Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 7 – Immortal Legacies


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Immortal legacies :

              “Die.” the clone roared loudly as his entire body began to glow brightly. Riddick turned his head back and narrowed his eyes as he glanced at him. Not even Riddick expected that the expert would actually resort to this.

             To self detonate his own clone. This was a bold decision. Although a clone is nothing but a energy construct controlled by the divine will of a celestial immortal, self detonating such a clone had its own demerits. Not only would such an action cause damage to the divine will of the expert but his soul may also receive a backlash.

              However Riddick didn’t have time to think of these matters as he gritted his teeth and began to retreat as fast as he could. Similarly, Lehar also retreated at high speed while the soldiers began to run away in every possible direction. The only one who didn’t move from his original position was the strange old man who was observing everyone with a curious smile on his face.

           Riddick slowed down as he sensed that the old man wasn’t moving at all. His lips curved into a smile as he finally understood the weird sensation he felt when he first saw the old man. He immediately stopped in his tracks and turned around to stare at the old man. The old man stared back at Riddick, smiled lightly and whispered to himself, “Eh! Trying to take advantage of me, such boldness. Haha.. Don’t think my help will come without a price kid.”

               The words the old man whispered formed into a spiral of energy and entered into Riddick’s consciousness. Riddick’s mind reeled as he took a few steps backwards. The words contained such power that he wasn’t able to steady himself even after recovering from the shock.

         “So this is the power of a celestial immortal divine will.” Riddick mused to himself as he waited for the old man.

           By this time, the clone had figured out that something was wrong with the situation and looked at the old man. The strange old man who didn’t have any eye catching features suddenly began to look like a white robed, white haired elder whose eyes held such immense power that the anyone who stared into them would be paralyzed with fear.

           “Lord Albion!” The clone shouted in horror as he looked at the old man. He who was a celestial immortal was unable to see through the illusion created by the old man so Riddick couldn’t naturally either. Riddick gaped as he realised that he was too careless. Not only was he unable to sense that the strange old man was a very powerful celestial immortal but was also unable to see through his disguise.

          At that moment, Riddick understood that the old man Albion wasn’t your ordinary celestial immortal. He was in a league of his own.

                The clone immediately recovered his senses as he saw the imposing figure of the white robed elder. He bowed slightly and continued in a respectful voice, “This junior was unable to see through your eminence’s disguise. Please forgive me for showing you such a disgraceful state of mine my lord.”

               “You have indeed shown me a disgraceful side of your nature Legnar. I am disappointed in you. Does the immortal pact of Arya mean nothing to you Legnar? Or are you declaring that you have decided to side with the demonic cultivators who feed upon mortals?” The white robed elder Albion asked in a calm yet cold voice.

          Faced with the torrent of questions, the clone of Legnar was unable to give a reply. No matter what, he knew that he was in the wrong in the current situation and more over, he also understood that he cannot lie out of the situation as Lord Albion was there since the very beginning.

            Having no choice, Legnar sighed in his heart and said in a calm voice, “This time it was junior’s fault Lord Albion.” After admitting his fault, Legnar no longer waited and immediately transported away.

           He had no idea why Albion had saved Riddick but he knew that under his watch, there was no way in the hell would he be able to touch Riddick so he immediately took his leave before he caused himself any more harm.

          In the oceans between the Dou continent and the Vayu continent, on a remote island a man opened his eyes after several centuries. He gazed at south and narrowed his eyes as he thought to himself, “Today, your luck was good but I will see how long will that last Riddick.”

           Back in the jade flow continent, Riddick was staring at the old man Albion with a complex look in his eyes. To be honest, he would have actually preferred to duke it out with Legnar’’s clone. A much more powerful expert helping you didn’t always mean good news.

           Old man Albion smiled slightly and waved his hand. Riddick felt the space before him warp and contract like a sheet of paper. One moment, he was far away staring at the Albion and the next moment he was before him..

           “What was that?” Riddick thought to himself with eyes wide open in shock. Even though he had seen his fair share of unique and mysterious arts, he had never seen such an ability. An ability which interfered with the construct of space itself. Just what sort of expert would develop such an ability?

         However Riddck didn’t forget his manners. He bowed immediately as he regained his calmness and said in a respectful voice, “This junior thanks senior for his timely help.”

           Albion looked at Riddick and laughed lightly. He smiled and said in a calm voice, “Indeed, I saved you so your life essentially belongs to me, but I am not interested in enslaving you. What I am interested in is those weird golden arms of yours? Now, tell me kid, what are they?”    

             Riddick sighed in his heart as he heard Albion. He had long since guessed that the reason such an expert had decided to move was because he wanted something from Riddick. An expert of his level wouldn’t be greedy about material possessions nor would he even think about them. To celestial immortals, who cultivated and trained in dao, it was secrets of the universe that interested them the most.

             Although Riddick might not have any heavenly treasure on him, he had acquired two legacies which can cause wars and destroy planes if they were appeared for everyone’s consumption. Riddick obtained his first legacy from Void. The void energy and its subsequent powers were all a part of the dao of the Void created by Void himself.

           Having gained his legacy, Riddick was able to cultivate Void energy. Similarly, Riddick also gained the legacy of Golden paragon body and the Karmic vision from Sun Goku. Both these legacies were the basis of his level transcending powers.

          An ordinary cultivator wouldn’t be able to see through the secrets of these techniques but some celestial immortals who have deep understanding of the dao can. Upon reaching a certain level, simple power wouldn’t be able to help them advance any further. However, such legacies were different. As long as you manage to decipher the true hidden meaning behind such legacies, you would have access to almost unlimited amounts of experience and knowledge left behind by those ancient immortals.

      So to the celestial immortals, such legacies were treasures beyond value.


            Riddick sighed lightly and said in a calm voice, “Your eminence, I acquired the legacy left by a great expert through sheer luck. As unfortunate as it is, I cannot explain what it is as the legacy was directly implanted into my soul. I am sure that your eminence is well aware of this fact but I will remind you again, even if you kill me, you won’t acquire anything from me.”

       The old man smiled lightly as he heard Riddick. He tilted his head in curiosity and stared at him. Riddick’s behavior, be it a minute before or even now was different from ordinary cultivators. He could sense fear from Riddick but unlike others he wasn’t overwhelmed by the simple emotion known as fear.

        “Interesting!” The old man said with a laugh and continued, “Do you really think I didn’t know that brat. It is indeed true that I cannot personally acquire the legacy nor can I somehow steal it from you but that doesn’t mean, you are of no use to me. There is a way I can still benefit from you.”

           Riddick narrowed his eyes unable to understand what the old man Albion meant by his words. Albion smiled lightly and continued, “I am too lazy to enslave you and make you follow my orders, but I really want that legacy inside your body so how about this, why not make a puppet out of your body?

             That way, not only can I gain the legacy but also a toy for me to have fun with. It’s been so long since I have done something so interesting.”

               Riddick stood standing there staring at old man Albion as the sky cleared up. Far away from them, Lehar was observing the situation with his divine sense while in the Ganges fort, Vera stared into the distance and smiled lightly.

            At that instant, a deep sigh could be heard somewhere deep within the sea near the Baja continent. Following which, a pair of eyes opened glowing in those unfathomable depths.


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