Welcome to team Reddycreations

Hey guys, I am making too many announcements today but this is a SUPER Important.

As I said earlier I was looking for editors. Finally after much waiting, I managed to find not one but two of them.

Before anything else, I wanna thank each and everyone who wanted to help me.

So guys, welcome GabeTheGiant and Gillium to team Reddycreations.


I will let them introduce themselves :

GabeTheGiant – Hello, My name is Gabe and I am a giant. I will do my best to edit despite my pudgy fingers and small keyboard. xD

Gillium – My name is Gillium and I am taller than Gabe. Please help and support the author.

( I might be wrong about the height part )


Well guys, I will start releasing the edited chapters starting with Chapter 33.

Reddycreations has expanded and now, I have a lot more responsibility.

We will slowly edit the past chapters before the Book 1 is completed. So when the time comes, we will be almost ready to publish our book.

Thank you,

GSD Reddy.


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