Happy anniversary Reddycreations

       Hey guys, I have exams so I have no choice but to make this post short.

       This day marks the one year anniversary of our little site. On Apr 11th 2015, I made a WordPress.com site out of curiosity. Never did I imagine that I would then start on a journey which will span over an year of writing amazing novels for even more amazing people.

        You guys who support me also ground me down. Writing is strenuous and sometime I honestly want to abandon it but you remind me that I am writing because I love it and you are visiting my tiny little home because you love it as well.

            As I said, I want to talk more but I have to keep it short.

        I have an exam tomorrow so sorry, I can’t release a chapter to celebrate our anniversary however I promise a chapter on 13th.

       Let’s hope we have another exciting year filled with hopes, dreams and happiness.

Thank you readers, my patrons, my commenters and my editors.

GSD Reddy

P.S Aljanobin, I sent you a mail. Please mail me back as soon as possible.


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