Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 30 – Dark Secrets

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Dark secrets :

                Rigel was crouching behind a huge boulder observing a giant rhinoceros as it shook it’s head angrily to drive away the flies. Though, the beast looked like any other rhinoceros, there was indeed one little difference. Unlike any other rhinoceros, It had three horns.

           Two Horned Rhinoceros were generally categorised as second level spirit beasts but a three horned rhinoceros was a king among the demonic rhinoceros race. It was a third level spirit beast and that too a peak level beast.

              Even though the three horned beast appeared calm on the surface, Rigel knew from experience that one should never underestimate a beast. A cornered man can never be like a cornered beast because he would still be bound by the laws of the society.

          However, a cornered beast wouldn’t hesitate for a split second to kill it’s enemy even at the expense of its own life. Rigel knew this and thus he was patiently waiting for his chance.

          Even though the three horned rhinoceros appeared calm and inattentive, it was very sensitive to the changes in its surroundings. The  muddy pond in which it was resting was its domain, any intruder in his domain would be like a trapped rat.

        However, it couldn’t sense Rigel because he was at a distance of two hundred metres and was casually observing the beast with his divine sense.

            Rudra watched Rigel with a smiling face. Hunting is an art. One can never be hasty while learning it. When a lion attacks, it attacks to kill. However, a lion can wait an entire day for the prey to fall in its trap.

        Similarly, Rudra wanted Rigel to be patient. He wanted him to learn to wait for his enemy. Brute force can accomplish much but clever use of similar force can accomplish much more. He wanted to make sure that Rigel understood that.

          Rigel waited for more than two hours. Those two hours were difficult for him. He had just experienced a breakthrough and was itching to test his newly acquired strength but he knew that Rudra was right.
          Finally, the three horned rhinoceros king walked out of the muddy water and began to stretch. It shook it’s head vigorously to get rid of the remaining mud.

         It observed its surroundings for a moment before walking down the path where Rigel was hiding. Rigel face immediately brightened as he took out a small sword and readied himself for the beast.

           Rudra who was watching Rigel said in a calm voice, “Rigel, you waited a whole two hours for this moment. However, the next one minute will determine your control over your emotions. Don’t get too excited.

             Calm your breathing and your heart. Think about your enemy, concentrate on its weakness.

             A hunt should ideally be completed in just a single strike so aim for the beast’s weak point. Hide your presence, your killing intent and  wrap it all within yourself.

            Rigel, hunting will teach you more than just killing. It teaches you to be patient, to be careful and to be precise until the last moment. Don’t ever think that brute force can solve everything in this world.”

          Rigel wasn’t new to the art of killing. He immediately slowed down his breathing and concentrated all his mind at one point. As the three horned beast slowly walked by his boulder, his body moved, like a lightning and without any hesitation. His sword, it moved straight towards the beast’s neck and pierced it like a sharp spear.

           One moment the beast was walking and the next moment, it’s eyes shook in pain as the sword pierced it’s neck all the way to his heart. It’s legs trembled as the last bit of life in his body struggled but soon gave up and fell down like a broken puppet.

            Rigel jumped up into the air and landed a little distance away. He watched as the beast slowly fell down. His face was filled with indifference as he walked down to the beast and  pulled out his sword.

           He then began to dig for the spirit crystal embedded in its head. Rigel watched the three horned rhinoceros and said in a low voice, “I am not going to apologise because if we were in opposite positions, you wouldn’t have hesitated to kill me either.”

          Rudra smiled as he floated behind Rigel. The way Rigel handled his first real hunt was praiseworthy but he wasn’t going to praise just yet because there was much he still had to learn.

         Suddenly, Rudra turned his head and stared at some distant bushes. Sensing that something was wrong, Rigel got up and followed Rudra’s eyes only to see some bushes.

           Rudra narrowed his eyes and said, “Rigel, get that spirit crystal out quickly. We have to leave now. At least fifty people are coming this way. Even though, none of them are even in the fourth level of Qi condensation, you can’t handle all of them by yourself.”

            Rigel was startled but he nodded his head and immediately began to dig out the crystal out of the thick skull. Rigel eyebrows furrowed as he skillfully crackled the thick skull open and grabbed the third grade spirit crystal.

         He then immediately began to run away in opposite direction while spreading his divine sense as far as he could. Soon he could make out the noises and before he was able to completely disappear from their view. They walked out of the bushes only to find a dead three horned rhinoceros beast.

         However, before they could check for his presence. Rigel had already hidden himself safe behind a boulder more than three hundred metres away from them.

          Rudra who was floating in the air looked at them and furrowed his eyebrows. “How did so many people manage to escape your detection?” Rigel asked Rudra in huffed voice.

         Rudra narrowed his eyes and said, “I can’t keep my divine will active at all times. It takes a toll on my spirit when I can’t even bring out my physical body.

          These people, they belong to your sect. Looks like your sect has many issues. They are all enslaved disciples.”

       Rudra’s words changed Rigel’s face. Slaves. Human slaves among the sect’s disciples. The Xia sect foundation laid in its treatment of disciples. The sect considered each and every disciple precious. Who would dare to touch the sect’s disciples?

        Rudra’s eyes narrowed as he sensed another presence. His spiritual projection instantly brightened and enveloped Rigel in its light. Rigel was instantly alarmed but his alarm turned into horror as he saw Elder Ley flying past him.

           Rigel’s heart almost stopped when he saw Ley because if he found him then he was definitely dead. However, Ley couldn’t even see Rigel as he flew above his position. All he could see was a boulder.

             Rudra sighed lightly and said, “This guy is trafficking these poor disciples as slaves. A person in the position of a teacher is betraying his students. However, this guy shouldn’t have this sort of authority even for his position as an elder. Kid, looks like there is a dark side to your sect.

         It’s best if we leave now. There are many immoral things that happen in this world. We can’t solve them all with our strength. Just remember, when you have the ability to do so. Don’t hesitate to use it.”

              Rigel nodded his head and began to run at high speed. Even though he repeatedly glanced at his back, he never found anyone following him. How could they when Rigel was hidden by Rudra’s spiritual force.

          Soon, Rigel was out of the forest and almost at the borders of the outer circle. He glanced back at the forest and then at the sect. Almost two months had passed away while he was out in the forest.

           Rigel heaved a heavy sigh of relief as he passed through the sect’s gates and entered the sect. He then raised his head and asked Rudra in a low voice, “Elder Ley, he.. are you saying that he was in cahoots with an even more powerful person within the sect? If he was, what should we do?”

             Rudra shook his head and said, “Nothing. This guy Ley, he is already at the peak of Spark formation stage and he is just an elder. So the person behind him should be one of the four Patriarchs.

           Kid, don’t even think about opposing any of them. At your current level, it is best if you stear clear of these matters. Also, it isn’t entirely impossible that the sect itself had commisoned the trafficking of enslaved disciples.

         Rigel, you are no stranger to these things. You should know what these people are if they are indeed what they appear to be.”

       Rigel’s eyes turned cold as he remembered his past. Rigel was once a slave so he swore to himself that he would never enslave another human. He had seen the horrible world of a slave so his conscience wouldn’t allow him to ignore slavery.

        He might have killed people before but he would never kill an innocent people or those who didn’t pose any threat to him. If the sect was actively involved in this type of activity, then that only meant one thing. The Xia sect was far more dangerous and corrupt than he had imagined it to be.

          What made Rigel’s stomach revolt in horror was the fact that the sect was using its own disciples. It was selling cultivators who had sworn to protect the sect as slaves.

          Rigel’s coldness slowly disappeared as he calmed his mind. The image of a sect which can be his home was forever wiped from his mind. To the current him who knew the sect’s dark secrets, it was nothing more than a temporary haven.

         As Rigel reached his mountain, his eyes once again turned cold as he saw Jiya talking to someone. A flag with the mark of an eagle was fluttering above his cottage indicating that it now belonged to Leyden.

        Rigel had already witnessed something which had throughly ruined his mood. Now, he found out that while he was out training, his residence was occupied by its former owner with the support of Leyden, a candidate for the next inner circle promotion.

         He walked straight towards Jiya. Rigel arrival caused a uproar as people arrived to see how he would manage to take back his property from Leyden. Although, everyone thought that Rigel was strong and had a good backing, they all believed that he wouldn’t dare to oppose Leyden.
       Jiya who noticed the commotion saw Rigel. He smiled inwardly and said in a loud voice. “Rigel, I thought you were dead since you didn’t come back for over a month.” Jiya’s face then turned cold as he said in a haughty voice, “I am taking back my cottage. This now belongs to Boss Leyden. Would you do you dare to touch me now Rigel? Hahaha!”

        Rigel’s feet suddenly trembled as he instantly covered the last ten steps between them and slapped Jiya with all his might.


            A loud sound rang out like thunder and  Jiya’s body flew like a kite. People gaped as Rigel walked towards Jiya and caught him by his collar. He then said in a loud voice, “Boss Leyden. Who the hell is he?”

           That moment everyone was shocked still by Rigel’s words. By claiming that he had never heard of Leyden, Rigel had essentially declared a war on the entire Leyden faction.

       However, that was not the only reason. The strength that Rigel displayed defied all logic. A slap. He defeated a second level Qi condensation expert with just a single slap. The crowd stood still unable to register the shock Rigel gave them.


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