Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 40 – Ravel


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Ravel :

         The next afternoon, Derek was outside the infirmary discussing some matters with the elder when he spotted Ravel humming to herself as she carried a lunchbox in her arms.

        “What is she doing here?” Derek inquired in a hesitant voice to the elder. As far as he could remember, his sister wasn’t a person who would make a lunch box and certainly not for someone.

            The elder who was observing Ravel’s visits everyday smiled lightly and said in a low voice, “So it has finally come to this, young master. Lady Ravel visits master Rigel everyday and now she is even bringing in a lunchbox for him. Interesting!”

       “Huh!” Derek was stunned by the elder’s words. He had absolutely no idea that his sister was visiting Rigel everyday.

      “What do you mean she is visiting Rigel everyday? She..she is visiting him? Aren’t you mistaken Elder Jin? It’s my sister we are talking about.” Derek inquired again in an urgent voice.

        Elder Jin laughed lightly and said in a calm voice, “I am not kidding young master. However, I am sure that even she herself hasn’t realised that she is treating Rigel a bit different from others.”

      “Hah!” Derek released a sigh of helplessness as Ravel went into the infirmary. His eyebrows furrowed as he thought of his sister and said to himself, “This is going to be troublesome.”

        Rigel was meditating in his room when the door opened and Ravel walked in with a lunch box in her hand. Rigel was shocked as he watched her unbox the lunch and seriously serve him food without speaking a word.

      “What is this Miss Ravel?” Rigel finally couldn’t resist and asked in a confused voice. He didn’t make it obvious but the meaning behind his words was fairly obvious to Ravel.

            Rigel was asking Ravel why she was treating him to a lunch when she wouldn’t even talk.

         Ravel looked at Rigel, closed her eyes and sighed lightly. She hadn’t spoken a word to Rigel since the first day so she felt a little uncomfortable as she said in a low voice, “This is a congratulatory gift from me. Grandpa accepted you into the clan, didn’t he?”

         Rigel face revealed a surprised expression. He didn’t think that Ravel would know about their meeting since it happened just last night and Patriarch Liongate hadn’t publicly announced it yet.

       Not knowing what to say, Rigel revealed an awkward expression as he said in a warm voice, “Thank you miss Ravel. I didn’t think that the news would travel so fast. Even so, you needn’t had to trouble yourself to make lunch for me.”

         Ravel’s face became red as she listened to Rigel. She held her skirt and fiddled with it for a second before saying in a low voice, “I..I..didn’t make the lunch. I only brought it to you.”

      “Uh!” Rigel’s face also became red as he realised that he had gotten ahead of himself and thought that Ravel made the lunch specifically for him.

         Still, he smiled lightly as he realised the contrast between the current and the past Ravel. When he first met Ravel, she was playful but she didn’t reveal such a side of herself to him. She was cold and emitted the aura of a powerful expert. Now, however, she showed Rigel her playful side and even her shy side which she definitely wouldn’t have shown to the past him.

       That made Rigel feel warm in his heart. He felt that Ravel had somehow opened up to him. Except for the first day, they had never talked before, while the next ten days Ravel spent an hour everyday visiting him. However, she never spoke a word to him.

          Now that she was willing to talk to him and even made a lunch for him, he felt that he was forgiven by her.

       So Rigel bowed deeply and apologised in a respectful voice, “Miss Ravel, I shouldn’t have fooled you back then. I admit that it was entirely my fault. I was desperate to escape and I needed help.

           It was a gamble. Had you found out that I was lying, you might have even killed me but I still decided to take my chances.”

         Ravel’s face revealed a serious expression as she listened to Rigel. She remembered the entire event of the Nether realm as she sighed lightly and said in a calm voice, “Honestly, I am still angry at you but I also know that you were just trying to escape from the Nether realm. So I won’t hold it against you Rigel.

          But, it wasn’t just you who fooled me back then. It was originally Ezareal who faked the documents and sent me chasing after a false treasure.”

      Ravel stared at Rigel and continued, “Ezareal is considered a genius in our clan. He is two years older than me and almost four years older than Derek. So he has always been a person both of us looked up to.

        Rigel you are interested in alchemy right? Then you will definitely like Ezareal, after all he is already a tier two alchemist. Didn’t I say, he is genius. He is also the hope of our alchemy department.

       Twenty and a tier two alchemist, if Ezareal manages to become a tier five alchemist one day, our branch will gain recognition of the main clan. So even grandpa treats Ezareal very dearly.”

            Rigel nodded his head as he heard Ravel. In the ten days he stayed at the Shia clan, he had indeed heard of Ezareal and even before that he had heard of him through several rumours.

        Ezareal was the oldest among the current generation of Shia clan’s direct descendants. Being talented in both cultivation and in alchemy, he was naturally deemed as the leader of this generation of Shia clan.

         “I would be very thankful if you can recommend me to the alchemy division miss.” Rigel said in a respectful voice. He was trying to be as respectful as possible because he wanted there to be demarcation between their statuses.

      Ravel nodded her head and said in a happy voice, “Alright, I will speak with grandpa. He can arrange an examination but ultimately it will depend on you Rigel.”

       Rigel nodded his head while his heart was filled with excitement. Alchemy was something he had chased after for more than two years of his life trying to find a way to overcome the limit put on him through a shattered dantian.

      It was also something that was taught to him by Frank. Even though Rudra claimed that he can teach Rigel Alchemy, learning under a proper teacher had its own merits. Besides, it would be suspicious if he simply acquired the skills without a teacher.

         Soon Ravel left, leaving Rigel wondering how long it would take for him to properly heal so that he can get into the alchemy division. However his thoughts were interrupted by Derek who walked into the room with a questioning look on his face.

          “So wanna explain to me when you got on such good terms with my sister?” Derek asked in a questioning voice as he sat beside Rigel.

          Rigel smiled lightly as he looked at Derek. He laughed and said, “What is this? The young master of Shia clan is worried about his sister.

     Don’t worry Derek, I know my station. I won’t do anything.”

        Derek’s face changed as he heard Rigel. His eyes became concerned as he understood that Rigel saw through the fact that he was worried that his sister would develop feelings for Rigel.

     Derek sighed lightly and said in a calm voice, “I am sorry Rigel. Don’t think wrong of me. This is a trap that many fall for so I was just worried about you.

        Ravel is the only female descendant of the main bloodline. She is rough and unladylike but what worries me most is that she is a bit naive.

        As her little brother, I have the duty to take care of her. Getting close to her will only bring you more troubles than benefits. I hope that you won’t hate me for saying this Rigel.”

         Rigel closed his eyes and sighed lightly. He knew exactly what would happen if he by chance developed feelings for Ravel. It was already risky for him that the young lady of the clan was spending so much time alone with him.

       So Rigel had always been very clear. He would make a clear demarcation in their status so that he wouldn’t be pushed into this exact position.

      “I understand Derek. You have already done me a great favour by saving my life but I am not foolish enough to think that a favour done on a mere whim means that we are on same level.”

         Rigel looked straight into Derek’s eyes and continued, “You are you and I am me. No matter how I put it, we both know that you didn’t just save me out of pity. What is that you want from me Derek?”

      Derek’s eyes became cold as he heard Rigel. He narrowed his eyes and coughed lightly. True, he didn’t just save Rigel out of pity. Friend, that was just a convenient word to bring Rigel into the clan.

      Who was Rigel? A disciple of Xia sect he met at a party and thought to be interesting. Derek had no friends. He viewed everyone from an outsider’s point of view. There were very few people who would be able to see through him and Rigel just happened to be one of them.

       Saving Rigel was a calculated decision. A favour which would eventually have to be returned.

       “I didn’t think that I was so obvious.” Derek said with a sigh as he looked at Rigel and continued, “Just so you know, I mean you no harm Rigel. It’s true that I had other intentions but I didn’t fake my concern for you.”

       Rigel looked at Derek and nodded his head. From the very first day in the clan, Rigel could see that Derek really was concerned about him but he was never sure why he saved him in the first place.

       Friend. That was a word which can be used broadly but Rigel knew from the party that Derek didn’t really get along with everyone and he wasn’t a person who would simply call just anyone a friend.

        That left him with only one answer. Derek was helping him for a certain reason.

         “I know Derek.” Rigel said in a calm voice as he looked at Derek in the eyes.

      Derek sighed lightly and said in a calm voice, “Then, that makes it easy. Rigel, I want you to be decoy.”

      Rigel frowned slightly and asked in a low voice, “For what?”

        Derek narrowed his eyes and stared at Rigel as he asked in a low voice, “What do you know about the Shia clan Rigel?”


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