Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 35 – Insurmountable power

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Insurmountable power :

           Rigel only had time to move back one step before Kira exploded by self detonating his own dantian. His pupils dilated just as his entire body was struck by the explosion and the energy from the blast swept the tunnels like a storm.

         Rudra’s face paled as he sensed the extent of the explosion. He gritted his teeth in anger and narrowed his eyes as the explosion hit Rigel. His fists were tightly clenched as his eyes turned red.

             Even a Spark formation stage expert could not escape unscathed from such a powerful explosion. However, Rigel was a mere distance of seven feet away from Kira when the energy of the explosion struck him.

           That instant, Rigel felt as if time had frozen. He could clearly see an intense energy rushing towards him and he could still remember the last words spoken by Kira. He gritted his teeth in anger as he lifted his hands defensively and twisted his body around just as the explosion touched him.


          The bones in multiple parts of Rigel’s body broke like dried up twigs as he was blasted off like a kite and struck the stone walls of the tunnels. The walls of the Forbidden tunnels quivered as they felt the might of explosion but remained intact.

              However, that couldn’t be said of Rigel. Rigel slid down the wall and fell to the ground unable to support his own body. Blood flowed out of his nose and he coughed up blood as he clenched his stomach barely withstand the pain.

          More than seven of his ribs were broken by the impact but that wasn’t the most troubling. The worst of his injuries weren’t external, they were all internal. His kidneys and his lungs were severely damaged by the explosion and his right leg was starting to swell abnormally due to a vessel rupture.

        “Rigel!” Rudra called out in a hurry. His face paled as he looked at Rigel’s condition.

         Rigel groaned and tried to screen out the pain but it was far too much for him to suppress. He tried to get up but his body was weak and his legs didn’t respond.

           Rigel looked at Kira’s location but all that was left was a small crater. Not even a bit of his body remained after the blast. Rigel smiled bitterly as he slowly pulled up his upper body and used the wall to support himself so he could sit up.

            He eyed the surroundings and tried to spread his divine sense but he couldn’t find any soul nearby. Although his divine sense wasn’t almighty, it should have at least been able to sense any Qi condensation disciples nearby.

         Rudra who was floating beside him closed his eyes and apologised in a low voice, “Sorry Rigel, this was all my fault.”

       Rigel glanced at Rudra and shook his head. He peeked at the other side of the tunnel and said in a weak voice, “This isn’t your fault Rudra. No one could have expected that he would suicide by self detonating his own dantian.

         However, I now need you help much more than ever. Rudra, spread out your divine will.”
         Rudra nodded lightly and spread out his divine will. Rudra might not be able to use much of his power but he was still able to stay undetected even by experts of Spirit Tempering stage. Any Soul Ignition stage experts shouldn’t even dream of sensing his divine will.
          Rudra’s face turned cold as he sensed Asano and his group of four disciples charging in their direction at high speed. Rigel looked at Rudra and narrowed his eyes. He needed no words to understand the situation.

        Rigel was too careless in believing that the enemy would simply attack them head-on. He just didn’t think that there would be people who are willing to sacrifice fellow disciples in such a manner.

            However, all of that didn’t matter anymore because he was now trapped in a secluded part of the Forbidden tunnels facing five experts in the late stages of Qi condensation while being severely injured.

             Rigel sighed and looked at his swelling leg. Considering Rudra’s attitude, he knew that he had no more than a few minutes before he would face the small built man. In his current position, Rigel had no way of escaping and no way of delaying the fight.

            Since there was no way to escape or delay the fight, his eyes hardened with resolve as he clenched his fists and waited for the small built man. No matter what, Rigel wasn’t ready to let fate take control of his life.

         He had already let fate control most parts of his life. After years of suffering, he now had a chance to change his life. How could he let fate snatch it all away from him again? Rigel’s narrowed eyes were like deep pits of hatred as he sat there waiting for his enemies.

         Rigel’s body didn’t move nor did he groan a single time in pain even though he felt as if his mind was being pierced by needles. All he could think about was the enemies who were coming to kill him.

           Minutes passed as Rigel’s mind slowly began to get numb to the pain. Five minutes later, Asano arrived at the spot and glanced at the small crater. He then scanned the room and his gaze fell on Rigel who was lying in one corner of the corridor appearing almost half dead.

          A smile bloomed on Asano’s face as he looked at Rigel. The others behind Asano were too terrified by the explosion and the death of Kira to care about Rigel.

         Rigel looked at Asano and didn’t even react. His eyes were still cold and dark, filled with hatred but his body didn’t even quiver. He looked as if he was unable to even lift his own body.

        Asano’s smile broadened as he understood Rigel’s situation. He lifted his hand and a flying sword rose into air. Even though he was certain, he had to confirm before attempting anything so Asano waved his hand.

       Rudra’s face changed as he saw the flying sword zooming past the crater and heading towards Rigel. However, Rigel himself didn’t move. He was still like a corpse, only a cold intelligence could be faintly sensed in his eyes.

       “I have suffered from all these injuries. One or two more won’t change my resolve.” Rigel said to himself as the flying sword pierced his stomach.


         Rigel screamed in pain and coughed up blood as the sword pierced his intestines.

        Asano began to laugh wildly as he looked at Rigel. From the attack earlier, he confirmed that Rigel wasn’t faking his injuries. He began to walk towards Rigel with a crazed look in his eyes. “The great warrior who managed to scare my fellow disciples is now dying such a pitiful death. Such a difference. Don’t you think so Rigel?”

         Rigel breathed hard and groaned in pain as he slowly lifted his head and watched Asano walking towards him. His eyes were blank as he fell down weakly to the floor as if unable to maintain his posture.

      Asano walked near Rigel, bent over and grabbed his throat. He smiled coldly and lifted Rigel off the ground by his neck. Rigel coughed in pain and began to tremble.

          A smile of extreme delight appeared on Asano’s eyes as he saw Rigel’s suffering. He looked back at his four companions and said, “This is what it means to destroy an opponent. You have to defeat them and crush them until they can’t even imagine standing against you.

          You were all pissing in your pants because of this kid. Now, look at him, what does he look like? IS HE STILL SCARY?”

         Rigel opened one of his eyes and looked at Asano, he then looked at the four disciples standing at the edge of the corridor. His eyes suddenly changed and a fierce killing intent surged out of his body like a tsunami and enveloped Asano.

         Asano trembled as he felt the killing intent and involuntarily tried to turn his head back only to find a hand grabbing his head in its death grip.

“Don’t get cocky brat!!”

         Asano screamed in anger but before he could activate his lightning profound arts he felt something enter his body through his nose and his mouth. Then he saw it, a pitch black gas surrounding his head.

         Out of horror and fear, Asano released his grip on Rigel but before could take a step back, he felt his knees go weak and before he could understand why, Rigel’s other hand grabbed his throat.

        One hand grabbed his head and the other grabbed his throat. Asano felt the aura of death taking over his soul as his heart began to slow down and his senses began to numb under the effect of the neurotoxin. The next second, he fell to his knees unable to maintain control over his muscles.

         Rigel supported his entire body on his one good leg and looked at Asano with cold eyes. He looked back at the four disciples but he didn’t say a single word. His hand still covering Asano’s head tightened and Asura Poison slowly ate away the small man’s life.

            Not more than a minute passed before Asano fell lifelessly to the ground. It wasn’t a fight which involved martial powers nor did it involve strategies. All the strategies and martial powers of Asano became useless due to a single second of carelessness.

          Rigel looked at the four disciples and narrowed his eyes. To the current him, fighting them all and winning was impossible but he would never surrender without a fight.

       The four disciples looked over at Asano’s dead body and then at the injured Rigel. Their faces were blank for a moment before they realised that they were free from the clenches of Asano.

         Immediately one among them who was still in the sixth level of Qi condensation began to smile lightly and said, “Brother Rigel, knowingly or unknowingly you have helped me greatly.

       I, Sung will remember this for the rest of my life. Everyone, let’s go. This matter ends now.”

       The remaining three disciples sighed in relief and so did Rigel. He truly didn’t want to fight because he had no way to win against all of them. Rudra sighed lightly but the next instant, his face changed as he sensed a man flying towards them at astonishing speed.


            Rudra muttered in a voice filled with despair but before Rigel could understand why, his face flickered as Sung’s head rolled on the ground and his body slowly collapsed as a man appeared behind him.

          The three disciples and Rigel looked at the man in horror as he smiled slightly and waved his hand. The three disciples died instantly as their bodies were crushed by the weight of his cultivation.

“Rudra” Rigel said with a whisper.

“Peak Spark Formation stage” Rudra said in a low voice filled with despair.

        Rigel looked at the man and narrowed his eyes. Even if Rigel was in his best condition and even if he had five more years to train, he would never be able to win against the man in front of him.

       ‘Peak Spark formation stage’ that was a stage just beneath the Soul Ignition stage. Once the expert reaches the Soul Ignition stage, then one can consider him to have truly become an elite in the cultivation world.

              How could Rigel win against such a person? No amount of strategies or tricks will work on him. There was a difference of insurmountable power between them.

      The man who looked to be in his forties started at Rigel and said in an indifferent voice, “It’s over kid.”


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