Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 39 – Patriarch Liongate


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Patriarch Liongate :

Seventh floor pagoda, Xia sect :

        Elder Ley was frowning slightly as he sorted through various papers when an old man with grey hair appeared in his room for some reason. Ley looked at the man and sighed in his heart, he knew this was coming so he took in a deep breath and bowed slightly as he greeted, “Patriarch SilverLeaf.”

      Following behind SilverLeaf was another violet robed elder Feng. Ley glanced at Feng and nodded his head a little. SilverLeaf glanced at Ley and narrowed his eyes. He could see from Ley’s behaviour that he was expecting him.

     “I am sure you know why I am here Ley. Explain yourself before I repeat my question.” SilverLeaf asked in a calm voice.

      Ley nodded his head and took out an envelope from his robes and respectfully passed it to Patriarch SilverLeaf. The envelope was wax sealed with a symbol of ‘K’ on it.

      Patriarch SilverLeaf frowned lightly and took the envelope. He opened it and glanced at the  contents of the letter before snorting coldly and leaving the room. Feng glanced at Ley and asked in a light voice, “What does Patriarch Kargil have to do with this matter?”

         Ley glanced at Feng and said in a clear voice, “I explained the circumstances regarding the expulsion of disciple Rigel to Patriarch Kargil and he has approved my decision. That is all there is to it Elder Feng.”

       Then he narrowed his eyes and continued, “Why are you so fixated on this particular disciple Elder Feng. He is nothing but a murderer. Don’t tell me, you are somehow involved with him?”

      Feng narrowed his eyes as he listened to Ley, but didn’t say anything because he knew that in whatever way he tried to explain himself would only make the matter worse. He closed his eyes and walked away as he thought of Rigel.

     “I’m sorry Rigel. I’m unable to help you…” He glanced at the direction of the entrance of the forbidden tunnels and thought to himself, “If you survive and return back to us, I promise to redeem myself for not helping you in this regard.”

        However, Feng himself knew deep in his heart that the possibility of surviving in the deeper floors of the forbidden tunnels was virtually non-existent and certainly not possible for a Qi Condensation stage disciple.

       After Feng left the room, Ley sat down and sighed deeply. He had acquired the permission of Patriarch Kargil anticipating that SilverLeaf and Feng would come to confront him.

        The four Patriarchs held the highest authority in the Xia sect. However, no Patriarch had the authority to overthrow another’s decision. The only way to cancel a Patriarch’s orders was a joint committee decision.

           Two other Patriarchs have to oppose another’s decision in a committee formed by the four of them. Ley was certain that even though SilverLeaf was thought to be crazy, even he wouldn’t call for a committee meeting for the sake of an outer circle disciple.

       Just as Ley was deciding to rest, he was startled to find a person entering the room but then sighed in relief as he saw that the person was none other than Shukla.

     Shukla sighed in relief and crashed on a sofa without worrying about bothering with Ley. He took out a glass of wine and started to drink as if he was fed up. Ley smiled lightly and took out a box of cigars from his bag of holding and handed them over to Shukla.

     “Good work brother.” Ley praised Shukla as he lit up a cigar himself.

      Taking a deep puff, Shukla sighed in relief as he put his glass of wine on the table. He nodded his head to Ley and said in a calm voice, “The job is done. I managed to escape alive from that old monster but the little rat managed to escape alive.”

      Ley’s hand, which was pouring himself a glass of wine, stopped as he heard Shukla. He glanced at Shukla in confusion. How could his brother let a mere Qi condensation stage disciple get away alive?

     “The old monster caught up to me. I was about to kill that brat Rigel but whatever, I don’t think he can survive. His injuries are pretty severe, even Spark formation stage experts will need a few weeks to recover from them.” Shukla explained to Ley.

     Ley’s face was dark as he heard Shukla. Rigel, Rigel, Rigel…. Every time something that happened out of their expectations, he would be involved. He didn’t like it at all.

      Somehow, he had a bad premonition whenever he thought about Rigel, but Ley suppressed his feelings because be knew that there was nothing that a Qi condensation stage disciple can do that can interrupt their plans.

     That day, Ley decided to simply forget the existence known as Rigel while both Boler and Leyden believed that Rigel died in Shukla’s hands. Ian too forgot about Rigel. The existence of Rigel was thus forgotten due to Ley who decided that it was better to let them all believe that Rigel was dead.


         Back in Shia clan, Rigel was slowly getting accustomed to his life. He wasn’t allowed to leave the infirmary but he was allowed to walk around the infirmary. Derek would visit him everyday. Though, he would only spend about five minutes with Rigel, that was enough for Rigel to understand the benefits of knowing the young master of the clan.

         People working in the infirmary treated Rigel with respect because they could clearly see that he was on close terms with Derek. Even the elder who treated Rigel became a little more careful after realizing that Derek wasn’t visiting Rigel out of courtesy but due to genuine concern.

      However, what made Rigel uncomfortable was Ravel. He didn’t know why but she would visit him as well. Though she never talked, she would just sit by his bed staring daggers at him the whole time. Then, she would leave without saying a word only to return the next day.

     Ten days passed in this manner. Including Derek and Ravel, everyone was surprised by the speed of Rigel’s recovery. In just ten days time, Rigel was almost healed and could walk comfortably when it was estimated that he wouldn’t be able to walk for at least a month.

      One night, Rigel was reading a book Derek brought for him when Rudra whispered in a low voice, “Be careful with this man. He isn’t simple.”

        Rigel didn’t understand what Rudra meant but before he could ask, he saw that there was an old man standing beside him. He felt chills down his spine as he looked at the old man. Not only did he not notice when the old man arrived but he also had no idea since when he had been there.

       The old man was slightly surprised as well. Originally he wanted to stay undetected for a period of time but he didn’t expect that Rigel would discover him. He could tell from Rigel’s attitude that he didn’t sense him but just happened to see him. So he thought that it was more of an instinct.

         Rigel hurriedly bowed deeply as he recognised the old man. This man standing before him was the backbone of the entire Shia clan, Patriarch Liongate. He was also the person who saved Rigel that day in the Forbidden tunnels.

        Patriarch Liongate stared at Rigel for a while before sitting by his bed. Rigel hurriedly tried to stand up but was stopped by the Patriarch. Liongate looked at Rigel and said in a cold voice, “No need to show unnecessary courtesy. I am not here to inquire about your health kid.”

          Rigel stopped midway and stared at Patriarch Liongate. He sat on his bed as Patriarch Liongate stared at him. A minute passed but Rigel didn’t look away. Liongate sighed in his heart as he saw that Rigel wasn’t afraid of him.

      “How do you know my grandchildren?” Patriarch Liongate asked Rigel in a calm voice.

     Rigel thought for a moment and decided to answer as truthfully as he could. He told him about his encounter with Derek near the river which separates the Xia sect and Shia clan’s territory. However, he didn’t say anything regarding his meeting with Ravel. He simply decided to ignore the fact that he had once met Ravel before.

      The reason for this was simple. Hiding the truth was less of a lie than telling the lie itself. Patriarch Liongate patiently listened to Rigel and nodded his head. He didn’t question anything about Ravel and simply asked in a quiet voice, “What do you think about Xia sect?”

        Rigel looked at Patriarch Liongate and said in a determined voice, “Xia sect was my home for three months Patriarch. It gave me a shelter and I thought it will be my home for a long period of time and yet, I was betrayed by the sect.  

       I, however, don’t feel any hatred towards the sect. There are elders who have helped me before. I was saved and I was betrayed by people of the same sect. I feel gratitude towards these people and the sect but I also harbour hatred towards those people who betrayed me.”

       Patriarch Liongate looked at Rigel in the eye and rose to his feet. He turned back and said in a calm voice, “Had you said that you harboured hatred towards the Xia sect, I would have thrown you out kid. Remember, we the Shia clan don’t believe in hatred.

      However, we don’t proclaim that we don’t harbour hatred. Hatred is something that should never decide your actions. Everything in this world has some good. The Xia sect has shown you the path into the world of cultivation.

     The people who betrayed you are not the Xia sect, they are individuals who just like you were are a part of the sect. Forget about your hatred kid. From now on, you are a member of my clan. I won’t ever betray you but I won’t show you a hint of hesitation if you ever betray me.”

        Rigel bowed his head deeply showing his gratitude. Rigel knew clearly his position. He was a disciple of an enemy power. The Shia clan had no reason to let him live, to help him and yet they saved him and now, the Patriarch had taken him in. This was a gratitude he wouldn’t be able to repay in his lifetime.

      Patriarch Liongate glanced at Rigel through the corner of his eyes and left the room. Outside the room, Ravel was waiting with an irritated face. As Patriarch Liongate came out of the room, she immediately asked in an urgent tone, “What did you decide grandpa?”

      Patriarch Liongate sighed in his heart and said in a calm voice, “I will let him live in the clan but he will be watched.”

       Ravel smiled brightly and hugged Liongate as she said in a happy voice, “You are the best grandpa.”

        Patriarch Liongate only shook his head in helplessness as he thought back to the time when Ravel asked him to let Rigel live in the clan. He had only accepted the request out of love but he didn’t think that Rigel would be so mature.

        The way he answered him and the way he showed his gratitude by bowing his head had satisfied him enough to believe in him. Liongate stared at the skies and thought to himself, “I hope you won’t disappoint me kid.”



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