Rigel series Book 1 cover

Hey Guys,

I was thinking of ordering a book cover for Rigel. However, I am here because you guys are wonderful and may help me imagine an awesome cover.

My current imagination is like this.

  1. Rigel will be looking at a red clouded sky with lightning crackling all over the place
  2. Rigel’s muscular back
  3. Rigel will be seated in the lap of a half drawn giant
  4. Open to all suggestions.

Though I like all of them, I am unable to decide on one. When the ideas are finalized, I may make a poll before ordering one. I can’t order multiple covers because art is costly and I am low on money. Besides art, I have to order a text formatting for the actual words on the cover.

If there is anyone among you who is a professional then, please, please give me some advice. Anyone else can just imagine an awesome artwork and tell me your cool idea.

I won’t order just yet so please give me some pointers.

If anyone wants to discuss it in detail then email me at gsdreddy12345@gmail.com

Glad to have shared my thoughts with you and grateful that you have read through my rant.


GSD Reddy.



9 thoughts on “Rigel series Book 1 cover

    • I did think of poison swirling around his body. Hmm, I find your idea interesting WindBlade13. Will think about it.

      The plan is to finish the cover by the end of Book 1 which should be mostly done in April. Then, edit the book and then hire an expert for ebook formatting.

      So, if everything goes well, I will publish Rigel this May or June. I am determined to do it even if it leaves me broke.

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  1. Picture this: We are looking at Rigel’s back as he climbs up what seems to be a cliff or a hole. He is halfway out of the hole with his arms holding on to the top and his legs and waist dangling. His clothes are in tatters and there are manacles attached to his feet. The chain connected to one of his feet is completely broken while the other is almost broken with one link the chain is half broken. His hand is reaching up towards a tall man in black. We can only see his arm reaching out to Rigel while the rest of his body is shrouded in shadows, except his eyes which are a deep red or whatever color you choose and a crescent-moon smile. Parts of the shadow from his body has tendrils leaking out of it and surround the arm that is reaching up to him. In the background seems to be buildings of some sort. and the sky is blood red with a pure white sun.

    That’s what I see when I think of book 1 xD


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