Rigel – Exclusive Chapter 1 – I don’t mind being your slave.

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****This is a part of the story when Rigel first follows Frank to his cave in the deep ravines of the Gehenna prison.****


Exclusive Chapter 1 – I don’t mind being your slave.


          “Why is he helping me?” Thirteen year old Rigel asked himself the same question many times over in the hour he slowly followed behind the old man with a slightly bent back.

           Rigel’s eyes were filled with exhaustion as he dragged his weak body to keep up with the old man. His arms reached for the rocks on the path many times as the impulse to escape from his new owner overwhelmed him. However, Rigel controlled himself because he knew that with his current state, he wouldn’t be able to survive in the cruel world of gehenna.

             “What are you doing brat? Do you want to kill me now? Stop thinking about unnecessary things brat, besides you won’t be able to touch me because I poisoned you when I gave you that bread.” Frank slowly explained in an indifferent voice.

         “What!” Rigel screamed in horror and almost jumped on Frank, but his face became pale as he coughed loudly and fell on his knees unable to move his limbs.

          The one month he spent inside that hell-hole with thirty other slaves were taxing on his body. His muscle mass was reduced and he was also weakened considerably. Even though he felt a lot better since eating the meal Frank gave him, he wasn’t ready to do fight yet.

          Frank turned around and gazed at Rigel with a smile on his face. To him, Rigel looked like an immature kid who had yet to understand the true meaning behind his words.

            The reason Frank said that he poisoned Rigel was to let him understand that he was the one in control of the situation so he should stop thinking about betrayal. That was what he intended to do but Rigel unexpectedly tried to attack him. This showed the disparity between their experiences.


              Frank unexpectedly sighed in his heart and walked back to support Rigel. He wanted to teach Rigel his way of handling matters but after seeing Rigel’s reaction, he understood that it may be too soon for Rigel.

           Rigel was surprised that Frank came to help him. He thought deeply for a minute and realized that he may have been wrong about Frank. Even though Frank said that he had poisoned him, Rigel couldn’t sense any killing intent from him. Rigel heart eased in relief as he realised that he was just tricked by Frank. Now that he thought about it, the bread Frank gave him was given to him by the slave trader so there was no way he would have been able to poison it.

            “Why are you helping me?” Rigel stared at Frank and asked him without thinking about the consequences.

           Frank looked at Rigel and smiled lightly. He then began to laugh loudly as if he found RIgel’s question to be the most inconceivable thought out there. Then he asked in a curious voice, “Why do you think I helped you?”

                Rigel looked at Frank with an expressionless face. Help was a foreign word to him. Nobody really helped him all his life and when someone came forward to offer help, he found it difficult to accept it.

          Seeing Rigel’s confused face, Frank smiled slightly but didn’t say anything. That day, he brought Rigel to his cave and gave him some hot medicine tea. Soon after drinking the tea, Rigel fell into a deep slumber as if the exhaustion of several months had overwhelmed him at once.

             It was two days later that he woke up with a start. Sweat covered Rigel’s face as he immediately checked for his knife but couldn’t find it on him. He was barechested and his body was covered in several bandages. Rigel looked at his bandages and narrowed his eyes. He remembered his sore body which ached in almost every part, but now he felt a lot better.

     “So you are finally awake brat. You sure sleep soundly. If I wanted to kill you, I could have killed you a hundred times over.” Frank said in a calm voice as he observed Rigel from one corner of the cave.

         Rigel sat up and looked at Frank. There was no longer any animosity in his eyes. Frank had taken care of him, helped him and even saved his life, he knew no other person who had done even a tenth for him. If he doesn’t trust Frank, then who would he trust?

        Frank looked at Rigel’s eyes and smiled lightly as he saw that they were clear of hostility.

“Are you sure kid? Trusting me so easily. I may be using you, you know.” Frank said in a calm voice.

         Rigel smiled lightly and said, “Don’t worry old man, you won’t be the only one using me. I am going to learn everything from you so I don’t mind being your slave. For the time being, that is.”

              Frank laughed loudly. This is it. This was the reason why he found Rigel to be interesting. Unhesitating, courageous and fearless in front of any adversary, but also possessing the survival skills which keep him alive, through righteousness or evil.

                Frank looked at Rigel. Deep within his eyes flashed a red light, imperceivable and invisible to Rigel. “Very well brat. You wanted it so don’t complain in the future.”

          That was the start of the relationship between Rigel and Frank which transcended that of a slave and a master, that of a student and teacher to become more of a familial bond which cannot be broken with greed, time or any known sin.


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