Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 33 – Bloodthirst

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Bloodthirst : 

            Rigel’s sudden reaction had shocked the group. The man charging towards Rigel immediately halted in his tracks. Rigel slowly opened his eyes and stared at all seven of them. His eyes were cold and filled with intense killing intent.

        Rigel was no stranger to such a situation. He had been in a cage filled with more than thirty hungry slaves. He had faced a third level Qi condensation expert when he was still a cripple. That killing intent which had been bred to the core of his soul wasn’t something that could ever be erased.

            Even if the current Rigel didn’t seem as twisted as he was before, deep inside, the deeds he had done in his life were forever etched in his soul. They were a part of him, parts which made him Rigel, parts which made up his personality.

        Rigel rose to his feet slowly and narrowed his eyes. Rudra, who was floating in mid air, closed his eyes and remained silent. Rudra usually reminded Rigel to stay in control only because he knew that Rigel didn’t need to be taught to go berserk.

        The kind of childhood Rigel had wasn’t something any sane person would experience and still remain the same. Rigel had killed a thousand people even before he turned thirteen, he once again killed to survive in Gehenna. Killing was a part of him, something that needn’t be taught to him.  

       Rigel’s cold expression caused the seven to frown. They never expected that a mere fourth level Qi condensation stage expert would have the guts to stand before them all without any fear or trepidation in his eyes.

      Rigel twisted his head slowly and took a single step forward. He tapped his bag of holding and a single flying sword appeared in his hand. It didn’t float but instead remained in his hand.

        A man with a small build among the seven men snorted coldly as he looked at Rigel and said, “Wyle, do you still consider yourself a disciple of our great sect? Don’t be a fucking coward.”  

         The man who had charged towards Rigel looked at the small man and gritted his teeth in anger. They were both in the sixth level of Qi condensation and yet, he was the one being yelled at. All because of a single kid.

          Wyle turned his head and looked at Rigel with cold eyes. His eyes lacked the hesitation that they had just a second before as he charged at Rigel with a sword in his hand and two more flying swords floating above him.

      The others simply maintained their vigilance as they waited for Rigel’s death. None of them believed that Rigel actually had the ability to win against Wyle.

       Rigel who saw Wyle charging towards him stopped in his tracks and began to run away from him. Wyle sneered as he saw Rigel running away from him.

       “Hahaha…… Where do you think you are running brat? You are trapped here. This will be your grave.” Wyle said with a sneer.

       The others began to smile as well when they saw Rigel’s desperate efforts. They had all initially thought that Rigel would resist with everything he had but as they saw Rigel running away with his tail between his legs, they couldn’t help but think that they were all overestimating him.

      Rigel’s speed wasn’t fast. He intentionally ran with only half his maximum speed towards a  wall. He didn’t turn around but he could sense Wyle just a few metres behind him with a evil smile on his face. Wyle could have easily reached him if he had used his flying swords but be didn’t.

       The reason was simple, he wanted to kill Rigel with his own hands. The desire and need  to draw blood with their own hands is a feeling that only someone who hasn’t killed enough would let control their actions.

       Rigel tripped and fell on the ground. Wyle’s smile grew bolder as he stood above Rigel and said in a cold voice, “This is the end kid.”

       However, his voice stopped midway as a sword split the air like an arrow and pierced his heart.

       Wyle looked at Rigel in confusion. He felt dizzy and as he looked at the sword penetrating through his chest. Rigel looked at Wyle and slowly stood up. He caught his sword and pushed it in further while looking Wyle in the eye.

      No dialogue was spoken and there was no struggle, but the way Rigel attacked Wyle showed it all. Wyle coughed up blood and weakly fell to his knees. Rigel looked at the small built man coldly and kicked Wyle away from him.

                  Rigel raised the blood covered sword and walked towards Wyle. The small built man’s face was completely stunned as he watched Rigel. The way Rigel attacked was beyond anyone’s expectations. They expected that Rigel would die a pitiful death but never in their wildest dreams did they expect such a retaliation from Rigel.

         Rigel’s eyes didn’t leave the two flying swords which were still hovering in mid air. Wyle was moaning in pain but in his eyes was also an intense anger. His spirit struggled to control the flying swords at the moment of his death but his iron will remained strong as he guided the flying swords to maintain their aim.

        Even if he died, he would take his enemy’s life as an exchange. Rigel walked towards Wyle while looking at him with narrowed eyes. If there was one thing that he learned after all the years of living in a dreadful hole called Gehenna was that, one should never be lenient with a dying enemy.

       His eyes flashed as the sword in his hands shook and charged towards Wyle. Every person in the room was shocked still as they witnessed that scene. A fourth level Qi condensation expert who could control flying swords. That was an absurd thought to any of them but that was happening right before their eyes.

       Wyle realising his fate roared in anger and directed his flying swords to attack Rigel but it was all too late. The flying sword charging towards him directly penetrated his right eye and pulverised his brain.

       Losing their spiritual energy, the flying swords fell on the ground at Rigel’s feet. Rigel looked at them indifferently and waved his hand. The two flying swords rose into the air and his own flying sword stood in between them covered in blood and gore.

        That was a sight of true terror. Rigel’s uncaring and unhesitant eyes as he looked at them was like a predator looking down on its prey. It was as if he was in a far higher position than them and was testing their strength.

         That was the feeling invoked in the remaining six Qi condensation stage experts. Everyone of them had been in numerous fights and had killed people, men, women and children alike. Thus, they were hired to take care of Rigel. However, at that instant, in a tiny little corner of their hearts, a feeling arose which was completely foreign to them.


       That little feeling, fear wasn’t something that can be conquered in one day. People have trained for tens of millennia and yet stay far away from danger because they couldn’t conquer the fear of death.

      That was the feeling that was currently dominating their minds. Rigel looked at them and didn’t charge. He stood there silently and stared at them as if asking them to state their decision.

      He wouldn’t attack not unless they decide to, nor would he kill unless they decide to. However, once the decision was made, there was no going back. Rigel would kill every last person among them or would die trying.

        The small built man gritted his teeth in anger as he looked at Rigel. No matter what he thought, Rigel was still in the fourth level of Qi condensation and shouldn’t be a problem to any of them and not at all if they all attacked together.

        However, he couldn’t help but think that Rigel had yet to reveal all of his strength. Even if he wasn’t sure about anything else, he was sure of one thing. Dealing with Rigel would involve death. He knew that the man before him wasn’t someone who would hesitate or wait before delivering the final strike.

        So now, he had to make a decision. Go forward and fight Rigel or leave peacefully. The small built man looked at his fellow disciples. They were all looking back at him with hesitant eyes.

     The confident aura everyone had a minute ago was nowhere to be found. Rigel was now an unknown entity to them and their instincts were warning them to stay away from him.

     Without the complete cooperation of all his fellow disciples, the small built man didn’t have the confidence to take on Rigel without any casualties. When there are casualties, anyone can die, including him and he didn’t want to risk his life for a stupid fight.

      He looked at Rigel who was looking back at him with the same indifferent eyes. He couldn’t see even the slightest hint of fear or hesitation within them.

    Finally he snorted coldly and said in a loud voice, “Fall back. We’re leaving.” The remaining five disciples looked at the man with the small build and sighed in their hearts as they followed him and quickly disappeared from Rigel’s view.

       Rigel’s face didn’t change even after they left. Rudra, who was floating midair, looked at Rigel as his mouth formed a smile and his red eyes revealed killing intent. A twisted look of bloodthirst appeared on his face as he muttered to himself in a low voice, “Beautiful.”


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