Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 31 – Conspiracy

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Conspiracy :

              A man walked into a huge mansion located on one of the bigger hills and bowed lightly in front of a person. The person looked at the man and raised his eyebrows as he saw his ragged state. That man was Leyden and the one in ragged state was Jiya.

         “Looks like this kid named Rigel is more troublesome than we thought him to be.” Another voice rang out in the room as a man in his late twenties walked in with a glass of wine in his hands.

        “What should we do Boler?” Leyden asked in a low voice.

         Jiya who was kneeling down trembled as he heard the name Boler. Leyden and Boler were considered as bitter enemies by everyone. Why were they here together sharing a glass of wine?

        Boler smiled lightly and said, “This kid, he is just a little cocky. Well, he doesn’t know the creulty of this world just yet.” He looked at Leyden meaningfully and then eyed Jiya.

       Leyden smiled coldly and then asked in a calm voice, “Jiya, do you trust us?”

        Jiya lifted his head and then stared at Leyden. Asked suddenly what would he say, he of course nodded his head. Boler smiled lightly as he saw Jiya and sat down beside Leyden.

        Leyden eyed Jiya coldly and then asked Boler in a low voice, “Young master Ian’s plan is almost completed, this wouldn’t impend him in anyway, would it?”

         Boler shook his head and said, “Young master Ian wouldn’t even bother dealing with this kid if not for the bag of holdings he had stolen from Maze. Don’t worry, the death of a single outer circle disciple wouldn’t even reach his ears.”

         Jiya’s face lost all colour as he heard the words, “Death of a outer circle disciple.” Even though Rigel was also an outer circle disciple, he felt that those words were meant for him. His instincts were screaming of danger as soon as he saw the two men.

         Leyden nodded his head and looked at Jiya as if he was looking at a specimen. Boler only smiled lightly and said, “Don’t take this personally Jiya. We hold nothing against you. It’s just that your death now benefits us much more than your life.”

        Jiya legs moved as he rose to his feet. He opened his mouth trying to reason with them but was stopped midway as Leyden suddenly appeared before him. His eyes trembled as he slowly looked down only to find a hand piercing his lungs.


         A low grunt escaped his mouth as he coughed up blood and fell on his knees. Jiya looked at Leyden before him and his mind went reeling as he noticed that he was floating.

        Flight was a skill innately obtained by only experts of Spark formation stage. Why would Leyden have it? In that moment of his death, Jiya laughed bitterly as he understood one thing. He was nothing but a toy in their hands all this time. He was used in every possible way and finally, they were even using his death as a tool in their plans.

       “Why?” Jiya managed to ask with his last breath.

          Leyden looked at him coldly but didn’t bother to answer. He shook his head coldly and walked away to clean his arm. Boler was still smiling as he sat in his chair with a glass of wine in his hands.

          He rose from his seat and flew towards Jiya. He looked at him with pity and said, “It doesn’t matter why Jiya. You should be proud that your life finally had some value with your death.”

          Jiya’s eyes were unwilling to die but his struggle soon ended as he breathed his last. Leyden came back after cleaning his hand and stared at the dead body. He took out a jade slip and broke it.

        A few minutes later, another figure appeared in the room. He appeared young with dirty blond hair and a cold look. He was Elder Ley. As he looked at the bloody dead body on the floor, he sighed as he sat down and said, “You guys should really learn to control yourself. I have to take care of your mess everytime.”

        Leyden didn’t speak and continued to smoke his cigar. Boler patted Ley and said, “Sorry about that brother. This kid is named Jiya, an outer circle disciple. You have to blame his death on Rigel, another outer circle disciple.”

        Ley frowned as he heard Boler. He poured himself some wine and asked in a calm voice, “Why bother with that cripple?”

          Boler shook his head and said, “He has Maze’s bag of holding. We can’t let anyone get hold of those bag of holdings. You should know that very well.

        A fight broke out this morning between these two. So we will use that as a reason to trap him.”

        Ley nodded his head and said, “I can do that but you should know that for some reason, Feng and SilverLeaf have some interest in that kid.

         Once they interfere, we can’t do anything unless uncle decides to move himself.”

         Leyden narrowed his eyes and said, “Throw him in the Gutters. We can then take care of him.”

         Boler nodded his head and said, “That’s a good idea. Once you thrown him in those Forbidden tunnels, he will be at the mercy of fate. I doubt he will survive long with his strength.

        However, we should be careful. We are not the only ones who have access to the Forbidden tunnels, both the Li sect and the Shia clan have access to them. If he manages to escape, that might prove troublesome.”

       Ley nodded his head in agreement and said, “Indeed but we both know that’s not gonna happen. Big brother will take care of the brat. If we let him stay here, then we risk exposing ourselves.

       Young master Ian had been living this life for three whole years. We can’t take even the slightest of risks at this crucial time. Eliminate any and all risks posed against Young master.”

          Boler and Leyden nodded their heads in agreement. Just like that, three seemingly different people who should have no connection with each other made a deal which was going to forever change Rigel’s life.

The next day.

           Just like any other day, the sect woke up to hear the chirping of the birds and the cool autumn air. Many disciples sat down to cultivate but in a certain part of the outer circle, a scream rang out as a female cultivator found the corpse of Jiya in a well.

          The news of Jiya’s death spread like wildfire and within minutes, the entire outer circle was speaking of Jiya. Obviously, Boler and Leyden were involved in manipulation of information.

         You need not have to be too proactive to manipulate people. Just spread a rumour and the people will slowly add fire to make it more interesting. In under an hour, the entire outer circle was talking about the fight between Rigel and Jiya.

         Rigel was one of the last people to know about the situation. Obviously no one wanted to break the news to him that he was a culprit in the murder of a disciple.

          Rigel’s face was dark as he received the news. That moment, he understood that he had been played. It didn’t take a long time for him to realise that Leyden had trapped him in his own game.

          By provoking Leyden, Rigel wanted to trap him in a war, where he would side with Boler thus essentially profitting from both of them. However, Leyden had used Jiya and even killed him to trap him.

          Rigel walked out of his cottage towards the well where Jiya’s corpse was found. People made way for him as he walked by. Rudra who was floating beside him frowned as he too didn’t think that a mere outer circle disciple will be able to plan so cunningly and systematically.

          As Rigel reached the well, he saw two men standing at the head of two enormous groups along with Elder Ley who was observing the corpse.

            Rudra’s face immediately changed as he instantly saw through the disguise of Leyden and Boler. He said in a calm voice, “Rigel, don’t try to fall in their pace. If situation changes for worse, just request an audience with Patriarch SilverLeaf.”

          Rigel frowned lightly and asked in a calm voice, “What is wrong Rudra?”

           Rudra didn’t speak any further and maintained a vigilance. His spiritual energy spread out and enveloped the entire area. His eyes were narrowed as he observed the three men. There were just some subtle actions between them but it took Rudra just a few seconds to realise that all three of them were in cahoots.

           Ley glanced at Rigel coldly and said in a loud voice, “I didn’t want to allow you into the sect because that scumbag from the church had recommended you. I originally thought that the church can only recommend cripples but you turned out to be a murderer.

          Rigel, I am amazed that you have the nerve to show up here so boldly.”

          Rigel face didn’t change. He kept his cool as he said in a calm voice, “I don’t know what you are taking about respected Elder Ley. If you are trying to prove that I am the murderer then you are not going to succeed.

           I didn’t do anything. I am here to declare that very fact.”

        Ley snorted coldly and moved. Rigel’s pupils dilated that second, the next instant, he was on his knees as he was pushed down to the ground by a powerful hand. Ley then grabbed Rigel’s neck so tightly that he felt that he was about to choke go death.

       Rudra’s eyes revealed indescribable killing intent but he supressed it and said in a low urgent voice, “Rigel, don’t do anything. These people want to kill you. Let them do whatever they want. That way, we will atleast have a chance. Resist and he won’t hesitate to kill you.”

        Rigel gritted his teeth but he slowly losened his resistance and fell on the ground as if he as unconscious. Ley snorted coldly and announced in a loud voice, “For the crimes of murdering a fellow disciple, for not admitting to his crimes and further for opposing an elder.

         I, Ley with the authority granted to me by the sect am banishing Rigel from the Great Xia sect and as for his punishment, he shall be thrown into the fifth level of Forbidden tunnels.”

            Rigel’s eyes turned cold but he didn’t move because he understood more than anyone what Ley’s intentions were by throwing him into the fifth level of Forbidden tunnels. He wanted Rigel dead one way or another.

        Forbidden tunnels were ancient giant tunnels constructed even before Rio town came into existence. They had a total of six levels. The first three levels were a bit safer because they were constantly used as the route for transportion by sects.

          However, the lower three levels were basically an unadministered territory where ruffians, criminals and even rebel groups lurked. Throwing him in the fifth level clearly showed Rigel Ley’s intentions.

         But Rigel kept his calm as he was forcefully lifted and then was transported in chains to the Forbidden tunnels. Rigel spent most of his life in a cage. He had been to Gehenna and now, he was once again thrown into a prison.

         Then, he was weak, physically, emotionally and mentally. This time, it wasn’t going to be the same. Those who messed with him won’t be left alive. Rigel opened his eyes and looked at Ley one final time. He looked at Boler and Leyden standing behind him and a boy in his teens gazing at him indifferently, Ian.

       “I won’t forget this day.” Rigel swore in his mind before he was thrown down into the Forbidden tunnels.


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10 thoughts on “Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 31 – Conspiracy

  1. Yup. This story has now twice the amount of prison arcs as any other xianxia I’ve read XD. Seriously though, wasn’t expecting that to happen so quickly. Guess this is what happens when the main character doesn’t get deus ex machina’ed out of every bad situation.


  2. ” I said that this novel won’t be a typical Xianxia right. I made my plans long before and am now executing them”

    Sure seem like it to me so far tbh. He was already crippled and a slave. Now he’s still getting treated like shit. That’s pretty much Xianxia 101. It’s really annoying now tbh. I’m sure he will find some miracle thing in the tunnels. I think I might read this when he at least got strength and not running away and being treated like shit.


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