Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 41 – Under the Full moon

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Under the Full moon :

               Deep within the vestiges of the black pearl, a pair of exhausted eyes stared at the sky. The clear black sky dotted with numerous stars changed. As though it was but a transparent curtain blocking the outside world, Rudra’s vision pierced through it and perceived the world beyond the pearl.

              Rudra coughed slightly and sighed heavily in exhaustion. His body appeared to have grown weak and several years older in just a few seconds.

             Over two weeks had passed since he had saved Rigel by unleashing an attack with his own life essence. He appeared fine outside but with each passing day, his condition grew weaker and weaker until the present where he was struggling to even keep his consciousness.

 “So I finally reached my limit.” Rudra thought to himself with a sigh and whispered, “Rigel.”

               Outside, on the roof of the infirmary, under the full moon of the autumn night, Rigel was meditating while relaxing his mind and soul. The cold air of the autumn night made his body especially comfortable as Rigel spent his time meditating on the moon.

             The days he spent recovering were also the days he spent trying to gain enlightenment into the art of the Paragon Body. Being a pure Yang dao and also an invaluable ancient art, the mysteries of the paragon body were beyond his comprehension. He had finished cultivating the first cycle but the more he meditated upon it, the more unfathomable Rigel found it to be.  

            The art of paragon body was meant to be cultivated in six cycles of two. A total of twelve cycles and with the completion of each cycle, the cultivator’s body will be reconstructed and strengthened. Rigel knew the fundamentals of the art but he felt that there was a deeper meaning behind these words. He felt that the paragon body held many more secrets untold and hidden from the world.

             As Rigel spent his days pondering about the dao, he began to get a glimpse of the path he should transverse on to gain complete enlightenment into the dao of the Paragon.

            The yin cannot exist without the yang. The sun cannot exist without the moon, likewise the moon cannot exist without the sun.

           While the paragon body is a manifestation of the fierce nature of the sun, the Yang. Rigel felt that there should also be an equally powerful dao which incorporates the vast power of the moon, the yin.

          Rigel was currently absorbed in cultivating and absorbing the Yang energy of the nature but he felt that he wasn’t suitable to cultivate as a pure yang immortal. Yang is power, it is the manifestation of raw strength, like a sun which is comprised of heat and light, to become an yang immortal, a cultivator’s heart has to be seeking battle at every instant.

          However, Rigel didn’t actively seeked battle. He wouldn’t run away from a fight but he wouldn’t look for it either. So Rigel felt that he was missing something, he missed yin, the cold, clever, subtle yet powerful energy which represents the darkness hidden deep within his heart.      

             Thus Rigel mediated every night under the moon to gain enlightenment and to cultivate the yin energy. All he understood in the short ten days was the fact that the moon can also help him in gaining a power no weaker than the paragon body. That fact alone was enough for Rigel to whole heartedly believe in the path he had chosen.

         Meditate – contemplate and then assimilate their understanding to gain insight into the dao. A dao is connected to all dao as every dao is a part of the ultimate truth.

            This was the true path of cultivation every immortal cultivator eventually gains insight into. Only the time required was different for everyone. One may understand this from the very beginning, it may be due to superior talent or because of a great teacher. Such cultivators are the only ones who will eventually surpass the restrictions of heavens and achieve true glory.

        As Rigel sat there contemplating on his thoughts, he heard the gentle whisper of Rudra.

          Rigel opened his eyes only to find Rudra staring at him with a proud smile on his face. Rudra was truly happy that Rigel was working hard, he was happy because Rigel was already beginning to understand the dao, the truth and was even thinking about his own path in cultivation.

             Rigel was his heir, the bearer of his legacy so Rudra was indeed very happy to see his growth.

“What is it Rudra?” Rigel asked in a confused voice. He was confused because Rudra would never interrupt him, not when he was cultivating.

       Rudra looked at Rigel and smiled slightly. Deep within his eyes was inconceivable concern which may as well be pain. He knew that his time was approaching, for a period of time he wouldn’t be able to help Rigel in any way nor would be even be able to even stay conscious.

         The fight earlier had drained Rudra and weakened him. Having used a part of his life essence, not only did he age a bit but he also damaged his spirit. Originally having used his life essence, Rudra should have immediately entered into a deep sleep but he refused to rest because he wanted to make sure that Rigel was safe.Now Rudra finally was at his limit.

           “I won’t be able to help you for a while Rigel.” Rudra said in a calm voice. If possible he wanted to explain Rigel slowly but he was out of time.

          Rigel stared at Rudra for a few seconds. His calm face became serious as he saw that Rudra wasn’t joking. He thought deeply for a minute before asking in a hesitant voice, “Is this because of what happened in forbidden tunnels, Rudra?”

          Rigel was no fool. He knew that there was something wrong with Rudra because he could obviously see that he had aged after the incident and moreover he wasn’t actively coming out in his spiritual form. However, Rudra refused to admit anything when he asked for the reason.

        Rudra smiled slightly and stroked Rigel’s hair. He sat beside him and said in a calm voice, “What happened has nothing to do with you Rigel. It was my decision and so I am happy with it. Stop thinking about unnecessary things. One can never be responsible for another’s decisions”

       Rigel’s eyes became red as he understood what Rudra meant. So it was because of him after all.

          Rudra didn’t say anything to Rigel as he sat beside him watching the full moon and the stars as the cold wind swept his hair. Time slowly flowed and soon an hour passed in silence. Rudra looked at Rigel’s concerned face and smiled lightly.

        He could see concern, fear and even unwillingness in Rigel’s eyes. Rudra patted Rigel as he thought to himself, “Sometimes I forget that you are just a fifteen year old kid due to the life you have lead until now. Buried underneath the maturity forced upon you by this ruthless world, I can still see a hesitant fifteen year boy.”

         “Rigel, I don’t know how long it will take for me to recuperate. I wanted to teach you alchemy, I wanted to watch over you and protect you but I am afraid I won’t be here for you. Promise me Rigel, while I am away, you will definitely survive. No matter what happens, promise me that you will stay alive.” Rudra said in a low voice filled with emotion.

           Rigel looked at Rudra and nodded his head. He didn’t say a word because he was still unable to accept the fact that he was the reason why Rudra was in this state.

          Although no words were exchanged, Rudra nodded his head in satisfaction as he saw Rigel’s face. Rudra no longer tried to make Rigel forget about the incident because he knew that saying any more will only cause more harm.

       Rudra stood up and faced Rigel. His figure was slowly beginning to fade away as he extended his fingertip and touched Rigel’s forehead.

           “Before I go, I will impart this profound art to you. It is called ‘Black Inferno’. As a yang natured profound art, this skill is suitable to you. It unleashes raging black flames of extreme temperature. Although, this skill isn’t at the level of the paragon body, it is perfect to camouflage your Asura poison. Be safe Rigel.” Rudra said with a smile on his face and faded away.

          Rigel sat there silently, on the roof thinking about Rudra’s words. He raised his eyes and stared at the full moon.

        “Before I knew it, I became just like you.” Rigel said those words as he stared at the moon.

      A moon glows brilliantly because of the sun. Without the sun, the moon will lose its brilliance.

          Rigel had never really depended on anyone except himself, not until Rudra appeared before him. Now as Rudra left him, an emotion foreign to him surfaced in his mind. Fear of being alone.

         Rigel laughed at himself for being so naive. He knew that there was something wrong with Rudra but he didn’t try to get to the bottom of the matter and neither was he able to see that Rudra was suffering. He thought that Rudra would be fine. He didn’t understand how much Rudra’s presence meant to him, not until he disappeared.

           Deep inside the pearl, Rudra looked at Tal who stared back at him and nodded his head. Rudra closed his eyes and the black world became a blank space. The mountains, the sky, the stars and everything within it disappeared along with his consciousness. All that remained was a huge boulder with a strange eye painted on it.


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