a calm voice, “Profound arts, is it? May be I can impart you one.”

         Rigel’s face immediately lit up. He guessed  that with Rudra’s strength, he should know a lot of profound arts so he knowingly acted cowardly and uncertain in front of him. Rudra on the other hand knew that Rigel was only faking it but allowed him to fool him.

           They were both playing with each other. One was a kid who wanted to fool an adult while the other was an adult who was amused with the kid and played the fool to satisfy him.

        “What are you gonna teach me?” Rigel asked in an excited voice.

         Rudra smiled mischievously and said, “It’s a profound strengthening art called Iron Body.”

       Rigel’s excited face immediately lost all colour as he stared stupidly at the young man before him. Iron Body, that was just a Qi condensation profound skill taught for a mere thousand spirit stones in Xia sect.

          Rigel was expecting to learn some incredibly powerful skill but he didn’t expect that he would be offered such a crappy profound art which can be found anywhere in the entire world.

          “You are kidding, right?” Rigel asked in a low voice.

        “No, I am not. I am offering you a legitimate profound art. I promise, I am not lying.” Rudra said in a calm voice.

        “The fuck are you promising. This is shit! I can learn this anywhere.” Rigel shouted out angrily.

         Rudra laughed loudly and said, “Yes, you can but not my version of Iron body.”

        Rigel narrowed his eyes and asked, “What do you mean?”

        Rudra smiled lightly and said, “Profound arts are created by experts who have gained insights into certain aspects of Dao.

         The Iron body was created by an expert who had gained insight into making one’s body like that of an Iron. Indestructible, powerful, profound and yet malleable. The current Iron body art however is just a simplified version of the true art which was passed down to his descendants.

       The art lived on through the ravages of time. However, the essence of the profound art was lost. The Iron body I am teaching you isn’t the degraded version but the one, originally created by the expert, “The Paragon Body.”

            Rigel, the Paragon Body is not something that can be cultivated with mere will, you should be able to comprehend the lore yourself. I can tell you the basics but you have to be the one who has to gain insights into the art.”

       Rudra extended his hand and touched Rigel in the area between his eyebrows. Rigel’s felt his mind reeling as thousands of words of great power were transmitted to him.

        One second, he was in front of Rudra, the next second, he was in a huge paradox where he was surrounded by thousands of words which were emitting unimaginable amount of energy.

           Rigel felt his eyes burning as he stared at the floating words. They were burning and emitting intense light like stars.

           “Don’t try to read them Rigel. Try to feel them, comprehend them. Only when you comprehend their nature would they reveal their true meaning to you.” Rudra’s voice resounded in Rigel’s mind as he stood there in that paradox.

           Rigel calmed his mind and began to watch the words closely. He couldn’t make out anything except for intense light. He felt that they were like sun. The heat, the light, they were like balls of fire, like stars.

          Rigel mind then began to think, “Why are these words so bright, so hot? Why aren’t they cold? Why are they so intense? Why aren’t they docile?

         Rigel was trying to find the underlying nature of the words. As he stood there staring and thinking about the words, he lost all measure of time. In the outside world, Rudra floated there with a small smile.

       Suddenly his eyebrows frowned as he sensed a black leapord crouching towards Rigel. The black leapord was a second level spirit beast and as soon as it confirmed that Rigel was completely still. It’s face revealed a savage look as it’s growled and slowly moved forward.

        However, as it reached just fifteen metres from Rigel, it’s face sudden paled as it felt an incredible presence in its mind. Rudra’s face was   cold as he stared at the beast and said in a utterly cold voice which contained chilling killing intent, “Get lost.”

        The black panther felt as if it was struck by a thunder as that voice resounded in its mind. It backed away moaning in fear. It then turned back and ran away without even looking back.

        As soon as the panther ran away, Rudra’s face returned to normal. His face now had a small smile like ever. Not a single bit of that killing intent or coldness that was predominant a second ago could be seen on his face.

        Ten days passed away in a flash. Rigel’s consciousness was still within the illusory world. Now, he was able to watch the words closely without blinking in pain.

        “The Sun is hot, it is bright, the words are like the sun. No, they depict the sun. The words come from the sun. The words are the sun. The sun is the source of all the words. It is the source of the art itself.” Rigel began to slowly comprehend the nature of the words.

       “The profound art, The Paragon Body comes from the sun. The sun is the source of all life. It has boundless life force. It is the purest Yang element there is in nature. The Paragon Body utilises the Yang energy of the sun to nurture the body.

         “Absorb the solar energy and bind it in your body. Absorb the solar energy to transform your body. The transformed body will be the container of the solar energy. This in return will make your body a paragon.”

           As Rigel comprehended the Paragon Body, his body began to tremble. His bones, his tendons, his blood, his sinews and his dantian along with his meridians began to harden as the solar energy his body had absorbed all his life was being transformed by the art of Paragon body.

         As his body toughened, his cultivation base soared and at last broke through into the second level of Qi condensation stage. However, in didn’t stop and continued to soar up until it reached the peak of second stage.

         Rigel’s face was filled with delight as he observed his cultivation base but then, it turned into shock as the rise in his cultivation base still didn’t show any signs of slowing down as he once again broke through into the third level of Qi condensation.

           Finally, his cultivation base solidified at the middle stage of third level.”

        It was at this exact moment that Rigel opened his eyes to stare at Rudra who was staring back at him. Rigel’s was stunned by the way his cultivation base just broke through to third level all the way from first level.

         Rudra smiled lightly and asked, “What do you think?”

        Rigel stood up and looked at his body. His skin was now glowing while his body felt very competitive. He felt more muscular though his body didn’t undergo any external changes but he felt like he was filled with boundless strength.

         “I just broke through two levels. Is this normal?” Rigel asked in a doubtful voice.

         “Normally, no but you have successfully completed the first cycle of the Paragon Body so yes. If my guess is right, you should be feeling very strong right now. Don’t you?” Rudra explained in a calm voice.

       Rigel picked up a stone and crushed it into bits as he said, “I do. In fact it’s scary. Will just two levels of cultivation make such a difference?”

          Rudra laughed and said, “No, they won’t. The reason you strength increased isn’t because of your breakthrough. It is because of the Paragon Body. Your body has just been rebuild from the scratch in the ten days you have been meditating.”

        “Ten days.” Rigel asked in a shocked voice. “I have been meditating for ten days. How is that possible?”

         Rudra laughed and said, “Anything and everything is possible in this world Rigel. So tell me, what did you learn about the Paragon Body?”

       Rigel looked at the sky, toward the shining sun and said, “It’s a pure Yang art which focuses on destructive power. The sun is its source and it’s ally.

          The Paragon represents the perfection. The immortal who invented this art seeked perfection by turning his body into a pure Yang form. He wished to make his body a sun. When one’s body reaches the level where he can rival a sun will be the level at which he shall reach the zenith of this art.”

         Rudra nodded and said, “That’s right. The Paragon Body can be cultivated in a total of six cycles of two. You have just completed the first cycle.”

           Rigel’s heart trembled as he thought, “I just completed the first cycle. There are still eleven more cycles, just what level of profound art is the Paragon Body?”


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