Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 6 – Battling a Celestial Immortal


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Battling a Celestial Immortal :

             A storm brewed in the sky as the nature trembled under the torrential aura of the mysterious Celestial immortal’s clone. Riddick looked at the clone and narrowed his eyes. He didn’t want this to happen and yet it did. However, he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop this situation. It was a hatred of a lifetime that was fueling the celestial immortal’s rage.

      Such a hatred cannot be dissolved, it will only die with the person. Although Riddick stood up against the celestial immortal, he himself wasn’t confident enough to defeat him. The only reason he took his chances was because it was just a clone and could at most exert thirty percent of the expert’s original strength.

         As Riddick stood facing off against the clone, every single expert watching the battlefield including Lehar began to wonder whether Riddick was truly sane. He had just provoked a celestial immortal and even challenged him to battle. To them, this didn’t seem like bravery but rather as foolishness.

       No matter how powerful Riddick was, there was a gap between the two that can never be bypassed through bravery or sheer luck. It was a wall set up by heavens. A definite gap in power which cannot be measured due to the difference in their statuses. One was a mere deva while the other was a celestial Immortal. Such a fight was unseen since ancient times.

         The clone stood there silently as if waiting for a reaction from Riddick but no matter how much time passed, Riddick didn’t even move nor did he show any signs of attacking him.

      Veins surfaced on the clone’s forehead as he gritted his teeth. Riddick wouldn’t attack so he had to attack first. This was humiliation. Riddick was humiliating him by underestimating him so much. Not only did he dare to challenge him but he also dared to stand still, arrogantly waiting for his attack.

“Humph!” The clone sighed loudly and waved his hand.

         Riddick’s face changed as he retreated backwards without a second thought. The wave of energy released by the clone moved through the air, slicing it apart and followed Riddick as if it had a consciousness of its own. What was more terrifying was the fact that no matter how fast Riddick retreated, the wave of energy closed the gap between them in an instant.

“A little mouse who thinks he can contend against a lion simply because the lion chose to ignore its existence. This is you Riddick.” The clone said in a cold voice as his eyes followed Riddick’s movements.


            One second he was there standing quietly, the next second his body flickered and disappeared only to appear behind Riddick. This was indeed teleportation but the difference between an Yaksha using it and a Celestial immortal using it was far too much.

‘Even if it is a dull ordinary sword, it can becomes a weapon which can slice the earth and heavens in the hands of a master swordsman.’ Similarly, even though teleportation was just a simple technique used by all Yakshas, when used by the celestial immortal, it showed its true worth.

“Fast!” Riddick was shocked by the speed of the clone. His face became pale as he realised that he had no way to escape from the attack of the clone.

“Paragon arms!”

      Riddick immediately willed the paragon arms to appear around him and encapsulated himself in them.

“Petty tricks!” The clone roared loudly and waved his hand. A yellow talisman flew towards Riddick and the words imprinted on the talisman, “Ye shall not live” began to glow.

        Riddick’s eyes narrowed as he coiled around himself protecting his inner body as he braced for the impact.

*Boom!* *Boom!*

      Two loud explosions resounded in the air and the clouds in the skies violently split apart under the massive explosions which completely destroyed the teleportation portal. Many soldiers who stood more than five kilometres away from the fight coughed up blood due to the sheer backlash of the explosion.

        A smile surfaced on Lehar’s face while the old man still looked at everything in curiousity. The little clone looked at the mess caused by his power indifferently. His eyes were no longer looking for Riddick, he was looking for his corpse.

       “That was intense. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to kill me with this level of power your eminence.” The laughing voice of Riddick woke everyone up from their imagination.

“How is this possible?” Lehar screamed in confusion. He was so sure that the blast that happened a minute ago had put an end to Riddick because he just couldn’t imagine a deva who would be able to survive the attack of a celestial expert.

           Lehar wasn’t the only one surprised. All the soldiers and even the strange old man had surprised looks on their faces. Interestingly, the one who was surprised the least by this result was the clone.

        “As expected, you do possess some skills but let me tell you something Riddick. In front of ultimate strength, all your petty tricks will be nothing but a farce.” The clone said with an indifferent expression on his face.

     Riddick simply looked at the clone and narrowed his eyes. Even though he appeared perfectly fine from outside, he knew better than anyone that he wouldn’t be able to sustain no more than two such attacks.

          The paragon body possessed incredible defence. That combined with his extraordinarily strong body was able to sustain the damage of the attack but Riddick knew that he would soon be at his limit.

“Now it’s my turn.” Riddick said in a loud voice and flew towards the clone.

          The clone narrowed his eyes and stood still. If he wanted, he would easily be able to overwhelm Riddick with his attacks but he didn’t, simply because he wanted to see what Riddick was capable of.

         Riddick’s figure flying through the air flashed and then he suddenly disappeared from everyone’s view. Not even the clone was able to sense Riddick anymore.

        “Oh!  A camouflaging technique, interesting but it won’t work against me.” The clone said in a calm voice and then an area hundred metres around him began to glow in yellow light.

           Rididick felt the surge of energy around him but he smiled lightly and entered the yellow zone until he was directly in front of the clone.

            The clone’s face became serious as he couldn’t sense any ripples inside his domain but his instincts warned him of imminent danger. Instinct wasn’t a technique nor was it an ability, it was the sheer power of the soul which would sometimes warn an expert about things unseen to naked eye.

           Such instincts would be often wrong, but sometimes they may be right. As soon as his instincts warned him of danger, the clone immediately tried to teleport but to his horror, he found out that he was unable to.

        “What kind of art is this?” He roared loudly in stunned anger and immediately made layers upon layers of energy barriers around himself. When facing an unknown enemy, it is always better to prepared. He was too shallow minded to think that Riddick would be unable to do anything to him. Now his moment of carelessness was putting his life in harms way.

            At that moment Riddick’s figure came into view. The paragon arms around his back were stretched forward and encapsulated the clone completely separating him from the outside world.

   “These arms, what are they?” The clone frowned and punched the golden arms around him furiously. The arm trembled and shook but survived the attack.

        Rididick’s face was pale as his body received some damage from the clone’s strike but he didn’t fudge and waved his hand. A terrifying surge of unique energy flew towards the clone and directly passed through the folded fingers of the paragon arms.

        The clone was unable to determine the nature of Void energy but he could instinctively understand that it wasn’t something he cannot ignore.

       His face hardened as he braced for the impact even though he was sure that whatever that blast of energy was, it wouldn’t be able to break past his various energy barriers.

      “A cautious enemy is difficult to handle, an over cautious enemy can be taken advantage of but it is the ignorant one whom I like the most. Just like you, your eminence.” Riddick said with a smile on his face.

          The clone narrowed his eyes unable to understand what Riddick meant. However, he was answered shortly as the wave of Void energy touched his energy barriers.

“What the…?” The clone didn’t even have a second to react before his own energy began to undulate like waves of sea.

        Riddick watched as the Void energy instead of fighting with the energy of the celestial immortal, instead fused with it. Void energy cannot be controlled by anyone but Riddick. Once the clone’s energy barrier was invaded by Void energy, he rapidly lost control of his own energy.

       The energy released by a celestial immortal when lost control is akin to a huge natural bomb. The clone couldn’t understand how he suddenly lost control of his energy but all he could think at that moment was the fact that he had severely underestimated riddick.

“Boom!” Riddick said in a small voice. Resonating with Riddick’s words, the paragon arms trembled as a terrifying blast took place within them blasting the clone at point blank range.

        As the surroundings once again shook due to an even more terrifying explosion, everyone’s face was drenched in cold sweat due to the terror caused by Riddick’s strength.

       The celestial immortal blasted Riddick with his energy wave. Not only did he survive the attack but also retaliated with an even more powerful counter.

       The dust raised due to the explosion settled and the paragon arms which were already on the bridge of destruction slowly crumbled away. From within, the clone emerged. He no longer appeared calm and indifferent, his body was crumbling away and his eyes were red as he looked at Riddick. If his hatred and anger could kill riddick then he would have been killed a thousand times over.

     “As expected of a celestial immortal’s clone, you are indeed strong.” Riddick calmly praised as he saw that the clone managed to survive Riddick’s attack.

        Riddick was very well aware of the intensity of that attack, with his current strength, he would never be able to unleash such power on his own. The previous attack was based on pure luck but it wouldn’t work again. Riddick readied himself knowing that the battle had yet to be concluded.

        The clone looked at Riddick with red eyes. His anger suddenly disappeared as he laughed lightly and said, “You got me riddick. I accept the fact that I underestimated you but today you are going to die even if I have to expend some of my life essence.”

          Riddick’s face changed as he heard the clone. He didn’t waste a second more and immediately began to retreat at his maximum speed but then his body shivered as he heard the words, “It’s too late. Die.”


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  1. Eh? he will die again? how many times was it again? or was it just once?
    since Riddick got too many almost-death experiences, I lost count of how many times did he already died. or maybe it is just me? lol

    Anyway, great chapter as usual. I finally able to catch up to this chapter today. Thank you for your hard work and the Chapter!


    • Well, wait for the next chapter. Also, did I say it before, this arc n the next arc n the arc after that will have a hell a lot of fighting, scheming n lots of fun. Hehe… I feel stupid thinking of all the excitement that’s gonna come soon.


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