Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 45 – Psychological Trauma

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Psychological Trauma :

                    “Damn it. Everyone pin him down, attack at the same time.” the burly youth shouted in anger as Rigel simply stood there with a cold expression on his face, watching him without a bit of fear or anxiety in his eyes.

                 By this point everyone understood that Rigel wasn’t as simple as he appeared to be on the surface. Not only was he able to use divine sense despite only being a fourth level Qi condensation expert, but also had a fire attributed profound art with explosive power. Above all, he was fearless even when he was outnumbered and outmatched.

           The burly youth knew that such confidence and coolness was impossible for anyone ordinary. True, it was he who first provoked Rigel but he didn’t think it would become so troublesome. Rigel didn’t know it yet but he was actually infamous in the clan for being on close terms with not only Derek but also Ravel.

          Although the matter regarding the night visits of Ravel was unknown to any of them, they were all very well aware of her day visits and the time she spent with Rigel. Ravel was known as a troublesome lady for being rude and wild, with her genius level power combined with her status of being the young lady of the clan, she did have the qualifications for being arrogant.

          However, that Ravel was spending time alone with Rigel and was supposedly even taking care of him. The various disciples of the clan who had thoughts of courting her or even wanted to ask her hand in marriage were thus thoroughly infuriated by Rigel. Furthermore, the fact that Rigel didn’t even belong to the clan and was an outsider only added fuel to their flames of anger.

             The burly youth was eighteen just like Ravel, but compared to her who had already stepped into the Spark formation stage at just eighteen, his talent as a cultivator was nothing impressive. However, that didn’t change the fact that he was infatuated by Ravel.

         No matter how rude or unladylike Ravel was, no one, not even Rigel could deny the fact that she was beautiful beyond comparison. With her beauty and perfect body, she was the bane of all men. No man would be able to admit that he didn’t feel desire to obtain her, the burly youth was the same.

               Even though he knew that he had no qualifications to court Ravel, he wasn’t willing to admit that fact. What infuriated him and made him mad with anger was the fact that Rigel was on a much closer terms with Ravel than him.

             He was a member of the main bloodline and had tried to impress Ravel with various gifts on multiple occasions and yet, a kid no more than sixteen who wasn’t even a member of the clan was able to gain Ravel’s attention while all he could do was to stay on the sidelines observing Ravel’s kind smile as she talked to Rigel.

           Thus he asked his subordinates to track Rigel’s movements for a week before he made a move on Rigel. He originally only wanted to thoroughly scare Rigel to the point that he wouldn’t be able to go against his orders and speak to Ravel. However, not only did Rigel scare him to death instead, with his astonishing strength but also threatened to kill him if there was a next time.

          Blinded by fury and shame, the burly youth had decided then and there that he would kill Rigel even if he has to take the punishment of the clan later. Rigel had shattered his pride and looked down on him. To the current burly youth, all that mattered at that minute was Rigel’s death.

           Rigel looked at the nine of them charging at them and then at the burly youth, he was certain that the pale look on his face was nothing more than just acting. He was just waiting for his chance to strike Rigel, while acting as if he was injured to draw Rigel’s attention away from him as a potential threat.

          Rigel smiled coldly in his heart and widened his stance. He knew from the moment he had opened up to Ravel and allowed her to continue their present relationship that he would face people like the burly youth without a doubt.

           However, Rigel wasn’t too worried about people like the burly youth who came to confront him directly. He was more worried about people who were watching him from shadows, they were the truly dangerous opponents, the kind who can throw him into an abyss in a split second if he was careless.

          Rigel extended his left hand and slid his right leg back, straightening his posture and narrowing his eyes. The nine people quickly smacked their bag of holdings causing various flying swords and a few other treasures to fly out.


          Rigel shouted in a booming voice. At the same time he activated the ‘Black Inferno’ and wrapped his hands in the black flames. His eyes were concentrated as he kicked the ground and rushed forward.


         The ground cracked slightly under the power of his steps changing the faces of the nine cultivators. Their faces became extremely serious as they slowed down, no longer rushing forward wildly and instead employed their flying treasures to attack Rigel.

           Rigel rushed forward at high speed and punched empty air, a smile bloomed on his face as he coldly looked at the unsuspecting cultivators.

          Within a split second, the black flames originally wrapped around his hands expanded into a ten metre large inferno stunning everyone present and clashed with their treasures.

*Crack* *Crack*

        Some of the treasures of lower quality began to crack slowly under the assault of the Black Inferno. However, their horror didn’t end with just that. The ten metre inferno began to grow even larger and close in on them.

        That moment, all of them no longer cared about Rigel and immediately turned on their heels retreating without any hesitation. Rigel withdrew his fist and dashed forward, even though his face revealed nothing, in fact a Black Inferno of this magnitude consumed a huge amount of energy.

         Even with his strengthened cultivation, two times was his limit for using such an enormous Black Inferno. Rigel didn’t even glance at the nine Qi cultivators and directly charged at the burly youth.

            At first the burly youth was completely confident that he would be able to deal with Rigel alongside nine Qi cultivators, his confidence caused a smile to bloom on his face as he watched Rigel wildly dashing towards the nine cultivators. His expression changed when he saw the explosive speed and the power exerted by Rigel’s legs, his shock turned into horror as he witnessed the ten metre large Inferno manifest in front of his eyes.

          His horror turned into utter fear as Rigel dashed at him ignoring everyone. The burly youth wanted to retreat but was unable to move even an inch due to fear. At the same time, the steel sword Rigel had kept away a bit earlier had appeared by his side and flew towards him at a high speed.

              The nine had recovered their senses by this point and charged at Rigel with anxious faces. If something did happen to the burly youth, they knew that they would be held accountable for it  and would face disastrous consequences.

              However, it was all too late, Rigel was already in front of the burly youth who almost pissed in his pants as he saw the cold smile on Rigel’s face. “I…It was my mistake… please..” He tried to explain himself with a stutter but the cold steel tip of the flying sword was put in his mouth stopping him mid sentence.


“Please don’t kill young master Taeron. We were wrong this time. We will apologize. Please.”

              Some of the nine cultivators shouted in horror as they saw that Rigel keeping the tip of his sword in Heron’s mouth. At that point one push will kill Taeron without any resistance.

“Hahaha…” Rigel’s loud laughter rang out in the silent forest with nothing but the occasional crackling sounds of the burning tinder.

           Rigel looked at all of them coldly and continued in a ringing voice, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill him. He is not worthy of dying in my hands, but I don’t mind cutting his tongue off. What do you say young master Taeron?”

          The burly youth, Taeron looked at Rigel with teary eyes and seeing that Rigel was absolutely serious shook his head furiously. The salty taste of his blood entered his mouth due to his own movement and this made him tremble even more in fear.

           Rigel narrowed his eyes and slowly removed the sword from Heron’s mouth and looked at everyone with cold eyes. He smiled slightly and said in a honeyed voice, “All of you have not only disturbed by cultivation, but also psychologically tortured me by ganging up on me.

          To make up for the trauma I suffered, I think half of your spirit stones should be enough. That way I will be able to get treatment for my psychological trauma.”

               Everyone watched Rigel with opened mouths. “Psychological trauma – Just who traumatised whom?” that was the question running through their minds but at that moment, all they could do was to grit their teeth and quietly hand over half of their spirit stones.

             Rigel collected the spirit stones from everyone, which all accounted to more than twenty thousand. A smile bloomed on his face as he contently stored them all away in his bag of holding. He then looked at everyone indifferently and said in a calm voice, “I guess this shows how apologetic you are for your actions. Very well, I will accept your apology and leave for today.

           Let’s hope we will meet again soon fellow cultivators. I have to go as lady Ravel is waiting for me.”

            Theron’s face became red with anger as he heard Rigel. More than ten thousand of the twenty thousand spirit stones belonged to him and moreover Rigel provoked him even when he left by mentioning Ravel. He looked at Rigel’s walking away and said to himself in a low voice, filled with hatred “I won’t forget this humiliation Rigel, not until you die in my hands.”

              Walking away from the forest, Rigel retrieved his shirt hung on the branch and silently shook his head. He looked at the clan which was coming into view and thought to himself, “Looks like my life will only become tougher. Ah! Ravel, you are one hell of a trouble magnet but…” Rigel smiled to himself and thought, “Its worth it cause it’s you.”


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How writing changed my life? (Read this please)


So I wanted to write this on reddycreations anniversary, on Apr 11th but you know, I had exams then and only had time to make a quick announcement. So I am here expressing my feelings and letting you know me better.

I was your ordinary guy, I still am but before Apr 9th of 2015, I was the guy who never really did anything for himself. Being born in an educated Indian family, I was raised to be serious about education and I was.

I was always a good student, in school and finally I managed to get into a medical school. Life was good and I was already a book geek who used to consume large amount of material everyday to satisfy my appetite. Then on a fateful day of Dec 2014, I found coiling dragon [CD] on spcnet.

For those of you who don’t know, CD was first hosted on spcnet. I was so excited and interested in this different kind of literature that I devoured every single Xianxia translated at that point. CD, Stellar transformations, Zhu Xian were among some I devoured. I even tried wuxia but it just didn’t manage to attract me as much as Xianxia.

So fast forward 5 months, I got a weird impulse to write my own work, in a way which I want a work to be. So I just started writing. I selected the name Riddick because I thought it was a cool name. As fate had it, I had holidays then so I was on roll and churned our chapters every day.

Someone like me writing was already absurd but people flocked in and I was getting these comments like It’s Ok, good, awesome, its shit. There were all sort of people who praised me, encouraged me, discouraged me and simply hated me for the mess of grammar I had then.

I was surely hurt when people said, you shouldn’t even write because you have shitty grammar and absolutely no originality, but I wasn’t ready to give up. For a year, I improved my grammar to the point that no one can call it shitty anymore.

I am not a native English speaker nor do I speak often english in my everyday life so improving was tough. However, I persisted. I read grammar books, carefully observed the grammar in CN novels I was following everyday. I can’t say I am done learning but I certainly improved a lot in the past year.


Now, I was getting all this attention. People were reading my novel everyday and I was satisfied using my holidays writing for their enjoyment but then duty called as my college started. Since I had work to do with the start of college, I couldn’t write freely anymore so I started sponsored chapters.

I was like, oh gosh! You are dreaming who would donate for you? I should just remove the donate button before I make a fool out of myself. Well, guess how surprised I was when I did get donations. I was like omg. People love my work so much that they were willing to donate.

Then exams followed, I was inactive for over two months. I was sure that everybody would forget me and they did, my traffic dropped by over 2/3rds but I was still happy that some have remained, patiently waiting for me. I wouldn’t have stayed if an author went AWOL for two months. So I don’t blame anyone.

I was back again, writing anywhere from 12- 25 chapters every month. Spending 40-100 hours every month writing. I usually get only 5 hours free time every day i.e 150 hours/month. I have to do my homework and study in this time slot and I was spending an average of 75 hours per month on writing.

How was this made possible? 

My family gives a lot of importance to education so I couldn’t take time out of it. So I started discarding all activities I can, Sports, Chatting on social media, Movies, games, sleep. It got to a point where I stopped hanging out with my friends and instead wrote for you.

As a result, I gained 20 pounds in the last year. My mom still ridicules me that I got fatter but good thing is, I am still normal in BMI index, thank god. Since I stopped using social media, some of my distant friends became even more distant. The me who used to spend time chatting with friends began to instead stay silent as I was thinking almost everywhere, eating, bathing, shitting, in class, everywhere.

But I persisted. I made a promise to you guys and it was dragging my life down. How   ever, a promise is a promise and I was raised not to break one so easily. Thus, I didn’t let myself be overwhelmed or burned by writing.

In a single year, I wrote as many as 240 chapters. That’s after I took a two month leave with no posts. So 240 chapters in 305 days while studying medicine. At one point, I felt as if I was always doing something at any point of the day and my mind was always tired. Thus were the reasons for occasional short absence.


Do you feel annoyed by my requests at the end of every chapter?

Trust me, I never was a person who owed anyone a single cent and I am still stay true to my principle, I won’t beg. I will rather starve than beg someone. I don’t feel comfortable asking even my own father.

I am still only 19 and am still studying, but thank god, my father is one of the best things that happened to me as he can sense what I am thinking simply by looking at me so I never really had a reason to ask as he himself asks me.

So why do I ask you guys?

As time passed, people around me, my family, friends began to question me. Am I not wasting my time too much with this writing? You are a med student, study more, that’s your life.

Yes, I knew that and I couldn’t argue against it because they were right. Unless I succeed, all this writing is useless to me but I still wanted to write. That’s when I experienced the feeling which haunts every adult.

Thirst for success

Writing suddenly became very serious. I needed to succeed to let my point through them.

I would have a better chance to convince my parents and well wishers if I was earning some 500$/month. Look, people are giving me 500$. They like my work. I am just starting out and it will increase every month. Now, do you understand, I wasn’t simply wasting my time.

If possible, I would have preferred to not beg you guys at all but what can I do? I started writing for fun but now, the ghost of success is chasing me and unless I manage to get  at least some success. I will eventually be consumed by the views of society and fade away into shadows.


So what are my future plans?

I will turn 20 this July, will complete my medicine by 2019. Then I will do my PG if I do get one of my choice or do some intensive studying for one more year and try again.

So by 2022, I will be done with my basic education. Doctors do many courses but they are like side courses, I can do a job after 2022. Despite what many may say, I still want to write till 2022 and later but I know, It will only get tougher from now on.  Here’s how –

First year was – Free.

Second year – Hospital postings – Tight schedule but I can manage

Third year – Surgeries and more – Same but I will manage.

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House surgeon – Full time job – over 100 hours per week – May be I can

PG – Full time job + course (for 3 years ) – Maybe.


You are my second family and I don’t lie to my family. I laid the facts before you and will wait for your judgement. So if you feel annoyed by my requests in every single chapter or if I go AWOL for a few days, remember this message.

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Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 44 – Don’t Rip me off

Author note : Hi guys, GSD Reddy here and I am back with another chapter.

Editors – Gabe.

This is the tenth Rigel chapter of this month and the third bonus chapter from me.

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Don’t Rip me off :

                    A minute of silence permeated the air as the burly youth and Rigel held each other by their throats. The remaining nine who had circled Rigel stared at the scene in shock as if they were unable to comprehend how Rigel could dare to assault a main bloodline descendant.

                 Even they, the members of the Shia clan would think a dozen times before being disrespectful to anyone of the main bloodline and yet Rigel, an outsider had dared to fight back. Following the minute of silence, the cold laughter of the burly youth rang out in the woods as his large muscles stretched and rippled as he exerted all his strength to crush Rigel’s neck.

             Who was he? A direct descendant of the Shia clan and yet a mere outsider had disrespected him and even dared to fight back in his own clan. Furthermore, he did that in the presence of others. Not only was he a senior in age and cultivation, but was also his direct superior according to the clan rules.

                 The burly youth had originally only wanted to teach Rigel some manners but his eyes were cold and his face had a sinister smile as he increased his grip on Rigel’s throat to the point where Rigel wouldn’t be able to breathe. His eyes had ridicule as he imagined that soon Rigel would be screaming in pain and begging for forgiveness.

               Rigel frowned as the burly youth’s grip tightened on his throat. His eyes narrowed as he saw the cold sinister smile on his face, that was an expression he had seen far too many times in his life. That was the smile of a person who considered himself above others and looked down on others as if they were his slaves.

              Killing intent flashed in Rigel’s eyes. He had been under that gaze before and he knew that unless and until the pride which birthed that sinisterness and haughtiness was completely crushed, that person wouldn’t stop. That sinisterness rooted deep in his soul would time and time again come back to haunt others.

                 Although the burly youth was in the sixth level of Qi condensation and even honed his muscles through physical exercise, Rigel didn’t lose a bit in strength, instead he felt as if he would easily be able to overwhelm the burly youth in physical prowess alone.

             What did Rigel train in? The Heavenly art of the paragon body. Having had his body reconstructed under the effects of the yang energy of the paragon body, Rigel’s body which was already strong to begin with had become incomparably strong compared to any of the Qi condensation stage experts.

             In fact based on pure physical prowess, he was approaching Spark formation level power. Thus the explosive power packed in the muscles of the burly youth was nothing compared to explosiveness hidden within Rigel’s lean body.

              As the grip of the burly youth increased in strength, Rigel snorted coldly and increased the strength of his grip by about fifty percent. The sinister smile on the burly youth’s face faded away immediately and it was replaced with a look of horror. He looked at Rigel as if he was seeing a monster while his face was rapidly becoming pale as he was unable to even breathe under the powerful grip of Rigel.

                 The nine people who were calmly watching, waiting for Rigel to admit his fault were stunned by the turn of the events. For a second, they didn’t know what to do, but then they all shot towards Rigel at high speed realising that any delay may result in disastrous outcome.

           Rigel watched the nine shot towards him from the corner of his eyes and released his grip on the burly youth. The burly youth had by this point lost all his power and weakly fell to his knees while gasping for his breath.

                 His eyes were no longer haughty with pride, all they had at that point was fear. For the first time in his life, he felt as if he would really die. Being a main bloodline descendant, he was never in a life threatening fight nor did he ever try to temper himself in dangerous situations. So as soon as he realised that Rigel was a lot stronger than him, he was consumed by fear rather than thinking of a method to escape alive.

                If they compared the burly youth to Rigel based on experience alone, he would be like a toddler. Neither in killing or in pure fighting would he be able to reach Rigel’s level of expertise, not even in ten more years. The nine immediately stood guard before the burly youth while some of them surrounded Rigel.

               Rigel looked at them coldly and said in a calm voice, “I don’t care who you are. You tried to harm me first and thus you deserved this. The next time, I won’t stop with just a warning.”

          The burly youth looked at Rigel with hatred filled eyes. Even though he was burning with shame and anger, he remembered the terrifying strength contained within Rigel’s grip and didn’t wildly dash out.

               He instead snorted coldly and said in a cold voice, “Whoever manages to kill this brat will be given a spark formation stage artifact of their choosing. I swear on my soul that I will keep my word and furthermore, I will take the blame for his death.”      

        The nine Qi condensation stage experts beside that burly youth panted as they heard his words. He had clearly swore that he would keep his word, a spark formation stage artifact wasn’t cheap for even him so they all clearly understood that he held intense hatred towards Rigel that he was willing to sacrifice a fortune.

            Rigel who was walking away stopped in his tracks and turned around. The nine Qi condensation stage experts made up of six fifth level and three sixth level Qi condensation experts were staring at him with cold eyes filled with killing intent while the burly youth sitting on the ground was laughing smugly.

            Rigel narrowed his eyes as he saw his smug smile. It was clear to him that he didn’t care about those nine nor would he worry even if all of them died in his hands. Actually his plan was to force Rigel into heavily injuring or possibly killing one of them so that he would have an excuse to kill him off.

             It was a cruel and yet a very effective strategy to deal with him. Rigel sighed in his heart as he clenched his fist tightly. The burly youth was basically giving Rigel two choices, either surrender quietly and suffer in their hands or resist and fight them, only to be questioned by the clan later. With his influence the burly youth was sure that he would be able to prove that Rigel was guilty of his crime even if he wasn’t.

 The burly youth smiled slightly and asked in a low voice, “Now what will you do brat?”

         Rigel looked at the youth and smiled coldly, he extended his hand and made a signalling motion provoking them to come.


“You bastard.”

         The nine Qi condensation stage experts shouted loudly in anger as Rigel didn’t seem to even put them in his eyes and furthermore insulted them to come at him.

           However, they were still disciples of the Shia clan and weren’t ready to gang up on Rigel all at once so three disciples of fifth level of Qi condensation charged at him and smacked their bag of holdings bringing out a steel sword, a bronze bell and a wooden stake respectively.

          Rigel watched them with a narrowed gaze and smacked his bag of holding bringing out an old chipped flying sword. He kept the sword in his hand and waited for the three to approach him, just as the three treasures were approaching him, Rigel ignited the Black Inferno and threw the flying sword burning coldly in those black flames towards the person who used the wooden stake.

         Rigel’s motion had truly caught them off guard, they didn’t know what that flame was but as soon as it approached them, their faces changed as they saw the crackling sword and the intense energy contained within it.

         The one who was stunned and horrified of all was the person who had used the wooden stake. He immediately brought out a flying sword and a talisman to be on the safe side as he retreated with his maximum speed.

           All of them sighed in relief as the man had escaped from the zooming sword but then faces changed as the sword changed direction in mid air and followed the man at high speed.

“Impossible!” multiple screams rang out simultaneously as they saw that Rigel was controlling the sword with his divine sense.

       “How? How? Isn’t he still in fourth level of Qi condensation?” the burly youth asked in a low voice.

         The remaining two were too shocked by this that they took their eyes off Rigel for a second. The next second they turned their attention back to Rigel, shocked to see him chasing the bell with the stake under his arm and the steel sword tightly clutched in his other hand.


            At that instant everyone’s attention was brought back by the shout of one of the remaining two fifth level cultivators. Everyone watched as Rigel soon caught the bell and immediately placed all three artifacts in his bag of holding with a contented smile.

          He then waved his hand and the chipped flying sword flew back to him. Rigel carefully extinguished the black flames on it and put it away as well. He then looked at everyone and faced them with an expressionless face as if he did nothing.

         Unable to stay quiet any longer, one of the three cultivators asked in an angry voice, “Bastard, give back our treasures.”

         Rigel looked at the man curiously and said in a calm voice, “What treasures? I found them flying around here, what proof do you have that they belong to you? Man.. I had no treasures except for that chipped sword. My luck is pretty good, I found three treasures lying around.

                Fellow cultivators, don’t try to rip me off because you didn’t acquire the fortune. It’s just that my luck this time was good.”

         Everyone looked at Rigel with blank faces as they didn’t know how to react. Rigel had casually stolen their treasures and then denied even accepting the fact that those treasures once belonged to them.

               Found three treasures lying around. Who the hell would find treasures lying around in the middle of the forest? However, Rigel didn’t even seem to think about the treasures anymore as he stared at everyone with a cold look in his eyes.


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Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 43 – Black Inferno

Author note : Hi guys, GSD Reddy here and I am back with another chapter.

Edited by – Kidyeon, Gabe

This is the ninth Rigel chapter of this month. This is the second Bonus chapter from me.

Enjoy and Thank you.


*Black Inferno*

                        Within the inner parts of the Shia clan, there was a majestic nine floored(story) pagoda that was surrounded by guards on all sides, and that was enshrouded by the grey formation protecting it. This pagoda was the most important place in the entire clan, as it contained within it the treasures and profound skills collected by the Shia clan throughout its three hundred years of history — it was the Treasure pavilion.

                             Right next to this pagoda was another seven floored(story) pagoda that was also guarded on all sides, but that wasn’t protected by a protective formation. This pagoda contained the knowledge gathered throughout three centuries — it was the Athenaeum of the Shia clan. At any moment of the day, many disciples would be holed up in the Athenaeum reading scrolls and different books that described ways of cultivation, and the various insights into the dao recorded by experts.

                       The only reason that the Athenaeum was less guarded than the Treasure pavilion, was because it contained no real profound skills; it only held accumulated knowledge, as well as some basic skills and techniques which could be acquired anywhere in Gehenna. At that moment, in a corner on the second floor within the Athenaeum, Rigel sat reading a scroll that explained fire profound skills with intense concentration.

                              It’d been a week since Rigel had opened up to Ravel and had decided to trust her with his secrets. He’d explained to Ravel the same things he’d said to Derek, and had also asked her to keep quiet regarding his origin. No matter what, Ravel was the one who had knowingly, or unknowingly, saved him twice — once from the Nether realm, and now, a second time from the nightmares which both drowned his soul in anger, and consumed it in a constant search for revenge.

              Rigel truly was on the verge of being consumed by his rage towards his own helplessness. The trauma he’d experienced in his early life wasn’t something that would ever be subdued. His soul was forever scarred, and his hatred towards Gerald was just a form of escape from the nightmare that would forever chase after him.

                    Rigel raised his head, and stared at the reflection of himself in a window. As the faint rays of evening sun were slowly dimming down, he put the scroll back in its place, and began to slowly walk down the stairs. His eyes were filled with emotions as he looked at his left palm. On it, there was the faint mark of a deep scar stretching from the base of his index finger, all the way to his wrist.

“Lulu…” Rigel muttered to himself as he traced the scar with his right thumb.

                  A smile bloomed on his face as he remembered the time when he’d been severely injured at the age of eight. A girl, no more than 10,  had torn a piece of her dirty skirt and tied it onto his palm, while kissing him on the forehead as he cried due to the severe pain. That was the day Rigel had first met Lulu, and for the next five years, his life had been centered around her, and only her.

                  Rigel reached the steps of the library, and gazed at the sun that had almost disappeared from the horizon. Replacing his smile, was both deep hatred and intense anger appearing on his face. His face became expressionless, but his heart was beating heavily as he tried to control the intense anger that was consuming him.

                   Slowly, Rigel made his way towards the forests near the Shia clan to test his progress. Rigel’s daily schedule consisted of studying in the library from early in the morning, until late in the evening, and then he would test his theories and consolidate his findings. The reason why Rigel spent so much time studying the way of cultivation, was because he understood that he lacked foundation.

                   Even though Rigel had climbed into the fourth level of Qi Condensation in such a short period of time, he lacked a solid foundation, and thus was unable to unleash the maximum power capable for his current cultivation. Therefore, Rigel was no longer attempting to increase his cultivation base, and was instead trying his best to solidify his current cultivation.

               Rigel’s greatest strengths at the moment were the Asura poison and the Art of the Paragon body. Although the Asura poison had immense potential, and could be used as a trump card, it had a severe defect in the fact that it was easily noticeable. However, Rudra had also imparted the fire attributed skill ‘Black Inferno’ to Rigel.

                     Not only did the profound art ‘Black Inferno’ have a unique nature of unleashing black flames, it was also a high level profound art. Rigel had been guided by Rudra when he’d learned the Paragon Body, but now he had to rely on himself to understand the ‘Black Inferno’ skill. Thus, he was facing difficulty with controlling it.

                 The problem was Rigel had no experience whatsoever at learning profound arts, so he was using this opportunity to learn as many basic profound arts as he could. Although these profound arts wouldn’t be too useful in battle, they were still helping him understand the ‘Black Inferno’ skill better.

                       Once he was in the forest, Rigel took off his shirt and hung it on the branch of a tree. He bent his thighs until they were ninety degrees to his straight back, then proceeded to stand in that position as he circulated his Qi and steadied his breathing. He was conditioning his body as a part of his daily training.

                           Soon, his body began to slowly warm up as he circulated his Qi through all twelve of his principal meridians, and eight extraordinary meridians. Then he began to circulate his Qi through his collateral meridians. His breathing was slowly becoming relaxed, and his chaotic mind was slowly calming down, as he circulated his Qi through his breathing excercises.

                      Rigel opened his eyes after more than fifteen minutes, his body covered in sweat, and a small layer of waste had accumulated across his skin as his body expelled the impurities. Usually, all the impurities were expelled by the body when one broke through into the next realm, but due to the sudden and the unnatural ways that Rigel had broken through, his body still had many wastes that were slowly being expelled as he solidified his cultivation.

                      Rigel released a heavy sigh, and his eyes shone with brilliance as his mind was completely free of his previous anger. A look of determination appeared on Rigel’s face as he raised his hand and extended a single finger. His mind repeated the words etched into his soul regarding the theory of the ‘Black Inferno’.

                        An inferno is a fire which cannot be controlled. The ‘Black Inferno’ derives its name from an expert who had successfully fused the dao of Black lightning with the Dao of the Inferno, and had created a technique which harnessed both the explosive power of lightning, and the raging nature of an inferno.

                     Being formed by the merging of two daos, the ‘Black Inferno’ was naturally a technique that required a very deep understanding into the Daos of both the inferno and of lightning, to be able to unleash its true potential.

                        Rigel naturally didn’t have any insights into any Daos, except for the most basic insights into the potential of the Yin and Yang. However, Rudra had provided him some basic guidance, through which Rigel was capable of at least using the Black Inferno — albeit in a very weakened form.

                      From the tip of Rigel’s finger, a black flame rose and began to burn in the air with crackling sounds. Even though the flame was no larger than a small apple, the power contained within it was no joke. Rigel was completely concentrated on the flame, as he raised his other hand and switched it between his hands.

                     One mistake, and he was sure that he would be the one who would end up with an injury. The Black Inferno usually had a very rampant nature. The only reason he was able to freely control the flame was because he wasn’t allowing the inferno to go out of control, and was limiting it to merely the size of an apple.

                   A sigh of relief involuntarily escaped from Rigel’s mouth as a minute passed and he managed to keep the Inferno in control. His face then once again became serious, as he raised his right hand and willed the Asura Poison to appear. A black fog arose from his right hand, while above the palm of his left hand he held the small flame.

                   Rigel hadn’t yet tried to fuse the Black Inferno with the Asura Poison. He wouldn’t have even thought to try it, had Rudra not asked him to use the Black Inferno to conceal the Asura Poison. Such a thought wouldn’t have appealed to Rigel, considering both of them were powerful in their own aspects.

                 However, just as Rigel was going to attempt the fusion, he sensed more than ten divine senses scanning him at the same time. His face changed, and he immediately withdrew the Black Inferno and Asura Poison, before turning around with a serious face.

                      It wasn’t the first time that he’d encountered these divine senses — he’d always felt eyes on his back — but Rigel always chose to slip past them rather than confront them. However, it seemed he could no longer put the matter aside, as ten divine senses had surrounded him on all sides and were steadily closing in on him.

             “So the little frog can sense us from so far. Impressive for an ugly frog, I suppose.” A haughty voice rang out, as a man walked out of the woods, followed by nine other cultivators who formed a circle around Rigel.

                 Rigel watched everyone with an expressionless face, and stared back at the man who had spoken first. He was about eighteen, and had thick eyebrows, with a bulky body that was unnatural for a cultivator whose general training relied on strengthening their spirit and cultivation rather, than their physical body.         

                       Rigel didn’t recognise the man himself, but he recognised the Gold patterned robe he wore.  A gold patterned robe represented his status as a disciple of the main bloodline. For a clan that had existed for three hundred years, there were certainly many branches. The main bloodline however, always held the crown. It was regarded as not only being the strongest, but as also being the bloodline which steadily produced powerful descendants.

                At that moment, as per the rules of the clan, Rigel was supposed to bow his head and show his respect for the burly youth. However, he simply stared at the youth because he could tell from the look in the youth’s eyes that he hadn’t come with any good intentions.

                  The burly youth looked at Rigel, and seeing that he had refused to bow to show respect, a dangerous smile appeared on his face. He took a step forward and instantly appeared before Rigel. For a man of his size, he was very fast as his hand went straight towards Rigel’s throat.

             Having anticipated that it wouldn’t end well, Rigel was already alert. As soon as the youth’s hand reached for his throat, Rigel’s hand grasped for his.


                          A dull sound rang out in the forest, as the burly youth and Rigel grabbed each other by their throats. A look of crazed anger appeared in the youth’s eyes as he looked at Rigel, only to be  stared back by eyes which had, at some point, lost all of their calmness, and were radiating a killing intent that should’ve been inherently impossible for a boy that was only sixteen years of age.


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Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 42 – Embrace your weakness

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Embrace Your Weakness :


              In the shadows of the various buildings of the Shia clan a figure was moving at a fast pace. The guards patrolling the area felt a breeze on their faces but before they could sense anything, the figure had already slipped away from their vision. Sure, there were people who could sense her, but in the dead of the full moon night, nobody was really paying any attention to her.

            She soon made her way to the infirmary and snuck into it with ease. Looking closer, her feet weren’t even touching the floor signifying her status as a Spark formation expert. Having such a level of cultivation, there weren’t many people capable of sensing her in the moderately guarded infirmary.

          In the West Wing of the infirmary, right under the shade of the old poplar tree, where Rigel’s room was located. At that moment, he was fast asleep and sure didn’t sense her entering his room. The figure slowly walked near Rigel’s bed and stared at him.

            Under the illumination of the full moon, her face came into view. With green eyes like jade and hair beautifully braided and swinging with each step, she looked like a goddess descended onto the mortal world in the charming light of the moon. She was Ravel. The cold wind slowly blew, blowing away the few strands of hair on her face, revealing her tender expression as she watched Rigel sleeping peacefully.

             It wasn’t the first time she had visited Rigel while he slept. It all began a month ago, when she accidentally saw Rigel sleeping for the first time. She was just about to leave when she saw how his body began to sweat profusely and began to shiver. Having suffered from nightmares herself, Ravel immediately understood that Rigel was having a nightmare.

              Ravel sat down by Rigel’s bed in a practised manner and stared at the full moon. She smiled slightly as she remembered that she first came to visit Rigel on a full moon night as well. What she didn’t know was that was the night Rudra had entered into a deep slumber.

             Satisfied that Rigel was sleeping peacefully, Ravel slowly took out a scroll to study. She had been coming here everyday since that day. Even Ravel herself didn’t understand why she cared about Rigel so much. It might be because she knew about his past or it may be because she just liked him, but she somehow felt protective of him.

            Before Ravel knew, she began to treat Rigel as her own brother. However, deep inside she knew that it wasn’t the same. Ravel also knew that if she was found out, it would not only get her in trouble but Rigel would also be dragged into a troublesome matter. Even though she understood this, she was unable to stay away knowing that Rigel may be suffering from a nightmare.

               Deep inside the inner world of Rigel, he was looking at his reflection on a clear puddle of water. The puddle of water reflected himself, but it didn’t exactly reflect his present self. It reflected his image when he was a slave.

            Rigel watched his life flash before his eyes as he watched an eight year old sold to a slave market by a trader. He watched as he was bought by another trader, he watched as his first friend was bought by an angry looking woman who whipped him right before his eyes.

         Rigel didn’t really remember his childhood, his earliest memories were that of a slave trader. He was just six or seven years old then and that was the start of his life.

         He watched as he too was sold to a butler who worked for Lord Gerald. His subsequent life for the next five years flashed before his eyes. All his pain, his love, his suffering and eventually his hatred for humans, the terrible masters he served under and their atrocities made him tremble in anger.

           Soon he saw himself in that courtroom facing the one man he wanted to kill and then he watched him destroy his dantian. Rigel then watched as Frank came by and saved him. Finally he saw the silver haired man who kidnapped Frank and almost killed him.

           The more he watched, the angrier he grew. Nothing was ever fare in Rigel’s life. Every time he found happiness in his cruel little world, fate took it all away throwing him back to nothing.

           Rigel finally had a chance, given to him by Rudra but ultimately even he left, leaving Rigel alone. Just like before and like always, he was back to being alone fending for his life by himself.

              As Rigel dreamed of his own life, he began to shiver and sweat profusely. Ravel’s face became serious as she immediately took out a towel and wiped away the sweat. She watched Rigel carefully but didn’t attempt to wake him up because she knew from experience that such nightmares will only stop when one makes peace with one’s troubles.

            As much as she wanted to help Rigel escape from his nightmares, she had no choice but to let him persevere.

          As Rigel trembled in anger, fear began to haunt him. He was alone again, without guidance and without a way to achieve his goals. His promise to her, his life goal to kill Gerald and his current mission to save Frank, his life wasn’t just his. He had promises to fulfill, he had promises to keep and he had yet to return the debt he owed Frank.

           Would he be able to keep them? Would he be able to do it alone? Rigel didn’t know and that was what made him tremble in fear. Having Rudra alongside him, he involuntarily began to depend on him. Was that a good thing? Was that a bad thing? He had no idea but he knew that alone, he would have a far lesser chance to win.

             As Rigel coiled around himself thinking, he felt a gentle breeze followed by a sweet smell of a woman. Rigel lifted his head and stared at the imaginary roof of his inner world, he could see nothing but he could clearly sense it. That fragrant smell which intoxicated him and the comfortable sensation it brought along with it were his companions in this cold nightmare world.

           He didn’t know how long he had been sensing the sweet smell, but this gentle breeze was his cue to escape from this nightmare world. Every day, he would immerse himself in the sweet smell and slowly escape from the nightmares but he had never been able to see the person responsible for saving him.

            Every day as he woke up, he would find no one. The smell lingered but he had no way to identify a person with smell alone. Rigel took in deep breath and thought to himself in a determined tone, “Today, I will find you.”

           Ravel was leaning on Rigel’s face and was swiping away the sweat on his forehead when she suddenly sensed the movement of his eyelids. She smiled lightly and turned around trying to leave, but her face became pale as she noticed that the cloth she laid on his forehead wasn’t removed yet.

          That moment of delay and everything happened in an instant. Rigel opened his eyes and blinked rapidly before his vision laid on Ravel who was similarly watching him with her mouth opened in shock.

       She tried to leave but stopped In her tracks as Rigel whispered to himself, “Ravel.” She knew that instant that there was no going back, she had been found out and more so by Rigel. She had no reason to be here and she knew that it was impossible to fool Rigel anymore so she turned around and stared at him with a complicated expression.

        Compared to Ravel, Rigel was in a much deeper shock. He had sometimes thought that maybe the sweet smell was a figment of his imagination but now, everything became clear to him. It was Ravel and furthermore, he was shocked to discover the fact that she had been sneaking into his room every night for over a month.

           After Derek warning him regarding Ravel, Rigel tried his best to stay away from her and even thought that he had been pretty successful since Ravel was no longer visiting him regularly, but what was this? Sneaking into his room at night was ten times worse.

         Seeing Rigel’s complicated expression, Ravel sighed in her heart. She knew that it would come to this so she went back to her seat and stared at Rigel for a long while. In the calm room illuminated by the moonlight, other than the beating of the two hearts, there was no other sound to interrupt them.

         “Want to say what you were dreaming about?” Ravel asked in a calm voice as she stared at Rigel.

       For a second, Rigel didn’t know how to answer. He stared at her stupidly for a minute before regaining his senses and shaking his head.

         Ravel’s eyes revealed slight pain as Rigel refused to tell her, she felt hurt for some reason. She knew that she had no authority to ask Rigel but for some reason, she felt that she should be the only one Rigel should open his heart to.

             This was a strange feeling, foreign to her. It was akin to jealousy, anger and fear mixed together. That was what Ravel felt when Rigel didn’t answer her.

          Rigel eyes revealed a concerned expression as he saw the pain in Ravel’s eyes. He too felt that he had been too rash. Even if he didn’t want to speak about his past, there was a better way to tell Ravel then to plainly refuse.

“I am sorry.” Rigel apologized in a low voice.

          Ravel raised her head and stared at Rigel in surprise. She wasn’t expecting an apology and she wasn’t even sure why he was apologizing to her. To be honest, she was the one who was on the wrong side.

          Rigel looked at Ravel and narrowed his eyes, he remembered his nightmares, his loneliness, his weakness and decided then and there, “I refuse to be weak, I refuse to be alone and I refuse to put people aside even if they will return to hurt me later on.”

          “I never had anyone to take care of me so I can’t open up to people easily. Sorry if I hurt you miss Ravel.” Rigel continued in a low voice.

         Ravel stared at Rigel with wide eyes. She had never expected Rigel to open up to her. She knew how hard it would be to admit their weaknesses so she smiled slightly, bent over and hugged him as she said, “I see, I am sorry that you had a rough childhood Rigel.”

             Rigel felt like thunder had struck him as he was hugged by Ravel. He immediately tried to struggle free but then he smelled the sweet familiar scent from her. His heart eased in an instant, his struggling dissolved like a mist and he gave up with a sigh. He looked at the moon from her embrace and thought to himself, “I am sorry Derek, looks like I can’t keep my promise.”

             That instant his hands by her side raised and hugged her back.



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Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 8 – Golden Tribulation Scroll

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*Golden Tribulation scroll*

                 Deep within the sea, an underwater river flowing through a ravine suddenly trembled as an incomparably old rock under it split apart revealing a ten metre tall giant. His eyes stared into the skies through the tens of thousands of metres of water with a complicated expression.

           One second he was underwater, the next second he was high above in the skies looking at the Stellar plane with narrowed eyes. His hand made a grasping motion and the next second, a tear appeared in the surrounding spatial walls revealing the chaotic space of the universe.

             A look of confusion appeared in his eyes as he furthermore sensed an unfamiliar energy in the nature. Finally his gaze landed on the nine weakened spots in the spatial walls from where the nine meteors had pierced into the Stellar plane.

            “Looks like a lot of things have happened while I was in secluded meditation.” The giant thought to himself as he disappeared into thin air. The next time he appeared, it was above another sea, only this one was different as a giant whirlpool was swirling beneath his feet.

          The giant looked at the whirlpool and waved his hand, a clone instantly appeared and flew into the whirlpool at lightning speed. However, the weak looking waters repelled the clone with an awe inspiring force. No matter how the clone tried to break into the whirlpool, it was of no use. Finally the giant sighed as he saw his clone was destroyed after repeated attempts.

           “So this is your will Lord Odin. If you are restricting me, then there is nothing this humble one can do.” The giant sighed heavily as he felt resigned due to the restriction put on him by the whirlpool.

            The whirlpool which was no larger than a hundred metres in diameter had already grown into that of a five hundred metre whirlpool in the mere five minutes the giant had been trying his luck. Such a change did not go unnoticed by the giant who stared at the corners of the whirlpool where cracking sounds were constantly emitted as the whirlpool expanded by the minute.

            “I don’t know what caused the seal of the Odin plane to shatter but whatever it is, I should be thankful. Whether or not I am unable to enter this plane or not is a matter of minor importance. What is important is that I shouldn’t let this opportunity go to waste.” The giant pondered to himself as he stared at the ever growing whirlpool.

          His eyes then were filled with certainty as he raised his hand and tapped the air with his finger. At the tip of his finger, a mist rose and slowly dissipated in the air. The giant glanced at the dissipating mist and sat right above the whirlpool with closed eyes.

         Albion was chuckling happily upon seeing Riddick’s ugly expression. He looked as if he was having fun when suddenly his face changed. He looked at the skies seriously and then bowed deeply as a man appeared made out of mist.

        Riddick was deeply shaken by the way Albion had bowed to the shape of man formed out of mist. He knew from experience that Albion was already a peak celestial immortal, there were only a few people who had the authority and power to make him bow without hesitation.

        The man formed out of mist glanced at Riddick. Even though, there were no actual eyes on his face, Riddick felt as if his soul was stripped to the core and glanced upon by that gaze. Riddick was powerful enough to stay unshaken in front of celestial immortals, but he wasn’t able to even move under his gaze. He felt as if he would be crushed to death under his stare.

        Those deep pit like eyes were staring at him and drawing him in into an unknown realm. The giant sitting above the whirlpool raised his eyebrows in curiosity as he glanced at Riddick who was the only person he had encountered who had mastered and harnessed the new energy he had sensed earlier.

       Although he had intended no harm, the mere seconds of his concentration had strained Riddick’s soul to the point that it was beginning to tremble and was on the verge of shattering.

        “My lord.” Albion interrupted the man formed out of mist at this point drawing his gaze away from Riddick.

           Riddick breathed heavily and fell on his knees as he looked at Albion with a complicated expression. He had thought that Albion was his enemy but now he had essentially saved his life. Riddick was sure that had the man stared at him for a few more seconds, he would have at best suffered a soul damage and at worse would have died under the power of his gaze.

          Riddick wasn’t certain earlier but he was now absolutely certain that the man before him was an existence surpassing even celestial Immortals, an Ancient realm expert.

        This person was among the true elite powers of the universe. Even in his past life, an ancient realm experts were considered as individuals truly eligible to enter the heavens. To the past Riddick, they may not be all too powerful but to the current Riddick, the man was at a stage where he would be able to easily kill Riddick with just his aura.

             The man glanced at Albion and said something in a low voice. Even though Riddick tried to hear it, he just wasn’t able to. It was as if the sound was ordered to be heard by Albion alone. The next minute the man once again dissipated into mist and disappeared leaving Albion alone with a confused expression.

            Riddick put aside his shock and stared at Albion as he still wasn’t sure of his intentions. Albion gazed at Riddick and sighed slightly. He shook his head helplessly and said in a low cold voice, “Kid, your job is done here, right? Now go back and don’t make any ruckus.” He then stared at Lehar and continued, “That applies to you as well brat.”

             Then without waiting for a response, he directly teleported away leaving Riddick and Lehar wondering what was that all about. After Albion left, Riddick and Lehar stared at each other, the spark of hatred still lingered between them but they had been through too much that day and besides, Lehar wasn’t confident enough to defeat Riddick after witnessing his fight against the clone so he snorted coldly and flew away.

              Riddick remained alone in the battlefield staring at the empty skies in confusion before he signalled with his divine sense. Two minutes later, Juichi slowly came into Riddick’s view. Riddick had kept Juichi at a distance of more than a thousand kilometres away as a strategic reinforcement.

                     People would be able to sense Juichi, but wouldn’t be able to link him to Riddick because he was a largely unknown person due to him being the newest member and also because of his tendency to stay unnoticed. Riddick didn’t have any need for him but in case of an emergency, he can be an unexpected ally.  

              Juichi too was confused with the sudden turn of events but he maintained a keen eye on the scattered troops to be on the safe side. Riddick sighed lightly and gave Yama to Juichi while he himself teleported into Yamaloka.

        Riddick wasn’t sure what was happening but he was sure that it had nothing to do with him. An ancient realm expert wasn’t someone he can even dare to mess with, it was better for Riddick to stay as far away from such matters as possible.

          Far away from Riddick’s current location, at the centre of the entire stellar plane, called as Stellar point, the nature was beginning to grow turbulent as various celestial immortals teleported near it within minutes.

          Less than ten minutes after Albion had teleported away from Jade Flow continent, he too appeared near the stellar point and sucked in a cold breath as he saw tens of hundreds of celestial immortals.

              Even though he had a vague idea about the number of celestial immortals present in the stellar plane, he hadn’t expected so many would show up. Such a thing was impossible in any other occasion but at the moment, not only did they all arrive at the gathering point but were also patiently waiting as the ten metre tall giant was floating above a large whirlpool with closed eyes.

          At this point some celestial immortals began to vaguely sense that the whirlpool under their feet was somewhat different. However, they didn’t try anything funny and waited for the giant. Ten more minutes passed and even more celestial immortals arrived. Finally after a long wait of ten more minutes, the giant opened his eyes.

        The minute he opened his eyes, the surroundings became foggy and the nature slowed down while the celestial immortals felt enormous pressure crushing upon their souls. Although, they wouldn’t be killed with such pressure alone, fear appeared in their eyes as they circulated their cultivation and waited for the giant.

         The giant glanced at the celestial immortals and nodded his head in satisfaction. He took in deep breath and said in a clear voice, “The legacy of Lord Odin has appeared in this mortal plane. Any immortal who is successful in acquiring this legacy for me shall be rewarded with a *Golden tribulation scroll* personally scripted by an Arch angel. Any celestial immortal who possess this scroll can safely bypass a tribulation of their choice.”

           The moment these words were heard by the celestial immortals, a look of shock appeared on their faces. Even though they were curious what the legacy left behind by lord Odin was, they were shocked that a *Golden tribulation scroll* had been announced as a present.

         It must be known that all Yakshas have to undergo five minor tribulations while all Celestial immortals have to live through three major tribulations before they can breakthrough into the next stage. A Golden Tribulation scroll was thus a treasure beyond value to these celestial immortals. With the help of this scroll, some of them could directly breakthrough into Ancient realm.

         The giant glanced at all of them and continued in a calm voice, “However, none of shall be able to acquire the legacy yourself. Only Yakshas can, so recruit as many as you can. A hundred, a thousand, it doesn’t matter. One year from now, the Odin plane shall open and then, I will be waiting for you all along with your chosen yakshas.”


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Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 41 – Under the Full moon

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Under the Full moon :

               Deep within the vestiges of the black pearl, a pair of exhausted eyes stared at the sky. The clear black sky dotted with numerous stars changed. As though it was but a transparent curtain blocking the outside world, Rudra’s vision pierced through it and perceived the world beyond the pearl.

              Rudra coughed slightly and sighed heavily in exhaustion. His body appeared to have grown weak and several years older in just a few seconds.

             Over two weeks had passed since he had saved Rigel by unleashing an attack with his own life essence. He appeared fine outside but with each passing day, his condition grew weaker and weaker until the present where he was struggling to even keep his consciousness.

 “So I finally reached my limit.” Rudra thought to himself with a sigh and whispered, “Rigel.”

               Outside, on the roof of the infirmary, under the full moon of the autumn night, Rigel was meditating while relaxing his mind and soul. The cold air of the autumn night made his body especially comfortable as Rigel spent his time meditating on the moon.

             The days he spent recovering were also the days he spent trying to gain enlightenment into the art of the Paragon Body. Being a pure Yang dao and also an invaluable ancient art, the mysteries of the paragon body were beyond his comprehension. He had finished cultivating the first cycle but the more he meditated upon it, the more unfathomable Rigel found it to be.  

            The art of paragon body was meant to be cultivated in six cycles of two. A total of twelve cycles and with the completion of each cycle, the cultivator’s body will be reconstructed and strengthened. Rigel knew the fundamentals of the art but he felt that there was a deeper meaning behind these words. He felt that the paragon body held many more secrets untold and hidden from the world.

             As Rigel spent his days pondering about the dao, he began to get a glimpse of the path he should transverse on to gain complete enlightenment into the dao of the Paragon.

            The yin cannot exist without the yang. The sun cannot exist without the moon, likewise the moon cannot exist without the sun.

           While the paragon body is a manifestation of the fierce nature of the sun, the Yang. Rigel felt that there should also be an equally powerful dao which incorporates the vast power of the moon, the yin.

          Rigel was currently absorbed in cultivating and absorbing the Yang energy of the nature but he felt that he wasn’t suitable to cultivate as a pure yang immortal. Yang is power, it is the manifestation of raw strength, like a sun which is comprised of heat and light, to become an yang immortal, a cultivator’s heart has to be seeking battle at every instant.

          However, Rigel didn’t actively seeked battle. He wouldn’t run away from a fight but he wouldn’t look for it either. So Rigel felt that he was missing something, he missed yin, the cold, clever, subtle yet powerful energy which represents the darkness hidden deep within his heart.      

             Thus Rigel mediated every night under the moon to gain enlightenment and to cultivate the yin energy. All he understood in the short ten days was the fact that the moon can also help him in gaining a power no weaker than the paragon body. That fact alone was enough for Rigel to whole heartedly believe in the path he had chosen.

         Meditate – contemplate and then assimilate their understanding to gain insight into the dao. A dao is connected to all dao as every dao is a part of the ultimate truth.

            This was the true path of cultivation every immortal cultivator eventually gains insight into. Only the time required was different for everyone. One may understand this from the very beginning, it may be due to superior talent or because of a great teacher. Such cultivators are the only ones who will eventually surpass the restrictions of heavens and achieve true glory.

        As Rigel sat there contemplating on his thoughts, he heard the gentle whisper of Rudra.

          Rigel opened his eyes only to find Rudra staring at him with a proud smile on his face. Rudra was truly happy that Rigel was working hard, he was happy because Rigel was already beginning to understand the dao, the truth and was even thinking about his own path in cultivation.

             Rigel was his heir, the bearer of his legacy so Rudra was indeed very happy to see his growth.

“What is it Rudra?” Rigel asked in a confused voice. He was confused because Rudra would never interrupt him, not when he was cultivating.

       Rudra looked at Rigel and smiled slightly. Deep within his eyes was inconceivable concern which may as well be pain. He knew that his time was approaching, for a period of time he wouldn’t be able to help Rigel in any way nor would be even be able to even stay conscious.

         The fight earlier had drained Rudra and weakened him. Having used a part of his life essence, not only did he age a bit but he also damaged his spirit. Originally having used his life essence, Rudra should have immediately entered into a deep sleep but he refused to rest because he wanted to make sure that Rigel was safe.Now Rudra finally was at his limit.

           “I won’t be able to help you for a while Rigel.” Rudra said in a calm voice. If possible he wanted to explain Rigel slowly but he was out of time.

          Rigel stared at Rudra for a few seconds. His calm face became serious as he saw that Rudra wasn’t joking. He thought deeply for a minute before asking in a hesitant voice, “Is this because of what happened in forbidden tunnels, Rudra?”

          Rigel was no fool. He knew that there was something wrong with Rudra because he could obviously see that he had aged after the incident and moreover he wasn’t actively coming out in his spiritual form. However, Rudra refused to admit anything when he asked for the reason.

        Rudra smiled slightly and stroked Rigel’s hair. He sat beside him and said in a calm voice, “What happened has nothing to do with you Rigel. It was my decision and so I am happy with it. Stop thinking about unnecessary things. One can never be responsible for another’s decisions”

       Rigel’s eyes became red as he understood what Rudra meant. So it was because of him after all.

          Rudra didn’t say anything to Rigel as he sat beside him watching the full moon and the stars as the cold wind swept his hair. Time slowly flowed and soon an hour passed in silence. Rudra looked at Rigel’s concerned face and smiled lightly.

        He could see concern, fear and even unwillingness in Rigel’s eyes. Rudra patted Rigel as he thought to himself, “Sometimes I forget that you are just a fifteen year old kid due to the life you have lead until now. Buried underneath the maturity forced upon you by this ruthless world, I can still see a hesitant fifteen year boy.”

         “Rigel, I don’t know how long it will take for me to recuperate. I wanted to teach you alchemy, I wanted to watch over you and protect you but I am afraid I won’t be here for you. Promise me Rigel, while I am away, you will definitely survive. No matter what happens, promise me that you will stay alive.” Rudra said in a low voice filled with emotion.

           Rigel looked at Rudra and nodded his head. He didn’t say a word because he was still unable to accept the fact that he was the reason why Rudra was in this state.

          Although no words were exchanged, Rudra nodded his head in satisfaction as he saw Rigel’s face. Rudra no longer tried to make Rigel forget about the incident because he knew that saying any more will only cause more harm.

       Rudra stood up and faced Rigel. His figure was slowly beginning to fade away as he extended his fingertip and touched Rigel’s forehead.

           “Before I go, I will impart this profound art to you. It is called ‘Black Inferno’. As a yang natured profound art, this skill is suitable to you. It unleashes raging black flames of extreme temperature. Although, this skill isn’t at the level of the paragon body, it is perfect to camouflage your Asura poison. Be safe Rigel.” Rudra said with a smile on his face and faded away.

          Rigel sat there silently, on the roof thinking about Rudra’s words. He raised his eyes and stared at the full moon.

        “Before I knew it, I became just like you.” Rigel said those words as he stared at the moon.

      A moon glows brilliantly because of the sun. Without the sun, the moon will lose its brilliance.

          Rigel had never really depended on anyone except himself, not until Rudra appeared before him. Now as Rudra left him, an emotion foreign to him surfaced in his mind. Fear of being alone.

         Rigel laughed at himself for being so naive. He knew that there was something wrong with Rudra but he didn’t try to get to the bottom of the matter and neither was he able to see that Rudra was suffering. He thought that Rudra would be fine. He didn’t understand how much Rudra’s presence meant to him, not until he disappeared.

           Deep inside the pearl, Rudra looked at Tal who stared back at him and nodded his head. Rudra closed his eyes and the black world became a blank space. The mountains, the sky, the stars and everything within it disappeared along with his consciousness. All that remained was a huge boulder with a strange eye painted on it.


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