Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 36 – Indomitable

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Indomitable :

                Rigel looked at the middle-aged man and stood there silently. The middle-aged man had dark circles under his eyes and a tired expression on his face as if he hadn’t rested for weeks. However, his sharp eyes and lithe body were more than enough proof that he was in total control of himself.

             The middle-aged man looked at the small crater and shook his head helplessly. He then looked at the three disciples who had died in his hands and then at Rigel. He looked as if he couldn’t understand why they were all unable to accomplish the task of killing a mere fourth level Qi Condensation disciple.

           No matter how cunning or powerful a fourth level Qi Condensation disciple was, he was after all nothing more than a Qi Condensation disciple. There was literally nothing that they could do to a Spark Formation stage expert.

         That was a wall that no amount of power could break through. They were basically in a different league. Similar to Soul Ignition stage experts who can ignite their ‘Soul Fire’ which is unique to each cultivator, a Spark Formation stage expert can unleash their Qi in physical forms which is unique to them alone.

        Some cultivate their Qi with the fire attribute while others cultivate with water, earth, lightning, wind, wood or even metal attribute. These seven elements were the core elements which were present in nature.

       Each element had its own advantage. Rigel narrowed his eyes as he observed the mashed up bodies of the three disciples. All he noticed was that when the middle aged man had waved his hand, a wind had risen and the next instant they had all turned into pulp.

            That only meant that the Spark formation stage expert before him trained in wind elemental arts. However, all this information was for naught because Rigel knew that he would never be able to escape from him with his life.

        “Why are you trying to kill me? I did nothing to incite anyone’s wrath.” Rigel asked the middle aged man in a weak voice.

         As the minutes passed by, Rigel was starting to feel weak from all the blood loss. He was truly beginning to lose focus as his mind was struggling to keep him awake.

       The middle-aged man didn’t answer Rigel for a few seconds. He only observed him and then twisted his neck impatiently and said in a cold voice, “Shut your mouth brat. I had to come here while hiding from more than a dozen Spark Formation stage experts in order to deal with you and you dare to question me? Do you understand your fucking position?”

        Rigel narrowed his eyes as he listened to the middle-aged man. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. His hazy mind cleared up a bit and a look of determination appeared on his face.

          Rigel looked straight at the middle aged man and asked in a cold voice, “My granduncle will be here any minute now. Since you are here to deal with me, you should know who my granduncle is, right? Tell me, is it worth risking your life to kill me?”

           The man looked at Rigel carefully. His face finally changed as he heard him. A look of fear appeared in his eyes as he gulped lightly and said in a respectful voice, “So you are Patriarch SilverLeaf’s grandson. I didn’t know that the rumour I heard was true young master.

         I was blind and stupid, please don’t tell anything regarding this matter to Lord Patriarch.”

             Rigel was staring at the man with a frown on his face. The man’s words had not a single bit of honesty in them, and what’s more, they sounded sarcastic to him.

                A look of indifference replaced the man’s fearful expression as he said those words. He stared at Rigel and said in a cold voice, “Just kidding.

           That Ragnar kid was fooled by you in the same way. Did you think we didn’t know that? Brat, you are underestimating a Spark Formation cultivator. Do I look so stupid that I would believe a bunch of lies?”

         Rigel’s face didn’t change. He still looked at the middle-aged man with cold eyes. He himself didn’t expect the man to be fooled by his story. Fooling Ragnar was one thing but fooling someone a half-step into Soul Ignition stage was an entirely another thing.

         The middle-aged man’s face twitched as he didn’t notice even a shred of fear in Rigel’s eyes. He had been an elite in his sect and had broken through into the Spark Formation stage in only his twenty-seventh year.

        People called him a peerless genius. They respected him and feared him. In less than thirty years, he had reached the peak stage of Spark formation and was on the edge of entering into the Soul Ignition stage.
        To ignore him and to stay fearless in his presence was an insult to his pride. Rigel dared to try and fool him and even after being found out, staying immune to the fear of death was something that irritated him.

       He sighed lightly and relaxed his body. When you lower your guard, your enemy also drops their guard involuntarily. Such is the nature of humans. We tend to think alike and our natural instincts are difficult to overcome.

        As the middle-aged man relaxed his guard, Rigel sighed in his heart a little. He knew what was coming, he had been in too many fights and he knew that the middle-aged man was coming for him.

       A look of unwillingness appeared in Rigel’s eyes. The life he had lived was difficult, full of pain and suffering, however, it was still better than death. He wasn’t ready to die yet. He still had yet to take his revenge, he still had to find Frank.

         No matter how he thought about it, Rigel  saw no way of survival for himself. The man before him had decided to kill him and even if decided to fight back, it would be nothing more than the struggle of a dying fire.

         A dying fire will burn brightly but it will eventually die.

       The moment the middle-aged man opened his eyes, Rigel backed away on his one good leg and tapped his bag of holding. Five flying swords rose into the air and circled around him.

       The middle aged man looked surprised when he noticed the flying swords but that surprise lasted for only an instant as he kicked the ground. The floor trembled and the solid ground broke as he launched himself forward at lightning speed.

         Rigel’s pupils constricted as he watched the middle-aged man rushing towards him. He lifted his hand and made a slashing motion. The flying swords controlled by Rigel zoomed through the air like arrows and appeared before the man.

        The middle-aged man gazed at the flying swords indifferently and waved his hand. A gale rose from his sleeve and crushed the five flying swords like dried twigs, it then went on to hit Rigel who was deeply shocked by the man’s strength.

        Rigel had fought with the red robed man who was an early Spark Formation expert. It was then that he understood some of the strength of a Spark Formation expert but the fight mainly centred around the use of poisons.

               Rigel had thought that he had an understanding of the Spark formation stage but never in his wildest imagination did he think that there would be such a difference in power between the two. Compared to the red robed man, the middle-aged man was like an indomitable expert.

         As the gale struck Rigel, his face contorted as his chest caved in. Three more ribs cracked and his left hand was crushed by the impact.


         Rigel screamed in pain and fell to the ground unable to fight back at all. His ribs were broken, his leg injured, his hand crushed, his lungs damaged and his mind hazy. He had no energy left in him to fight back. He laid on the ground moaning in pain waiting for his death.

        The middle-aged man looked at Rigel and smiled coldly. He then shook his head and said, “This is the difference between me and you. No matter who you are and what you think you are, there are certain things you can never surpass.

        I always honour my enemies with my name before I kill them. My name in Shukla, a disciple of the Great Black Scorpion sect. Remember that kid.”

      The man lifted his hand and gazed at Rigel one final time. Deep inside the black pearl, Rudra’s face was contorting due to his immeasurable anger. At that exact moment, both of them noticed someone in the range of their divine senses.

         Shukla’s face changed as he looked back. He gritted his teeth and waved his hands without wasting one more second. A gale of violent wind energy erupted towards Rigel.


            Rudra roared loudly as he slapped his chest and coughed up a mouthful of blood. He then slapped the mouthful of blood towards the black sky. Rigel’s body trembled as the black pearl in his dantian shook and a mouthful of blood appeared outside of it.

        Rudra who was behind Rigel in his spiritual form roared loudly as he lifted his hand and pointed at the wave of energy. The blood within Rigel’s dantian began to glow intensely and the next instant, a powerful blast of energy erupted from Rigel nullifying the blast of energy.

         Rudra who was seated on a rock inside the black dimension began to pant. His young face began to age and soon, he no longer looked to be in his twenties but rather in his late thirties.

      Likewise Rudra’s spiritual form changed to that of a thirty year old shocking Rigel. However, it was Shukla who had received the greatest blow. He once again raised his hand trying to kill Rigel but before he could even wave it, a thunderous roar erupted in the tunnels.


                That roar contained the fearsome power of a Soul Ignition stage expert. Shukla’s eyes shook as he immediately began to run away in opposite direction.

           As he ran, he slapped his bag of holding and produced a giant banana leaf with runes on it. He then jumped on it and the next second, the leaf soared away at a speed completely out of a Spark Formation expert’s reach.

        Rigel stared at the disappearing Shukla in shock and then looked at the other side. A man who looked like he was in his late eighties appeared first. He looked at Rigel and narrowed his eyes. His body radiated a power which was hard to describe and as he stared at the boy, Rigel finally lost control of his body and fell to his knees.

          Rigel coughed up blood unable to bear the overbearing aura of the old man. However, before he could reach his limit, a voice rang out in the tunnels which sounded familiar to him.

         “Grandfather, stop it. I know him, he is my friend.” A familiar voice interrupted the old man.

         The old man looked at the owner of the voice and withdrew his overbearing aura. Rigel fell to the ground breathing heavily. The owner of the familiar voice ran towards Rigel and lifted him up. He gasped as he saw the heavy injuries on Rigel body .

      “Someone, quick, come here.” He ordered as he lifted Rigel up.

       Rigel opened his eyes with difficulty and stared at the young man before him. He closed his eyes in content and whispered to himself in a soft voice, “Derek.”


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