Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 4 – The World Stirs

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The World Stirs :

Jade Flow continent, Dimensional portal.

          The soldiers guarding the portal lifted their heads in curiosity as the portal lit up and a woman with blue hair appeared from within. Everyday, the very portal would activate hundreds of times as people from tens of thousands of minor planes come to the Stellar plane.

        Thus the soldiers would rarely care about anyone unless they broke any rules. However this particular woman and her aura made their hairs stand up in fear as her name resonated in their minds, “June.”

        June looked at the guards with narrowed eyes. There were over three hundred devas and a dozen Yaksha guarding the portal. It made sense to deploy such a large force to guard a single portal, because the sovereign of the Jade Flow continent wanted complete control over the dimensional portal.

        Three hundred devas and a dozen Yakshas were basically an army. Unless a power appeared, so powerful that he could care less about Yakshas, the present guard was more than sufficient enough to stop any person from proceeding forward.

       June scanned the total number of guards and then sighed lightly as she sensed that the teleportation portal wasn’t her preferred one. She was transported to a portal far away from her destination. She raised her head and thought silently, “It’s gonna be troublesome.”

       The guards immediately widened their eyes in surprise. The information regarding June’s name and appearance was already passed on to every soldier under Lehar and so was the info about all the major leaders of the Great Alliance. Her appearing here alone meant that this was a chance for Lehar to eliminate one of Riddick’s greatest commanders.

             Hundreds of devas and dozens of Yakshas guarding the portal immediately picked up their individual jade communication slips and crushed them without hesitation.

        In the ten years, Riddick had taken over the Great Alliance, the Lehar empire had strengthened themselves and even managed to infiltrate the command structure of the Ganges Fort.

             Riddick knew that the information regarding him and his faction was exchanging hands due to spies within his own territory. However, he didn’t do anything and simply let the information reach all the continents and beyond.   

         The reason why Riddick didn’t take any action was not known to anyone. However, soon they understood that Riddick was using these spies to turn the world’s attention to himself.

         To others who heard about Riddick’s past exploits, he was like an exaggerated relic of the past. However, to those who had personally seen him knew that the name Riddick was like a curse. It was a name synonymous to power and authority to anyone of older generation.

       All these people were beginning to pay close attention to Riddick’s movements and so was Lehar. The minute Lehar knew that Riddick was alive and was leading the forces against him was also the minute he understood that he was going to be dragged into the war between the two enemies of the past whose hatred had transcended time to last a hundred million years.

         The enmity between the Demon’s church and Riddick was known to every major power in the Yaksha realm. That was a hatred which would last for tens of thousands of generations. After all, the hatred harboured by either of them ran deep in their veins.

            It was a hatred tied closely to blood. The current pope of Demon church wouldn’t forget Riddick nor would Riddick forget about Krum. Both of them lost their loved ones to others. Vera wouldn’t forget the pain inflicted upon her by the Demon church nor would she forget the way, they killed Riddick.

      The pain of the past, the blood of revenge burning her soul wouldn’t rest until the Demon church was uprooted from the face of the earth. The oath taken by the pope and the oath taken by every priest of the church wouldn’t be fulfilled, not until Riddick died eternally.

       Under such hatred lied the war between two people of great power. Krum and Riddick. Two former friends who discarded their emotions to kill each other. The Demon church had a prophesy that Riddick would return and would try to destroy them.

      However, the hundred million years where Riddick disappeared weren’t spent by the Demon church in vain. Their roots were so deep and so strong that, if wanted, they had the power to overthrow any sovereign.

         But they wouldn’t, because the way the Demon church ruled over the masses was based on religion. The religion advocated by the Demon church was widespread and believed by mortals and cultivators alike.

         As soon as the return of Riddick was announced by Riddick himself through these spies, the ones who first received the news wasn’t Lehar nor was it any information broker. It was the Demon church. The church which had been preparing for the war for a hundred million years was fast to react.

       Within weeks of Riddick’s return, the Demon church had assembled a thunderous army of over twenty million devas and a million Yakshas and proceeded to station them in the Jade Flow continent. Two of the seven great bishops were sent to lead the army while the church itself had begun to show its claws hidden all over the world.

        Every sovereign had his own strength. They weren’t sovereigns for no reason. However, the Demon church had grown too strong for any of them to fight against it. Riddick’s arrival to them was thus an opportunity. He was someone who tilted the balance the Stellar plane had over many millennia.

       The Demon church lead the pack as the strongest sovereign but right behind the Demon church was the great sky sect. Lehar, Bali and Agni, the three other sovereigns were in a more neutral position or at least they claimed to be on the surface, but everyone including Riddick knew that the world wasn’t such a simple place.

      Like a sovereign who ruled over a continent, there were powers within each continent who had strength to rival the sovereign and there were even more hidden powers waiting patiently for their chance. To all these powers, Riddick’s arrival and the subsequent events made them itch with excitement.

       The stagnant winds of the Stellar plane were beginning to stir slowly but Riddick knew that this was just the start of a long war which was going to shake the Stellar plane.

      Back at the dimensional portal, June looked back at the portal which once again began to glow with bright light and this time, hundreds of thousands of people emerged from the portal.

        The strongest among them was only a peak stage deva while the weakest were still mortals. Riddick who was still in the Ganges Fort smiled lightly as his divine sense enveloping the Lehar empire sensed June and then the familiar aura of his family among the thousands who appeared from the portal.

           More than twenty years had passed since he had met his father, his mother, his brothers, Sebastian, Arthur, caesar and his uncles who followed Arthur. Now, many of them had their own children and as they appeared in the dimensional portal, Riddick rose from his seat and disappeared from his office with an excited smile on his face.  

          Juichi who was standing near the garden glanced at Riddick’s office and then he too disappeared from the garden. Roger and Vera looked at each other and smiled lightly as they went back to monitoring Ryzen.

         Just as Riddick disappeared from his office. Three people sighed in their hearts as the news of the June’s appearance along with a large number of people reached them. One among them was Lehar, the other was a mysterious woman sitting inside a cave and the last of them was Silver who was in the main headquarters of the Demon church.

          All these people had sent people to find out about the whereabouts of Riddick’s family. However, before they could reap any rewards, Riddick had quietly disrupted their plans.

        Family, friends and bloodline are some of the most powerful things that bind us. Used well, they can be a weapon which becomes our backbone but in an enemy’s hands, they may even be responsible for our doom.

       The minute Riddick decided to let others know about him, he ordered June to go to Asgard and bring every person related to him back to Stellar plane. As he had expected, these people wouldn’t let his family stay in peace because of the relation they had with him.

        Several minutes passed in silence as June stood still atop the portal waiting while the guards formed a circle around the portal, carefully maintaining distance. They knew that they had to block as many people as possible.

     June frowned lightly because she couldn’t act. She alone could annihilate the entire guard but some of the people behind her were mere mortals. One attack from an Yaksha can easily kill over half of them if left unblocked.

      Thus, June kept her divine sense spread and her aura raging, the moisture in the air solidified into ice under the rising aura of her cultivation. Her demeanor didn’t give any loopholes. She clearly told everyone that once they moved forward, the only thing they will face will be their death.

         At that moment, the space distorted near the teleportation portal and a man appeared from within. He had a black beard and a symbol of two winged lion embroidered on his robe. His aura was filled with power as he glanced at June who looked back at him in silence.

      Their eyes met and that instant, the man raised his hands and said in a low voice, “Kill them all!”

          The man was Lehar and as he ordered an execution, June’s aura exploded put as her eyes turned blue and cold winds began to blow under her cultivation. At that instant, two more spatial ripples began to form and from within appeared two people, a short old man and the other was a little boy who looked no more than ten years old.

        Lehar’s face turned ugly as he saw the two of them, but before he could speak anymore, his eyes widened as Riddick appeared out of thin air.

    Riddick looked at the three of them, smiled lightly and said in a calm voice, “Good day gentlemen. Before I ask you about your intentions in blocking my family Lehar, ” Riddick turned towards the little boy and asked in a respectful voice, “May I know who you are, your eminence?”


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