Any help will be much appreciated (please read this )

Hey guys, GSD Reddy here.

               So I am here for some help.

              As you know, I have been updating Rigel often. If you are reading it then you should know that I planned to and am writing it with certain standards rather than haphazard plots.

              The Book has constantly been getting more attention lately. In just ten days, it jumped from 525th rank to 265th rank on Royalroadl best rated novels. Though, it is still far from being at the front of the list, I am confident that it will eventually make it with your blessings.

            Now that it is constantly getting more attention, I am here trying to recruit an EDITOR.

            Rigel is still a new work and there are just 29 chapters out. This is also the work I am planning to systematically edit and publish before the next book is completed. Thus, I have to maintain some degree of perfection.

             An Editor. Now, what would I expect from an Editor?

1) Better grasp of English grammar than me.

2) It would be good if he has some sort of experience.

3)He should be familiar with sentence restructuring.

4) He should be available.

                Now, I know that I am just a budding author and you may be wondering why should we help you.

         Well, truthfully, I have no justified reason. If you like my work and want to be a part of my team. Then you are awesome and you are my man/woman. I would love to work with you.

              Please send me an email at

           We will discuss all other details and if we are set, we can begin working immediately.

         I have a lot more ideas going on in my head including a reward for my Patreons. I plan to write at least 3-5 chapters in advance and share them to my Patreons exclusively.

          Rigel is going to be awesome and I am going to make it awesome. However, I need your help just to get more publicity. All I want is just a kick.

Rate, review and comment for me. Any and all help will be much appreciated.

Enjoy and thank you.

Expecting a positive reply.

GSD Reddy.



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