Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 44 – Don’t Rip me off

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Don’t Rip me off :

                    A minute of silence permeated the air as the burly youth and Rigel held each other by their throats. The remaining nine who had circled Rigel stared at the scene in shock as if they were unable to comprehend how Rigel could dare to assault a main bloodline descendant.

                 Even they, the members of the Shia clan would think a dozen times before being disrespectful to anyone of the main bloodline and yet Rigel, an outsider had dared to fight back. Following the minute of silence, the cold laughter of the burly youth rang out in the woods as his large muscles stretched and rippled as he exerted all his strength to crush Rigel’s neck.

             Who was he? A direct descendant of the Shia clan and yet a mere outsider had disrespected him and even dared to fight back in his own clan. Furthermore, he did that in the presence of others. Not only was he a senior in age and cultivation, but was also his direct superior according to the clan rules.

                 The burly youth had originally only wanted to teach Rigel some manners but his eyes were cold and his face had a sinister smile as he increased his grip on Rigel’s throat to the point where Rigel wouldn’t be able to breathe. His eyes had ridicule as he imagined that soon Rigel would be screaming in pain and begging for forgiveness.

               Rigel frowned as the burly youth’s grip tightened on his throat. His eyes narrowed as he saw the cold sinister smile on his face, that was an expression he had seen far too many times in his life. That was the smile of a person who considered himself above others and looked down on others as if they were his slaves.

              Killing intent flashed in Rigel’s eyes. He had been under that gaze before and he knew that unless and until the pride which birthed that sinisterness and haughtiness was completely crushed, that person wouldn’t stop. That sinisterness rooted deep in his soul would time and time again come back to haunt others.

                 Although the burly youth was in the sixth level of Qi condensation and even honed his muscles through physical exercise, Rigel didn’t lose a bit in strength, instead he felt as if he would easily be able to overwhelm the burly youth in physical prowess alone.

             What did Rigel train in? The Heavenly art of the paragon body. Having had his body reconstructed under the effects of the yang energy of the paragon body, Rigel’s body which was already strong to begin with had become incomparably strong compared to any of the Qi condensation stage experts.

             In fact based on pure physical prowess, he was approaching Spark formation level power. Thus the explosive power packed in the muscles of the burly youth was nothing compared to explosiveness hidden within Rigel’s lean body.

              As the grip of the burly youth increased in strength, Rigel snorted coldly and increased the strength of his grip by about fifty percent. The sinister smile on the burly youth’s face faded away immediately and it was replaced with a look of horror. He looked at Rigel as if he was seeing a monster while his face was rapidly becoming pale as he was unable to even breathe under the powerful grip of Rigel.

                 The nine people who were calmly watching, waiting for Rigel to admit his fault were stunned by the turn of the events. For a second, they didn’t know what to do, but then they all shot towards Rigel at high speed realising that any delay may result in disastrous outcome.

           Rigel watched the nine shot towards him from the corner of his eyes and released his grip on the burly youth. The burly youth had by this point lost all his power and weakly fell to his knees while gasping for his breath.

                 His eyes were no longer haughty with pride, all they had at that point was fear. For the first time in his life, he felt as if he would really die. Being a main bloodline descendant, he was never in a life threatening fight nor did he ever try to temper himself in dangerous situations. So as soon as he realised that Rigel was a lot stronger than him, he was consumed by fear rather than thinking of a method to escape alive.

                If they compared the burly youth to Rigel based on experience alone, he would be like a toddler. Neither in killing or in pure fighting would he be able to reach Rigel’s level of expertise, not even in ten more years. The nine immediately stood guard before the burly youth while some of them surrounded Rigel.

               Rigel looked at them coldly and said in a calm voice, “I don’t care who you are. You tried to harm me first and thus you deserved this. The next time, I won’t stop with just a warning.”

          The burly youth looked at Rigel with hatred filled eyes. Even though he was burning with shame and anger, he remembered the terrifying strength contained within Rigel’s grip and didn’t wildly dash out.

               He instead snorted coldly and said in a cold voice, “Whoever manages to kill this brat will be given a spark formation stage artifact of their choosing. I swear on my soul that I will keep my word and furthermore, I will take the blame for his death.”      

        The nine Qi condensation stage experts beside that burly youth panted as they heard his words. He had clearly swore that he would keep his word, a spark formation stage artifact wasn’t cheap for even him so they all clearly understood that he held intense hatred towards Rigel that he was willing to sacrifice a fortune.

            Rigel who was walking away stopped in his tracks and turned around. The nine Qi condensation stage experts made up of six fifth level and three sixth level Qi condensation experts were staring at him with cold eyes filled with killing intent while the burly youth sitting on the ground was laughing smugly.

            Rigel narrowed his eyes as he saw his smug smile. It was clear to him that he didn’t care about those nine nor would he worry even if all of them died in his hands. Actually his plan was to force Rigel into heavily injuring or possibly killing one of them so that he would have an excuse to kill him off.

             It was a cruel and yet a very effective strategy to deal with him. Rigel sighed in his heart as he clenched his fist tightly. The burly youth was basically giving Rigel two choices, either surrender quietly and suffer in their hands or resist and fight them, only to be questioned by the clan later. With his influence the burly youth was sure that he would be able to prove that Rigel was guilty of his crime even if he wasn’t.

 The burly youth smiled slightly and asked in a low voice, “Now what will you do brat?”

         Rigel looked at the youth and smiled coldly, he extended his hand and made a signalling motion provoking them to come.


“You bastard.”

         The nine Qi condensation stage experts shouted loudly in anger as Rigel didn’t seem to even put them in his eyes and furthermore insulted them to come at him.

           However, they were still disciples of the Shia clan and weren’t ready to gang up on Rigel all at once so three disciples of fifth level of Qi condensation charged at him and smacked their bag of holdings bringing out a steel sword, a bronze bell and a wooden stake respectively.

          Rigel watched them with a narrowed gaze and smacked his bag of holding bringing out an old chipped flying sword. He kept the sword in his hand and waited for the three to approach him, just as the three treasures were approaching him, Rigel ignited the Black Inferno and threw the flying sword burning coldly in those black flames towards the person who used the wooden stake.

         Rigel’s motion had truly caught them off guard, they didn’t know what that flame was but as soon as it approached them, their faces changed as they saw the crackling sword and the intense energy contained within it.

         The one who was stunned and horrified of all was the person who had used the wooden stake. He immediately brought out a flying sword and a talisman to be on the safe side as he retreated with his maximum speed.

           All of them sighed in relief as the man had escaped from the zooming sword but then faces changed as the sword changed direction in mid air and followed the man at high speed.

“Impossible!” multiple screams rang out simultaneously as they saw that Rigel was controlling the sword with his divine sense.

       “How? How? Isn’t he still in fourth level of Qi condensation?” the burly youth asked in a low voice.

         The remaining two were too shocked by this that they took their eyes off Rigel for a second. The next second they turned their attention back to Rigel, shocked to see him chasing the bell with the stake under his arm and the steel sword tightly clutched in his other hand.


            At that instant everyone’s attention was brought back by the shout of one of the remaining two fifth level cultivators. Everyone watched as Rigel soon caught the bell and immediately placed all three artifacts in his bag of holding with a contented smile.

          He then waved his hand and the chipped flying sword flew back to him. Rigel carefully extinguished the black flames on it and put it away as well. He then looked at everyone and faced them with an expressionless face as if he did nothing.

         Unable to stay quiet any longer, one of the three cultivators asked in an angry voice, “Bastard, give back our treasures.”

         Rigel looked at the man curiously and said in a calm voice, “What treasures? I found them flying around here, what proof do you have that they belong to you? Man.. I had no treasures except for that chipped sword. My luck is pretty good, I found three treasures lying around.

                Fellow cultivators, don’t try to rip me off because you didn’t acquire the fortune. It’s just that my luck this time was good.”

         Everyone looked at Rigel with blank faces as they didn’t know how to react. Rigel had casually stolen their treasures and then denied even accepting the fact that those treasures once belonged to them.

               Found three treasures lying around. Who the hell would find treasures lying around in the middle of the forest? However, Rigel didn’t even seem to think about the treasures anymore as he stared at everyone with a cold look in his eyes.


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