Riddick – Book 7 – Chapter 8 – Golden Tribulation Scroll

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*Golden Tribulation scroll*

                 Deep within the sea, an underwater river flowing through a ravine suddenly trembled as an incomparably old rock under it split apart revealing a ten metre tall giant. His eyes stared into the skies through the tens of thousands of metres of water with a complicated expression.

           One second he was underwater, the next second he was high above in the skies looking at the Stellar plane with narrowed eyes. His hand made a grasping motion and the next second, a tear appeared in the surrounding spatial walls revealing the chaotic space of the universe.

             A look of confusion appeared in his eyes as he furthermore sensed an unfamiliar energy in the nature. Finally his gaze landed on the nine weakened spots in the spatial walls from where the nine meteors had pierced into the Stellar plane.

            “Looks like a lot of things have happened while I was in secluded meditation.” The giant thought to himself as he disappeared into thin air. The next time he appeared, it was above another sea, only this one was different as a giant whirlpool was swirling beneath his feet.

          The giant looked at the whirlpool and waved his hand, a clone instantly appeared and flew into the whirlpool at lightning speed. However, the weak looking waters repelled the clone with an awe inspiring force. No matter how the clone tried to break into the whirlpool, it was of no use. Finally the giant sighed as he saw his clone was destroyed after repeated attempts.

           “So this is your will Lord Odin. If you are restricting me, then there is nothing this humble one can do.” The giant sighed heavily as he felt resigned due to the restriction put on him by the whirlpool.

            The whirlpool which was no larger than a hundred metres in diameter had already grown into that of a five hundred metre whirlpool in the mere five minutes the giant had been trying his luck. Such a change did not go unnoticed by the giant who stared at the corners of the whirlpool where cracking sounds were constantly emitted as the whirlpool expanded by the minute.

            “I don’t know what caused the seal of the Odin plane to shatter but whatever it is, I should be thankful. Whether or not I am unable to enter this plane or not is a matter of minor importance. What is important is that I shouldn’t let this opportunity go to waste.” The giant pondered to himself as he stared at the ever growing whirlpool.

          His eyes then were filled with certainty as he raised his hand and tapped the air with his finger. At the tip of his finger, a mist rose and slowly dissipated in the air. The giant glanced at the dissipating mist and sat right above the whirlpool with closed eyes.

         Albion was chuckling happily upon seeing Riddick’s ugly expression. He looked as if he was having fun when suddenly his face changed. He looked at the skies seriously and then bowed deeply as a man appeared made out of mist.

        Riddick was deeply shaken by the way Albion had bowed to the shape of man formed out of mist. He knew from experience that Albion was already a peak celestial immortal, there were only a few people who had the authority and power to make him bow without hesitation.

        The man formed out of mist glanced at Riddick. Even though, there were no actual eyes on his face, Riddick felt as if his soul was stripped to the core and glanced upon by that gaze. Riddick was powerful enough to stay unshaken in front of celestial immortals, but he wasn’t able to even move under his gaze. He felt as if he would be crushed to death under his stare.

        Those deep pit like eyes were staring at him and drawing him in into an unknown realm. The giant sitting above the whirlpool raised his eyebrows in curiosity as he glanced at Riddick who was the only person he had encountered who had mastered and harnessed the new energy he had sensed earlier.

       Although he had intended no harm, the mere seconds of his concentration had strained Riddick’s soul to the point that it was beginning to tremble and was on the verge of shattering.

        “My lord.” Albion interrupted the man formed out of mist at this point drawing his gaze away from Riddick.

           Riddick breathed heavily and fell on his knees as he looked at Albion with a complicated expression. He had thought that Albion was his enemy but now he had essentially saved his life. Riddick was sure that had the man stared at him for a few more seconds, he would have at best suffered a soul damage and at worse would have died under the power of his gaze.

          Riddick wasn’t certain earlier but he was now absolutely certain that the man before him was an existence surpassing even celestial Immortals, an Ancient realm expert.

        This person was among the true elite powers of the universe. Even in his past life, an ancient realm experts were considered as individuals truly eligible to enter the heavens. To the past Riddick, they may not be all too powerful but to the current Riddick, the man was at a stage where he would be able to easily kill Riddick with just his aura.

             The man glanced at Albion and said something in a low voice. Even though Riddick tried to hear it, he just wasn’t able to. It was as if the sound was ordered to be heard by Albion alone. The next minute the man once again dissipated into mist and disappeared leaving Albion alone with a confused expression.

            Riddick put aside his shock and stared at Albion as he still wasn’t sure of his intentions. Albion gazed at Riddick and sighed slightly. He shook his head helplessly and said in a low cold voice, “Kid, your job is done here, right? Now go back and don’t make any ruckus.” He then stared at Lehar and continued, “That applies to you as well brat.”

             Then without waiting for a response, he directly teleported away leaving Riddick and Lehar wondering what was that all about. After Albion left, Riddick and Lehar stared at each other, the spark of hatred still lingered between them but they had been through too much that day and besides, Lehar wasn’t confident enough to defeat Riddick after witnessing his fight against the clone so he snorted coldly and flew away.

              Riddick remained alone in the battlefield staring at the empty skies in confusion before he signalled with his divine sense. Two minutes later, Juichi slowly came into Riddick’s view. Riddick had kept Juichi at a distance of more than a thousand kilometres away as a strategic reinforcement.

                     People would be able to sense Juichi, but wouldn’t be able to link him to Riddick because he was a largely unknown person due to him being the newest member and also because of his tendency to stay unnoticed. Riddick didn’t have any need for him but in case of an emergency, he can be an unexpected ally.  

              Juichi too was confused with the sudden turn of events but he maintained a keen eye on the scattered troops to be on the safe side. Riddick sighed lightly and gave Yama to Juichi while he himself teleported into Yamaloka.

        Riddick wasn’t sure what was happening but he was sure that it had nothing to do with him. An ancient realm expert wasn’t someone he can even dare to mess with, it was better for Riddick to stay as far away from such matters as possible.

          Far away from Riddick’s current location, at the centre of the entire stellar plane, called as Stellar point, the nature was beginning to grow turbulent as various celestial immortals teleported near it within minutes.

          Less than ten minutes after Albion had teleported away from Jade Flow continent, he too appeared near the stellar point and sucked in a cold breath as he saw tens of hundreds of celestial immortals.

              Even though he had a vague idea about the number of celestial immortals present in the stellar plane, he hadn’t expected so many would show up. Such a thing was impossible in any other occasion but at the moment, not only did they all arrive at the gathering point but were also patiently waiting as the ten metre tall giant was floating above a large whirlpool with closed eyes.

          At this point some celestial immortals began to vaguely sense that the whirlpool under their feet was somewhat different. However, they didn’t try anything funny and waited for the giant. Ten more minutes passed and even more celestial immortals arrived. Finally after a long wait of ten more minutes, the giant opened his eyes.

        The minute he opened his eyes, the surroundings became foggy and the nature slowed down while the celestial immortals felt enormous pressure crushing upon their souls. Although, they wouldn’t be killed with such pressure alone, fear appeared in their eyes as they circulated their cultivation and waited for the giant.

         The giant glanced at the celestial immortals and nodded his head in satisfaction. He took in deep breath and said in a clear voice, “The legacy of Lord Odin has appeared in this mortal plane. Any immortal who is successful in acquiring this legacy for me shall be rewarded with a *Golden tribulation scroll* personally scripted by an Arch angel. Any celestial immortal who possess this scroll can safely bypass a tribulation of their choice.”

           The moment these words were heard by the celestial immortals, a look of shock appeared on their faces. Even though they were curious what the legacy left behind by lord Odin was, they were shocked that a *Golden tribulation scroll* had been announced as a present.

         It must be known that all Yakshas have to undergo five minor tribulations while all Celestial immortals have to live through three major tribulations before they can breakthrough into the next stage. A Golden Tribulation scroll was thus a treasure beyond value to these celestial immortals. With the help of this scroll, some of them could directly breakthrough into Ancient realm.

         The giant glanced at all of them and continued in a calm voice, “However, none of shall be able to acquire the legacy yourself. Only Yakshas can, so recruit as many as you can. A hundred, a thousand, it doesn’t matter. One year from now, the Odin plane shall open and then, I will be waiting for you all along with your chosen yakshas.”


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