Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 3 – Ten Years later

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Ten years later :

Roger bent his head and stared at his feet as he sensed something. Under his feet, the green grass was slowly withering away and was then slowly being burnt into ashes as his body emanated fiery Qi. His eyebrows furrowed as he once again restrained his rampaging energy.

The reason why he was so disturbed could be found just a few yards away, right in the centre of the little yet magnificent garden.

At the centre of the garden, a child no more than three years old, with raven black hair and crimson red eyes was laughing loudly as he ran around a tree escaping from his mother who was smiling lovingly as she playfully chased him.

Everytime, the kid jumped and every time he ran, Roger felt as if his heart was going to jump out. His feet was constantly moving ever so slightly with the boy in preparation to dash forward if his help is needed. However, he knew that as long as the boy was in the garden there wasn’t a soul who can even touch his hair.

Around the garden, away from the boy’s view were more than a hundred devas and ten more Yakshas. Every single one of them were elites who could be promoted to officer level candidates in army but they were all tasked to guard a garden where the little boy usually comes to play and have his lunch.

The boy had been coming to that very garden ever since he could walk. So they should all have adjusted to the boy’s presence after seeing him for more than two years, but none of them even dared to look at him. It’s not that they couldn’t, they simply didn’t dare to because of a single person who stood guard at one end of the garden.

The person’s eyes were red and his stature was more than three metres tall. He looked like a huge giant and he always had furrowed eyes. No matter how many hours passed away in the boy’s games, the man’s divine sense would never leave the boy nor would it leave them.

Every second of every single minute, his body would stay alert, ready to move at a single suspicious movement from any of them. Thus, the guards couldn’t even move. They were all too afraid to move.

However, they all knew that compared to Roger who stood guard with sharp eyes, there was another powerful being protecting the child. The previous General and the wife of the current Leader of the Great Alliance, Lady Vera.

To them, Vera was far more scarier than Roger. She was the only person who could contend against Lord Kimberley of Twelve Great tribes. Kimberley had the reputation of being the strongest fighter of Great Alliance. Thus, they were scared to provoke her.

Above all, they all knew that there was yet another scary power protecting the child at all times.

One guard looked into the skies and gulped lightly as he saw a huge golem floating high in the skies. That golem which was a part of the trident defence formation employed by the Great Alliance also has one other job, to protect the child at all times.

With these three powers at guard, it would take even a Celestial immortal a lot of effort to harm the little guy whom they all protected with their lives.

“Mother, I don’t want to eat that.” The young boy pouted and said in a cute voice as Vera tried to give the boy a piece of lettuce.

“Ryzen, don’t be like that. Remember, your father is coming here today. You do want to play with him, right?” Vera said in a loving voice.

The young boy who was no older than three years hesitated for a moment before eating the lettuce. He then gulped down his milk and looked at Vera proudly.

Vera heart was filled with love as she saw the young boy. She took him into her arms and sat on a chair while playing with him.

At one corner of the garden, Kimberley narrowed his eyes as he saw Vera. He had been in that very spot for more than five minutes. Given Vera’s level of cultivation, she had long since noticed him but just didn’t bother to talk with him.

Roger who was standing just a little distance away from Kimberley looked at Vera and the young Ryzen and then said in a cold voice, “My master ordered that Young master should not be exposed to others until he is of suitable age.

Vera won’t talk to you when the young master is around and she won’t leave young master alone at any time of a day so whatever you want to talk about, consult my master.”

Kimberley’s face twitched as he heard Roger. For ten years, he had waited for Riddick’s orders like a dog but they never came. All Riddick ever did was to send out forces for some reconnaissance missions. He never ordered a direct attack nor did he order a sneak attack.

Riddick didn’t even order any reforms which can strengthen their forces. It was as if he was simply leaving the twelve clans aside. Kimberley was actually overjoyed with this development but the arrival of a certain person made Kimberley hate Riddick to his core.

About two years ago, a single person came to the Ganges Fort and a year later, an army followed him all the way from the Dou continent. He was once, one of the three great generals of Riddick empire, Juichi Jin, the general of the Koize army.

Juichi Jin was without a doubt, a strong warrior. The loyalty he had for Riddick had survived a hundred million years. There was now nothing more in the world which could waver his loyalty.

However, what Kimberley feared wasn’t Juichi’s individual strength but rather his ability to lead others. Vera, Roger, June and Riddick himself weren’t generals. They were all strong warriors but Juichi was different. He was once a  general of one of the greatest empires which had once ruled the Yaksha plane.

In just two years, Juichi made Kimberley’s fears come true. The twelve clans had recruited more than thirty percent of their forces from small mercenary clans. Under the command of Juichi, all these mercenary forces were slowly beginning to side with Riddick’s faction.

In just two years, Riddick’s faction which had no more than half a million forces had increased to more than three million while the Great clans forces had decreased from ten million to less than seven million.

With the way the things were, Kimberley knew that sooner of later, Riddick was going to engulf them all. Besides engulfing them, Riddick had already made elaborate plans to make the entire Great clans follow him.

Riddick never spoke against the twelve great clans. Instead, he treated them well. He always smiled whenever they brought up the issue of war. However, Kimberly knew that the way Riddick ruled wasn’t so shallow. His policies and his strategies were far beyond everyone’s imagination.

For example, Riddick simply doubled every foot soldier’s salary and made it a crime to torture mortals in the Ganges Fort city. This was a reform no body even paid attention to, but the change it brought was beyond anyone’s imagination.

In just ten short years, Riddick came to be known as a great lord, loved and respected by mortals and ordinary soldiers.

Kimberly too at first didn’t care about the mortals and ordinary soldiers but he soon realised his mistake. They might not have great influence in politics but they played a key role in changing the mood.

By the time Kimberley realised his  mistake, the entire Ganges city had begun to talk of Riddick as their lord. The twelve great clans which were once the sovereigns were now viewed as Riddick’s subordinates. The ordinary soliders who had no insight of inside issues soon began to think it as truth.

A misconception created by people was becoming their reality as people themselves began to erase their past and rewrote their future. Such was the strategy played by a ruler who had once united over half of Yaksha realm under his command.

There was no blood spilled nor was there a single sword drawn. It was a victory achieved through pure wisdom. Kimberley then understood that he had afterall underestimated Riddick.

He knew that Riddick was dangerous but never in his wildest imagination did he think that Riddick would snatch away everything from him so silently and so quickly.

Kimberley regretted his decisions and his fate but he knew that it was all too late. Riddick’s name had already been deeply rooted into people’s heart as their ruler.

The twelve great clans which were once completely against Riddick were slowly changing in his peaceful rule. Riddick was using the thirty years of war to his benefit and showing them that under his rule, there would be peace.

Everyone loves peace and though unwilling, the great clans were beginning to side with Riddick. Kimberley gritted his teeth as he listened to Roger. He closed his eyes and remained silent.

He knew that he was currently at a disadvantage. However, he also knew that his time would eventually come. Till then, he will stay in dark and wait for his chance.

A wind blew and the next instant Riddick appeared in the garden. Roger bowed lightly as he saw Riddick. Kimberley hesitated for a moment but he too bowed as he saw Riddick.

Riddick looked at Kimberley and asked in a calm voice, “Oh! Is it something important Kimberley? I don’t usually see you here near my private gardens.”

Kimberley nodded his head and said in a calm voice, “Lord Riddick, our forces near the border have been attacked by the forces of the Lehar empire. I request permission to lead our forces to battle.”

Riddick stared at Kimberley and said in a calm voice, “Meet me in my office in two hours. I will then decide on our course of actions.”

Kimberley’s face lit up as he heard Riddick. He was expecting Riddick to reject his proposal. He nodded his head and flew away. As Kimberley flew away, Riddick stared at his disappearing figure and asked in a calm voice, “Is it about time Juichi?”

The mud near Riddick’s feet began to tremble as a figure made out of earth rose from the ground and took the form of a man who looked to be in his early fifties.

He stared in the direction Kimberley flew away and said in an indifferent voice, “June will return soon and Lehar should have settled his deals. Its about time Lord Riddick.”

Riddick smiled coldly and walked away as Ryzen who was held by Vera noticed Riddick and began to run towards him.

Juichi and Roger looked at one another and nodded their heads. They needed no words to express their feelings. After all, even though both of them differed from each other in many different ways, they followed and served a single man.



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10 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 3 – Ten Years later

  1. Thank you for the chapter 😀

    So Riddick has a son now 😮
    I am certain to 95% this kid is going to die, but maybe not soon. If it were to happen soon witch I doubt kimberley will kill him when he loses everything.

    Theory: the meteors are full of void energy for Riddick to cultivate. I think the more energy in the meteor the faster Riddick can cultivate.
    As a meteor almost depletes it became hard to get what is left.
    Just like a water tank when you first open it the water will go very fast. When it’s almost done you might have to tilt it to get the last drop. (just imagined Riddick picking a meteor and shaking it for void energy).
    If that is true it would be a good reason for why Riddick stopped Cultivating after 6 months (other than the war of course) before as the meteor didn’t give him energy as fast as before.
    And that would make Riddick leave almost depleted ones for another person who might try and succesed in acquiring the void.

    I can’t wait to see more action. I don’t really like political stuff. Mostly because it’s too easy you see doubling soldier salary is not this simple and you are talking about guys that went to war for a very long time they mostly will have no money if just a little. And stopping mortal torture is even harder as it would get the immortals mad if they even stop.
    I’m not saying it’s impossible,I’m saying there are infinite possibilities that it’s easy to pick one even if it is not the most likely one.

    Still a good chapter. I did enjoy readying Riddick again.

    But you are evil GSD for not telling how powerful Riddick has become 😑


    • Your theories always interest me Aljanobin. The exact power level of Riddick will be soon revealed. The reason why I wrote what I wrote is because I said he doubled the salaries of mortal soldiers. That is mortals. Above them, we have beginner disciples, disciples, peak disciples, devas and then Yakshas. A city wouldn’t run without them. Who would cater to the tens of millions of soldiers garriosioned there? If you think it this way, it is actually easier to make these mortals happy.

      Think it this way, some Yaksha would spend a million ordinary mortals yearly income in a month. Why? Because he can. So if you are a head of a union which includes the twelve strongest tribes, their wealth is in your hands. How easy it is to make mere mortals happy who are easily satisfied with material objects like money?

      Well, I don’t try to explain these because that will turn Riddick into a city building novel but I do think about them.

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      • That actually made it better. ☺️
        And I do agree with the last statement as the details are not that relevant to the main plot.

        I will never ask you to make chapter sooner than you can or want I’m just glad you are making then. But man you are slowing down at the time where I have the most questions unanswered 😆


  2. Man…..its been long time since i read ATH, so i ended up binge reading it…Honestly saying you have come long way from that inexperienced author you were…as evidenced by those multi layered plots in book 6….keep up the good work….i hope to see more…


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