Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 5 – A True Throne

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A True Throne :


         Riddick smiled lightly and asks in a respectful voice, “Who may you be, your eminence?

                     The little boy looks at riddick with narrowed eyes and sighed lightly. That single sigh reverberated in the air and then became a wave of power which spread throughout the area like a storm. Every single deva and yaksha who heard the sigh felt their soul tremble in fear at the power contained within a single sigh.

            At that instant, it became evident to everyone that this little boy who appeared no more than ten and perhaps looked weaker than any of them was an expert with unfathomable power.  

          Lehar’s forehead creased in a frown as he heard the boy’s sigh. He had never expected that this little event will garner the attention of such a powerful expert, even more so a celestial immortal.  

           The little boy’s aura and the power contained within his single word, made it  obvious that he wasn’t a yaksha.

      He was a celestial immortal. A being who had transcended the limits of mortality and achieved true immortality.

          Riddick still maintained a calm face because he understood the very instant that he had seen the boy that he wasn’t a Yakhsa, simply because he was unable to see through his cultivation.

        A celestial Immortal was different from a Yaksha. Starting with the beginner disciple stage to deva stage and then to yaksha stage, a cultivator pursues immortality but doesn’t truly achieve it. However, a celestial immortal is different.

         After surviving the five tribulations of the nature and strengthening their dao, during one’s breakthrough into a celestial immortal realm, the nature grants the cultivator an immortal’s body, thus essentially resurrecting him as an Immortal.

       Thus, no matter how strong or mysterious a yakhsha can be, he can never contend against a celestial immortal. There wasn’t even a comparison between the two stages.

         This was the second major discrimination in the path of cultivation. Like a mortal who can never contend against a beginner disciple, it is impossible for a yaksha who hasn’t yet achieved immortality to contend against an immortal.

        One reason for this was their divine body which all immortals acquire during their breakthrough. An Immortal’s divine body was capable of instant healing. So unless you are able to killing him within seconds, any injuires will amount to nothing but an expenditure of his divine energy.

          The second reason is their evolved souls. During their rebirth as Immortal, the soul of cultivator is nurtured by the laws of nature and evolves into an entity beyond the reach of a mortal soul. Thus all Celestial Immortals are capable of using divine will to suppress all lifeforms. A divine will is infinitesimally stronger than a divine sense of an ordinary cultivator.

       The third and the final reason why any Celestial Immortal was capable of unleashing tyrannical amount of power was because of their control over a Dao of the nature.

       The five tribulations are faced by Yakshas each separately and then all at once. Their is actually no reason to wait for a tribulation. It is entirely based on an individual. Once he feels that he has his own Dao with which he can oppose heaven, he can challenge the heaven.

       The five tribulations are  way nature tests the conviction of a cultivator. The Dao is nothing but the truth. All daos are a part of a greater truth. Once you gain a bit of understanding into the greater truth, you can be reincarnated into a Celestial immortal and earn a place among the stars of the sky.

        Thus, as everyone realised that the little boy before them was a celestial immortal, their eyes became serious. Everyone stopped in their tracks waiting for him to continue. Not a single one among them wanted to disrespect him.

     The little boy looked at riddick with narrowed eyes and said in a low voice, “I am not fond of you kid. Your very existence will bring destruction to this plane. A hundred million years ago, you brought a disaster to this galaxy. That time, we left you alone.

     It was a fault on our side. We should have eliminated the seed of trouble, that was you. However, we didn’t. Humans and beasts, cultivators and mortals alike suffered for millenia together because of the flames of war ignited in your reign.

         We have already left all worldly matters aside when we entered the immortal realm. However, as the ones guiding this galaxy, we have to fulfill our responsibilities. Riddick, I don’t know the circumstances behind your reincarnation.

         Only Primordial Immortals after their death are given a chance to reincarnate by nature, while you were only a deva when you died in your past life. Regardless of what happened in the past, this time, we won’t give you a free reign. Remember, this plane is under our rule. You are under our rule.”

       The little boy’s eyes radiated an intense killing intent as he looked at Riddick and said, “My son died in your hands Riddick. Then, I was just a Yakhsa, I didn’t possess the strength to go against you.

          Now I can kill you like a moth but I am only letting you live because of the pact that binds all Immortals from interfering in mortal affairs, the Immortal pact of Arya. However, I have warned you Riddick. The minute you break my rules will be the minute you die.

        The pact prevents us from interfering in mortal lives, but it also gives us the power to punish anyone who in return harms mortals. You better remember my words Riddick.”

      Riddick looked at the boy and narrowed his eyes. His eyebrows furrowed in thought as he heard his words. He had never expected such an interference from a Celestial immortal, nor did he expect that he would find an enemy among the true thrones of the Stellar plane.

      Contrary to Riddick’s expression, Lehar’s face was filled with a broad smile while the old man was smiling in amusement as he listened to the boy.

      The appearence of the boy here meant that the expert had decided to finally unleash his wrath on Riddick. He was waiting for his chance and finally warned Riddick in this situation when he might have to resort to killing people.

      It didn’t take long for everyone to realise that the expert was trapping Riddick in an inescapable situation. By ordering Riddick to do not cause anymore disasters when his family was surrounded by Lehar’s men, he was essentially giving no choice but to break his rules.

     Lehar’s smile broadened as he looked at Riddick’s confused face. He gazed at the thousands of people within the teleportation circle and said in a loud voice, “All of you are deemed as illegal trespassers into my territory.

       As the sovereign of this continent, I order all of you to obediently surrender. After the inquiries, if you are acquitted of all your charges, I promise in front of his eminence to let you all go unharmed.”

       The boy heard Lehar and kept quiet. How couldn’t he understand that Lehar was using him to take Riddick’s family as hostages? However, he didn’t say a word because he simply didn’t care.

        The boy eyes were filled with deep hatred as he looked at Riddick. If not for the various other thrones watching his actions, he wouldn’t have hesitated to even break the pact to kill every single one related to Riddick.

      The small old man groomed his beard in amusement while standing there without a word. June protectively raised her hands protecting everyone while the soldiers slowly moved forward.

       Riddick glanced at the boy and asked in a respectful voice, “Your eminence, they are all mortals and are from a minor plane. They are not at all related to the conflict between me and Lehar. Please let them go.”

      The boy gazed at Riddick, snorted coldly and said, “Lehar had the highest authority in this matter. He promised to not harm your family. Why are you still opposing him? If you want him to let your family go, then ask him yourself. As I said before, I won’t interfere in any mortal matters.”

      Riddick gazed coldly at the boy and then at Lehar who was smiling evilly. His face hardened as he waved his hand. A ring flew out like an arrow towards the group and a second later, a suction force enveloped the area and everyone including June disappeared into thin air right under the gazes of Lehar and the boy.

      Riddick waved his hand and the ring flew back into his hand. He then gazed at Lehar with a smile on his face and said, “Now, they are no longer in your territory so you don’t have the right to order them Lehar.”

     “You bastard….” Lehar roared in anger while a chilling killing intent raged in the air as the boy glanced at Riddick and said in a cold voice, “Bring them out this instant brat.”

      Riddick smiled broadly and said, “That appiles to you as well your eminence. They are no longer in Stellar plane nor are they in Odin galaxy. So you no longer have any authority over them and you are not qualified to order me to bring them out.”

          Lehar roared loudly in anger while the air  around Riddick began to crackle under his aura. The boy gazed at Riddick coldly and said, “So you are not going to listen to my orders, are you Riddick?”

        Riddick narrowed his eyes and said in a calm voice, “You have an enmity towards me. It’s fine, I don’t care as long as you target me alone. However, you have exceeded my tolerance and tried to harm my family.

       You fucking maggot, I know very well that you are just a clone and you don’t have the ability to kill me with a mere clone. So f*ck off.”

     The veins on the boy’s face began to bulge as his eyes turned red in anger. “You imbecile..you are going to die due to your own foolishness.”, the boy roared loudly.


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8 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 5 – A True Throne

      • just wann to ask about the next chapters cause you said soon and in may, and now the month is almost over?!

        I eagerly wait for new chapters, I really think your story is awesome for an amateur and I hate waiting for chapters of riddick the same way like for stellar transformation or other chinese xianxia novels

        by the way, I really loved the plot in book 6 which portrayed riddick as a mastermind with superior mental capabilities. i like those twist and turns with everything under riddicks control

        now i wrote way too much, just hope that you soon release new chapters, you really do an amazing job


      • Hey chg13, I know I said that I will release Riddick soon. However, my life has become too complicated and I do not have the time to write two books at the same time. It was a hard decision but I decided to put Riddick on a hiatus. Whenever I have time, I will write more and when I feel that I can continue, I will release again. Sorry about this but I have made too many sacrifices to keep Riddick floating. Now its time for me to think about my life and my health. Sorry


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