Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 42 – Embrace your weakness

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Embrace Your Weakness :


              In the shadows of the various buildings of the Shia clan a figure was moving at a fast pace. The guards patrolling the area felt a breeze on their faces but before they could sense anything, the figure had already slipped away from their vision. Sure, there were people who could sense her, but in the dead of the full moon night, nobody was really paying any attention to her.

            She soon made her way to the infirmary and snuck into it with ease. Looking closer, her feet weren’t even touching the floor signifying her status as a Spark formation expert. Having such a level of cultivation, there weren’t many people capable of sensing her in the moderately guarded infirmary.

          In the West Wing of the infirmary, right under the shade of the old poplar tree, where Rigel’s room was located. At that moment, he was fast asleep and sure didn’t sense her entering his room. The figure slowly walked near Rigel’s bed and stared at him.

            Under the illumination of the full moon, her face came into view. With green eyes like jade and hair beautifully braided and swinging with each step, she looked like a goddess descended onto the mortal world in the charming light of the moon. She was Ravel. The cold wind slowly blew, blowing away the few strands of hair on her face, revealing her tender expression as she watched Rigel sleeping peacefully.

             It wasn’t the first time she had visited Rigel while he slept. It all began a month ago, when she accidentally saw Rigel sleeping for the first time. She was just about to leave when she saw how his body began to sweat profusely and began to shiver. Having suffered from nightmares herself, Ravel immediately understood that Rigel was having a nightmare.

              Ravel sat down by Rigel’s bed in a practised manner and stared at the full moon. She smiled slightly as she remembered that she first came to visit Rigel on a full moon night as well. What she didn’t know was that was the night Rudra had entered into a deep slumber.

             Satisfied that Rigel was sleeping peacefully, Ravel slowly took out a scroll to study. She had been coming here everyday since that day. Even Ravel herself didn’t understand why she cared about Rigel so much. It might be because she knew about his past or it may be because she just liked him, but she somehow felt protective of him.

            Before Ravel knew, she began to treat Rigel as her own brother. However, deep inside she knew that it wasn’t the same. Ravel also knew that if she was found out, it would not only get her in trouble but Rigel would also be dragged into a troublesome matter. Even though she understood this, she was unable to stay away knowing that Rigel may be suffering from a nightmare.

               Deep inside the inner world of Rigel, he was looking at his reflection on a clear puddle of water. The puddle of water reflected himself, but it didn’t exactly reflect his present self. It reflected his image when he was a slave.

            Rigel watched his life flash before his eyes as he watched an eight year old sold to a slave market by a trader. He watched as he was bought by another trader, he watched as his first friend was bought by an angry looking woman who whipped him right before his eyes.

         Rigel didn’t really remember his childhood, his earliest memories were that of a slave trader. He was just six or seven years old then and that was the start of his life.

         He watched as he too was sold to a butler who worked for Lord Gerald. His subsequent life for the next five years flashed before his eyes. All his pain, his love, his suffering and eventually his hatred for humans, the terrible masters he served under and their atrocities made him tremble in anger.

           Soon he saw himself in that courtroom facing the one man he wanted to kill and then he watched him destroy his dantian. Rigel then watched as Frank came by and saved him. Finally he saw the silver haired man who kidnapped Frank and almost killed him.

           The more he watched, the angrier he grew. Nothing was ever fare in Rigel’s life. Every time he found happiness in his cruel little world, fate took it all away throwing him back to nothing.

           Rigel finally had a chance, given to him by Rudra but ultimately even he left, leaving Rigel alone. Just like before and like always, he was back to being alone fending for his life by himself.

              As Rigel dreamed of his own life, he began to shiver and sweat profusely. Ravel’s face became serious as she immediately took out a towel and wiped away the sweat. She watched Rigel carefully but didn’t attempt to wake him up because she knew from experience that such nightmares will only stop when one makes peace with one’s troubles.

            As much as she wanted to help Rigel escape from his nightmares, she had no choice but to let him persevere.

          As Rigel trembled in anger, fear began to haunt him. He was alone again, without guidance and without a way to achieve his goals. His promise to her, his life goal to kill Gerald and his current mission to save Frank, his life wasn’t just his. He had promises to fulfill, he had promises to keep and he had yet to return the debt he owed Frank.

           Would he be able to keep them? Would he be able to do it alone? Rigel didn’t know and that was what made him tremble in fear. Having Rudra alongside him, he involuntarily began to depend on him. Was that a good thing? Was that a bad thing? He had no idea but he knew that alone, he would have a far lesser chance to win.

             As Rigel coiled around himself thinking, he felt a gentle breeze followed by a sweet smell of a woman. Rigel lifted his head and stared at the imaginary roof of his inner world, he could see nothing but he could clearly sense it. That fragrant smell which intoxicated him and the comfortable sensation it brought along with it were his companions in this cold nightmare world.

           He didn’t know how long he had been sensing the sweet smell, but this gentle breeze was his cue to escape from this nightmare world. Every day, he would immerse himself in the sweet smell and slowly escape from the nightmares but he had never been able to see the person responsible for saving him.

            Every day as he woke up, he would find no one. The smell lingered but he had no way to identify a person with smell alone. Rigel took in deep breath and thought to himself in a determined tone, “Today, I will find you.”

           Ravel was leaning on Rigel’s face and was swiping away the sweat on his forehead when she suddenly sensed the movement of his eyelids. She smiled lightly and turned around trying to leave, but her face became pale as she noticed that the cloth she laid on his forehead wasn’t removed yet.

          That moment of delay and everything happened in an instant. Rigel opened his eyes and blinked rapidly before his vision laid on Ravel who was similarly watching him with her mouth opened in shock.

       She tried to leave but stopped In her tracks as Rigel whispered to himself, “Ravel.” She knew that instant that there was no going back, she had been found out and more so by Rigel. She had no reason to be here and she knew that it was impossible to fool Rigel anymore so she turned around and stared at him with a complicated expression.

        Compared to Ravel, Rigel was in a much deeper shock. He had sometimes thought that maybe the sweet smell was a figment of his imagination but now, everything became clear to him. It was Ravel and furthermore, he was shocked to discover the fact that she had been sneaking into his room every night for over a month.

           After Derek warning him regarding Ravel, Rigel tried his best to stay away from her and even thought that he had been pretty successful since Ravel was no longer visiting him regularly, but what was this? Sneaking into his room at night was ten times worse.

         Seeing Rigel’s complicated expression, Ravel sighed in her heart. She knew that it would come to this so she went back to her seat and stared at Rigel for a long while. In the calm room illuminated by the moonlight, other than the beating of the two hearts, there was no other sound to interrupt them.

         “Want to say what you were dreaming about?” Ravel asked in a calm voice as she stared at Rigel.

       For a second, Rigel didn’t know how to answer. He stared at her stupidly for a minute before regaining his senses and shaking his head.

         Ravel’s eyes revealed slight pain as Rigel refused to tell her, she felt hurt for some reason. She knew that she had no authority to ask Rigel but for some reason, she felt that she should be the only one Rigel should open his heart to.

             This was a strange feeling, foreign to her. It was akin to jealousy, anger and fear mixed together. That was what Ravel felt when Rigel didn’t answer her.

          Rigel eyes revealed a concerned expression as he saw the pain in Ravel’s eyes. He too felt that he had been too rash. Even if he didn’t want to speak about his past, there was a better way to tell Ravel then to plainly refuse.

“I am sorry.” Rigel apologized in a low voice.

          Ravel raised her head and stared at Rigel in surprise. She wasn’t expecting an apology and she wasn’t even sure why he was apologizing to her. To be honest, she was the one who was on the wrong side.

          Rigel looked at Ravel and narrowed his eyes, he remembered his nightmares, his loneliness, his weakness and decided then and there, “I refuse to be weak, I refuse to be alone and I refuse to put people aside even if they will return to hurt me later on.”

          “I never had anyone to take care of me so I can’t open up to people easily. Sorry if I hurt you miss Ravel.” Rigel continued in a low voice.

         Ravel stared at Rigel with wide eyes. She had never expected Rigel to open up to her. She knew how hard it would be to admit their weaknesses so she smiled slightly, bent over and hugged him as she said, “I see, I am sorry that you had a rough childhood Rigel.”

             Rigel felt like thunder had struck him as he was hugged by Ravel. He immediately tried to struggle free but then he smelled the sweet familiar scent from her. His heart eased in an instant, his struggling dissolved like a mist and he gave up with a sigh. He looked at the moon from her embrace and thought to himself, “I am sorry Derek, looks like I can’t keep my promise.”

             That instant his hands by her side raised and hugged her back.



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