Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 38 – Nether Realm

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Nether Realm :


            Rigel looked at Ravel and lightly gulped before smiling wryly and said in a calm voice, “Nice to meet you Miss Ravel.”

       Derek observed the conversation between the two and frowned slightly but he didn’t probe further. Maybe he didn’t want to, or maybe he simply didn’t care, but he just remained silent as if he didn’t hear the word “again”.

       Ravel squinted her eyes in anger as she saw that Rigel didn’t acknowledge the fact that they had met before. She looked at Derek and said in a harsh voice, “I am only letting this punk stay here because of you Derek. Once he is healed, throw him out. I hope you won’t let me question you again regarding this matter.”

        Derek nodded his head without hesitation as she ordered him. It was almost as if he didn’t even want to think about opposing his sister’s decision. Ravel snorted coldly and left the room leaving Derek smiling wryly to himself.

       Rigel breathed in a sigh of relief as Ravel left the room while the physician only shrugged his shoulders indifferently before leaving the room for Derek and Rigel. Derek sighed lightly and asked in a quiet voice, “What was that all about?”

        Rigel looked at Derek, sighing lightly in his heart, he decided to tell him the truth. Whatever may be Derek’s intentions, it was without a doubt true that he had saved Rigel’s life.

          Rigel may not be the man who valued honour but he definitely wasn’t someone who will forget an act of kindness. Derek had saved him when he had almost given up on his life, he had given Rigel a second chance. Thus Rigel chose to trust him.

         Derek listened quietly as Rigel narrated his life since the Gehenna prison. He told Derek how he managed to escape the prison, how he used Ravel by fooling her with his knowledge of alchemy and how he ended up as a Xia sect disciple.

       However, he didn’t say a word regarding his life as a slave or his mission to find the blood emperor. Even though he trusted Derek, Rigel wasn’t ready to trust him with his darkest secrets just yet.

       Derek listened to Rigel’s explanation silently and sighed lightly as he sat down by Rigel’s bed. He of course knew about the Gehenna prison but never in his wildest thoughts had he expected that his sister would so foolishly try to enter it.

            The Gehenna prison was a Forbidden territory. Moreover, it was illegal to bring anyone out of the prison. If found out, it is likely that the empire itself may take actions against the proprietor.

        Derek couldn’t understand why his sister would risk her life to bring out a prisoner and for what reason? He looked at Rigel and sighed deeply as he said, “It’s good that you told me these things Rigel but never, ever confide to anyone that you are from Gehenna prison.

        Promise me Rigel. If it is leaked that my sister helped you, not only would that put you in danger, it would bring a disaster upon my family.”

        Rigel narrowed his eyes as he listened to Derek. He couldn’t understand, if it was such a forbidden act, then why was the security so low? How could they have gotten away so easily? Wouldn’t the empire strictly restrict the usage of these passages?

         Derek looked at Rigel and his confused face. He sighed lightly and said, “It’s no wonder that you don’t understand why it is such a taboo to enter the Gehenna prison since you aren’t from the empire.

         Actually, it isn’t a taboo to enter the Gehenna but by entering it, you are essentially putting yourself in a danger where you can be identified as an enemy of the empire.

        Put honestly, the Gehenna prison or what we call it, the Nether Realm is the territory of the revolutionary army. Rigel, the world is a much complex place than what ordinary mortals see it as.

         The Blood Empire has been ruling this world since ancient times, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any powers which don’t dare to oppose the imperial clan. Before the Blood Empire came into existence, these powers had already established themselves as powerhouses and even the empire can’t do anything about them due to their deep roots.

        The Blood Emperor himself has secluded himself from the world affairs a long time ago but his heirs have maintained the dominance of the empire and their bloodline through strict laws and above all, their indomitable power.

      Though there are a few powers who can probably rival the imperial clan, they won’t oppose the imperial clan publicly. The revolutionary army differs from them in this matter because it publicly proclaims to annihilate the imperial clan to rebuild an ideal empire.

         However, this world is ruled by the Blood Empire and it has strongholds all over this vast world in the form of Blood Dragon forts and perfect palaces. The revolutionary army thus couldn’t find a place in this world where they could firmly establish their stronghold. Thus, they chose the Nether Realm.

        Since ancient times, the Nether Realm has been a mysterious bridge connecting two planes. Normally, any plane in the universe is separated by chaotic space but the two planes of Gehenna and Gualiar have always been connected by a passage known as Nether Realm.

         However, the most interesting aspect to these revolutionaries was the fact that the Blood Empire doesn’t have a strong grasp of Nether Realm. The Nether Realm is a strange world filled with tunnels but the strangest aspect of it is it’s ever changing form.

          Normally, one can never sense that the  change in these tunnels. However, the deeper you go, the faster these changes are. Simply put, the Nether Realm is more of a labyrinth than a prison.

       Taking advantage of the Nether Realm, the revolutionary army has managed to survive and strengthen itself. That’s why I was stunned that my idiotic sister even entered that cursed place.” Derek explained to Rigel who was listening to everything with a shocked expression on his face.

      Rigel opened his mouth and said in a stutter, “Impossible! I have been in Gehenna prison..uh..Nether Realm for more than two years but I have never seen experts beyond Spark formation stage. What do you mean that the tunnels change? I have been to the deeper tunnels numerous times but I never noticed such a phenomenon.”

        To Rigel, the fact that the Gehenna prison had such a background and the fact that it did indeed connect the two planes was a shock but he was a more concerned about the revolutionary army. The mysterious man who kidnapped Frank could possibly belong to the revolutionary army.

       Derek sighed lightly and rose to his feet. He looked at Rigel and said in a calm voice, “It is all true Rigel. What I told you only extends to the knowledge I am allowed to gain being the heir of a strong clan. I am sure that there are many more secrets pertaining to the very existence of the Nether Realm.

         However, now is not the time to discuss them. Remember Rigel, never ever tell anyone anything regarding your past. Stick to the story you have told the Xia clan. Understood?”

        Rigel nodded his head. He still had many questions but Derek made it obvious that he wasn’t willing to tell Rigel anymore. Rigel understood deep in his heart that such information was classified and Derek only explained it to him so that he wouldn’t drag Ravel into his mess.

      Rigel was certain about this because he himself had researched a lot regarding this world but he didn’t even find any mention of the ‘revolutionary army’. The revolutionary army was most probably a taboo people weren’t willing to speak about.

        Rigel sighed in his heart as he looked at Derek who was walking away. Honestly, he was very interested in the world known as Nether Realm.

      Now that he knew that it was an abnormal passage connecting the two planes and also an ever changing labyrinth, Rigel had a feeling that the Gehenna, the Gualiar and the Nether Realm were all mysteriously connected in some way.

        Rudra who was listening to everything sighed lightly and said in a calm voice, “Don’t think about unnecessary things Rigel. The world is huge, the universe is humongous and the mysteriousness of the nature is immeasurable.

       We are nothing but small lights drifting amidst the trillions of stars. It is better for you to live peacefully than to delve deeper into the world beyond the ordinary. Such a world won’t come without its own set of dangers. You are still too young to overcome them.”

       Rigel nodded his head in agreement. He himself knew that these matters were none of his concern for now. What he needed to do now was to heal himself in the fastest time possible.

          Rigel closed his eyes and began to concentrate on the sun, the Yang energy and tried to absorb it while meditating on the Dao of the Yang Immortal etched into the deepest parts of his soul. The Paragon Body art which had given his body a rebirth began to slowly evolve while his injured body healed at a fast pace.


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