Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 43 – Black Inferno

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*Black Inferno*

                        Within the inner parts of the Shia clan, there was a majestic nine floored(story) pagoda that was surrounded by guards on all sides, and that was enshrouded by the grey formation protecting it. This pagoda was the most important place in the entire clan, as it contained within it the treasures and profound skills collected by the Shia clan throughout its three hundred years of history — it was the Treasure pavilion.

                             Right next to this pagoda was another seven floored(story) pagoda that was also guarded on all sides, but that wasn’t protected by a protective formation. This pagoda contained the knowledge gathered throughout three centuries — it was the Athenaeum of the Shia clan. At any moment of the day, many disciples would be holed up in the Athenaeum reading scrolls and different books that described ways of cultivation, and the various insights into the dao recorded by experts.

                       The only reason that the Athenaeum was less guarded than the Treasure pavilion, was because it contained no real profound skills; it only held accumulated knowledge, as well as some basic skills and techniques which could be acquired anywhere in Gehenna. At that moment, in a corner on the second floor within the Athenaeum, Rigel sat reading a scroll that explained fire profound skills with intense concentration.

                              It’d been a week since Rigel had opened up to Ravel and had decided to trust her with his secrets. He’d explained to Ravel the same things he’d said to Derek, and had also asked her to keep quiet regarding his origin. No matter what, Ravel was the one who had knowingly, or unknowingly, saved him twice — once from the Nether realm, and now, a second time from the nightmares which both drowned his soul in anger, and consumed it in a constant search for revenge.

              Rigel truly was on the verge of being consumed by his rage towards his own helplessness. The trauma he’d experienced in his early life wasn’t something that would ever be subdued. His soul was forever scarred, and his hatred towards Gerald was just a form of escape from the nightmare that would forever chase after him.

                    Rigel raised his head, and stared at the reflection of himself in a window. As the faint rays of evening sun were slowly dimming down, he put the scroll back in its place, and began to slowly walk down the stairs. His eyes were filled with emotions as he looked at his left palm. On it, there was the faint mark of a deep scar stretching from the base of his index finger, all the way to his wrist.

“Lulu…” Rigel muttered to himself as he traced the scar with his right thumb.

                  A smile bloomed on his face as he remembered the time when he’d been severely injured at the age of eight. A girl, no more than 10,  had torn a piece of her dirty skirt and tied it onto his palm, while kissing him on the forehead as he cried due to the severe pain. That was the day Rigel had first met Lulu, and for the next five years, his life had been centered around her, and only her.

                  Rigel reached the steps of the library, and gazed at the sun that had almost disappeared from the horizon. Replacing his smile, was both deep hatred and intense anger appearing on his face. His face became expressionless, but his heart was beating heavily as he tried to control the intense anger that was consuming him.

                   Slowly, Rigel made his way towards the forests near the Shia clan to test his progress. Rigel’s daily schedule consisted of studying in the library from early in the morning, until late in the evening, and then he would test his theories and consolidate his findings. The reason why Rigel spent so much time studying the way of cultivation, was because he understood that he lacked foundation.

                   Even though Rigel had climbed into the fourth level of Qi Condensation in such a short period of time, he lacked a solid foundation, and thus was unable to unleash the maximum power capable for his current cultivation. Therefore, Rigel was no longer attempting to increase his cultivation base, and was instead trying his best to solidify his current cultivation.

               Rigel’s greatest strengths at the moment were the Asura poison and the Art of the Paragon body. Although the Asura poison had immense potential, and could be used as a trump card, it had a severe defect in the fact that it was easily noticeable. However, Rudra had also imparted the fire attributed skill ‘Black Inferno’ to Rigel.

                     Not only did the profound art ‘Black Inferno’ have a unique nature of unleashing black flames, it was also a high level profound art. Rigel had been guided by Rudra when he’d learned the Paragon Body, but now he had to rely on himself to understand the ‘Black Inferno’ skill. Thus, he was facing difficulty with controlling it.

                 The problem was Rigel had no experience whatsoever at learning profound arts, so he was using this opportunity to learn as many basic profound arts as he could. Although these profound arts wouldn’t be too useful in battle, they were still helping him understand the ‘Black Inferno’ skill better.

                       Once he was in the forest, Rigel took off his shirt and hung it on the branch of a tree. He bent his thighs until they were ninety degrees to his straight back, then proceeded to stand in that position as he circulated his Qi and steadied his breathing. He was conditioning his body as a part of his daily training.

                           Soon, his body began to slowly warm up as he circulated his Qi through all twelve of his principal meridians, and eight extraordinary meridians. Then he began to circulate his Qi through his collateral meridians. His breathing was slowly becoming relaxed, and his chaotic mind was slowly calming down, as he circulated his Qi through his breathing excercises.

                      Rigel opened his eyes after more than fifteen minutes, his body covered in sweat, and a small layer of waste had accumulated across his skin as his body expelled the impurities. Usually, all the impurities were expelled by the body when one broke through into the next realm, but due to the sudden and the unnatural ways that Rigel had broken through, his body still had many wastes that were slowly being expelled as he solidified his cultivation.

                      Rigel released a heavy sigh, and his eyes shone with brilliance as his mind was completely free of his previous anger. A look of determination appeared on Rigel’s face as he raised his hand and extended a single finger. His mind repeated the words etched into his soul regarding the theory of the ‘Black Inferno’.

                        An inferno is a fire which cannot be controlled. The ‘Black Inferno’ derives its name from an expert who had successfully fused the dao of Black lightning with the Dao of the Inferno, and had created a technique which harnessed both the explosive power of lightning, and the raging nature of an inferno.

                     Being formed by the merging of two daos, the ‘Black Inferno’ was naturally a technique that required a very deep understanding into the Daos of both the inferno and of lightning, to be able to unleash its true potential.

                        Rigel naturally didn’t have any insights into any Daos, except for the most basic insights into the potential of the Yin and Yang. However, Rudra had provided him some basic guidance, through which Rigel was capable of at least using the Black Inferno — albeit in a very weakened form.

                      From the tip of Rigel’s finger, a black flame rose and began to burn in the air with crackling sounds. Even though the flame was no larger than a small apple, the power contained within it was no joke. Rigel was completely concentrated on the flame, as he raised his other hand and switched it between his hands.

                     One mistake, and he was sure that he would be the one who would end up with an injury. The Black Inferno usually had a very rampant nature. The only reason he was able to freely control the flame was because he wasn’t allowing the inferno to go out of control, and was limiting it to merely the size of an apple.

                   A sigh of relief involuntarily escaped from Rigel’s mouth as a minute passed and he managed to keep the Inferno in control. His face then once again became serious, as he raised his right hand and willed the Asura Poison to appear. A black fog arose from his right hand, while above the palm of his left hand he held the small flame.

                   Rigel hadn’t yet tried to fuse the Black Inferno with the Asura Poison. He wouldn’t have even thought to try it, had Rudra not asked him to use the Black Inferno to conceal the Asura Poison. Such a thought wouldn’t have appealed to Rigel, considering both of them were powerful in their own aspects.

                 However, just as Rigel was going to attempt the fusion, he sensed more than ten divine senses scanning him at the same time. His face changed, and he immediately withdrew the Black Inferno and Asura Poison, before turning around with a serious face.

                      It wasn’t the first time that he’d encountered these divine senses — he’d always felt eyes on his back — but Rigel always chose to slip past them rather than confront them. However, it seemed he could no longer put the matter aside, as ten divine senses had surrounded him on all sides and were steadily closing in on him.

             “So the little frog can sense us from so far. Impressive for an ugly frog, I suppose.” A haughty voice rang out, as a man walked out of the woods, followed by nine other cultivators who formed a circle around Rigel.

                 Rigel watched everyone with an expressionless face, and stared back at the man who had spoken first. He was about eighteen, and had thick eyebrows, with a bulky body that was unnatural for a cultivator whose general training relied on strengthening their spirit and cultivation rather, than their physical body.         

                       Rigel didn’t recognise the man himself, but he recognised the Gold patterned robe he wore.  A gold patterned robe represented his status as a disciple of the main bloodline. For a clan that had existed for three hundred years, there were certainly many branches. The main bloodline however, always held the crown. It was regarded as not only being the strongest, but as also being the bloodline which steadily produced powerful descendants.

                At that moment, as per the rules of the clan, Rigel was supposed to bow his head and show his respect for the burly youth. However, he simply stared at the youth because he could tell from the look in the youth’s eyes that he hadn’t come with any good intentions.

                  The burly youth looked at Rigel, and seeing that he had refused to bow to show respect, a dangerous smile appeared on his face. He took a step forward and instantly appeared before Rigel. For a man of his size, he was very fast as his hand went straight towards Rigel’s throat.

             Having anticipated that it wouldn’t end well, Rigel was already alert. As soon as the youth’s hand reached for his throat, Rigel’s hand grasped for his.


                          A dull sound rang out in the forest, as the burly youth and Rigel grabbed each other by their throats. A look of crazed anger appeared in the youth’s eyes as he looked at Rigel, only to be  stared back by eyes which had, at some point, lost all of their calmness, and were radiating a killing intent that should’ve been inherently impossible for a boy that was only sixteen years of age.


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