Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 37 – The Dao of Yang Immortal

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The Dao of the Yang Immortal :

          Rigel woke up to a world filled with crimson clouds. He grabbed his head in pain and looked around. It was his third time in the mysterious world of the Black pearl so he wasn’t as confused as he was before.

      Suddenly he felt someone watching him from behind and turned his head curiously. There, standing before him was a person who looked just like him. Except, he had red eyes and a black figure. He was Tal.

       Tal, who looked at Rigel, didn’t do anything akin to his past actions. He simply shook his head in helplessness and said in a calm voice, “Come with me, my master is waiting for you.”

        Rigel nodded his head and rose to his feet. The world within the black pearl was ever changing. Sometimes it was black and sometimes it was red. Sometimes, it didn’t even look like a world. It was as if the world itself had a consciousness of its own and the atmosphere within it changed with the mood of the world.

       Rigel followed behind Tal until they reached the black door. He didn’t question Tal because he was more worried about Rudra. The time they spent together was short. No more than two months but Rigel was beginning to truly trust in Rudra.

        If Rudra hadn’t interfered, the last attack by Shukla would have killed Rigel without a doubt. However, the moment Rudra interfered, Rigel saw a different Rudra. He saw him as an older, weaker and a completely different person than he was used to.

            Rigel knew deep in his heart that the sacrifice Rudra made to save him was far more than anything he could ever pay him back. A person at his level of cultivation wasn’t someone who would simply engage in an act that damages their life force without hesitation.

          The amount of conviction Rudra had shown in saving Rigel was enough to show Rigel that Rudra was willing to help him. He was truly on his side.

              Tal stood beside the black door and signalled Rigel to go inside. Rigel didn’t hesitate for a second and immediately entered the black world. Unlike the crimson world which gave him a feeling of a mysterious dimension, the black world was different.

        The Black world didn’t make Rigel feel as though it was mysterious, it instead possessed something which made him automatically sharpen his senses in anticipation of danger. Rigel felt as if he was within a space which was filled with eyes. He felt completely exposed and overwhelmed by how tiny he was within that black space.

        “This Black world is nothing but a projection of my Dao. I have divided it from the Black pearl to form a domain of my own. Don’t worry about it Rigel. Even though you may find this black world creepy and even outright weird. To me, this is a place where my soul can be at peace.” Rudra spoke in his calm voice as he watched Rigel from atop a rock.

        Rigel looked at Rudra seated on the rock and sighed in his heart. Even though Rudra appeared a little older, he could still see the old him as a projection of his young persona. His cheerful face and his calm voice had soothed Rigel’s doubts to some extent.

         “Are you alright Rudra?” Rigel asked in a low voice.

        Rudra smiled slightly and waved his hand. Rigel was immediately lifted into the air and brought onto the top of the rock he was seated on. Rudra gently dropped Rigel down and said in a calm voice, “Rigel, don’t worry about my condition.

         Even though I appear a little older. That is nothing more than a change of my appearance. To immortal cultivators, appearance simply doesn’t hold any meaning after you gain a certain level of power.

        In the the path of cultivation, you follow several laws.

           First you try to defy heavens with your longevity. Then you have to defy heavens with your Dao. Finally, when you conquer both of them and gain enlightenment into your own Dao will be the day you will gain your own position in the heart of sky, as an Immortal Rigel. 

                This is the path any cultivator has to follow in his journey from a mortal to that of an Immortal. This is the path recorded in the Taoism and had been in practice for countless eras since the creation of universe.

           So my appearance isn’t a matter we have to currently worry about. The thing we need to worry about is your injuries Rigel. Even though you appear to be normal, that is only limited to your soul, your physical body is severely injured.”

         Rigel looked at the starry skies and nodded his head. He too remembered the injuries he had suffered before he passed out in Derek’s hands. In his life, the gravest of his injuries was the destruction of his dantian.

             Even though that caused him intense pain, a dantian itself wasn’t essential for the survival of a human. However, lungs and kidneys were. During the battle, Rigel sensed his inner organs were ruptured and were most likely injured beyond repair.

        Sensing Rigel’s grave face, Rudra put his arm on Rigel’s head and played with his hair as he said, “Normally, I would be as worried as you are since you have suffered from such severe injuries but as much as you wouldn’t like it, injuries are going to make you strong Rigel.

          Remember, I imparted you the art of Paragon Body. A Paragon is the one who excels in every quality. A paragon body should thus excel in every quality.  The Immortal God who created the art was someone who treated his own body as his Dao.

           He wielded his body as a Dao and this was a Dao which belonged to only him alone in the entire universe. However, towards the end of his life, he decided to pass on his Dao as an art.

             The art which would later be spliced down and passed on through generations after generations, in the name of the Iron Body. That art was the Paragon Body.

          The Immortal himself trained in Yang energy and was thus a Yang Immortal. However, the art he passed on wasn’t his Dao. A Dao cannot be passed on, it can only be comprehended. Any expert can leave behind his Dao but only the heir will be able to comprehend it.

         The Yang Immortal also left behind his Dao in the form of an art. It is still present to this day. It can even be found in the spliced art form, the Iron Body. Neither the Iron body nor the Paragon Body would be of any use to you unless you can comprehend the meaning behind the art itself.

          Rigel, I can’t teach you the Dao itself. Thus, I will end my words by imparting an Universal law to you. Remember Rigel, nothing in this universe comes without a price.”

        Rigel nodded his head and stayed silent. He understood what Rudra was telling him. He was telling him to comprehend the Paragon Body in its entirety and find the hidden meaning behind the art. The Dao hidden within the Paragon Body is the true treasure left behind by the Yang Immortal.

          He kept it in plain sight and at the same time, hid it from everyone. A dao is a truth. A truth of universe should be dawned upon a soul by enlightenment. A teacher’s job is to guide a student in the right track but he himself can’t enlighten the student.”

         Rudra explained to Rigel about the path of cultivation and the Dao he has to comprehend to advance his own power. His life was in his hands and Rudra showed him a path which can help him live and improve his power. 

         However, the one who had to cross the path and comprehend the meaning of his words was he himself. Rigel looked at the starry skies as he sat beside Rudra.

          A teacher and his student shared the silent night staring at stars. Finally after hours of silence, Rigel closed his eyes and said in a calm, determined voice, “Rudra, I am ready.”

       Rudra smiled lightly and patted Rigel’s head as he said, “Good luck.” The next second Rigel disappeared into nothingness while Rudra continued to stare at the skies and said to himself, “I will always be here waiting for you.”

        The minute Rigel reopened his eyes, he felt dizzy from the amount of light penetrating through his eyelashes. However, above all he felt pain which was washing through his mind like waves.

           Rigel turned his head and gazed at a middle-aged person standing beside him. He wore a white robe and had a calm expression on his face as he asked in a caring voice, “How do you feel?”

       Rigel shook his head in pain and said uncomfortably, “I feel like my body is on a bed of needles.”
         The man smiled lightly and said, “Then, it’s a good thing. Don’t be hasty, you won’t be leaving this bed for while. It’s been three days since you were brought to my place. I assume you will be able to walk in a month. Still, I must say, I thought you were going the die. You sure have a tough body boy”

        Rigel’s expression didn’t change because he was expecting worse. He slowly closed his eyes but soon opened them as he heard the familiar voice of Derek.

        “Is he awake?” Derek asked as he walked into the room.

       The middle aged man nodded and said, “He just woke up young master. You can talk to him but please remember that he still needs to rest.”

         Derek nodded his head and looked at Rigel. He smiled lightly and said, “Don’t worry Rigel, you are now in my clan. Forget about Shukla, not even a Soul Ignition stage expert cannot harm you in here.”

          Rigel smiled as he heard Derek and said in a low voice, “Thank you Derek.”
           Derek smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “No need to thank me Rigel. I did what I had to do. Even if it wasn’t you, as long as it wasn’t an enemy. I would have saved him. If you really want to thank someone, thank your luck.

            Our clan’s physicians thought that you didn’t have any chance of survival after seeing your injuries but in just three days, you have stunned them by managing to leave death far behind. Now, it is just a matter of time, soon you will be able to resume your everyday activities.”

       Rigel nodded his head as he heard Derek. As they were talking, Rigel heard another pair of footsteps and a woman with red hair and a figure so beautiful that she could make one lose control of themselves walked in.

      As Rigel saw her and the cold expression on her face, his eyes became wide. Derek who didn’t notice Rigel’s unusual behaviour turned around and introduced the young lady to Rigel.

      “Rigel, this is my big sister, Ravel. She is a bit rude but believe me, she is a good person at heart.”

         Rigel’s face was pale as Ravel looked at him and said in a cold voice, “Nice to meet you again Rigel.”

           “‘Shit!” Rigel screamed in his heart as she saw the smiling face of Ravel before him.
Author note :

      Hey guys, hope you are enjoying the novel.

      Writing is a strenous job. I write for 3-4 hours just to deliver a single chapter which you would read in 2 min. If TL is digging with a shovel, then writing is like digging with bare hands. It’s tougher, straining and makes you wanna quit every single day.

        However, the support we get from our readers pushes us forward. It becomes our motivation when we want some, becomes our reminder when we have to get the job done, gives us pleasure when the job is appreciated.

       That’s what this is all about. A second and a single thought is all it takes to make us happy.

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  1. Thank you for your hard work. Rigel is really starting to become an amazing work. I can’t wait to see where Rigel goes.


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