Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 45 – Psychological Trauma

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Psychological Trauma :

                    “Damn it. Everyone pin him down, attack at the same time.” the burly youth shouted in anger as Rigel simply stood there with a cold expression on his face, watching him without a bit of fear or anxiety in his eyes.

                 By this point everyone understood that Rigel wasn’t as simple as he appeared to be on the surface. Not only was he able to use divine sense despite only being a fourth level Qi condensation expert, but also had a fire attributed profound art with explosive power. Above all, he was fearless even when he was outnumbered and outmatched.

           The burly youth knew that such confidence and coolness was impossible for anyone ordinary. True, it was he who first provoked Rigel but he didn’t think it would become so troublesome. Rigel didn’t know it yet but he was actually infamous in the clan for being on close terms with not only Derek but also Ravel.

          Although the matter regarding the night visits of Ravel was unknown to any of them, they were all very well aware of her day visits and the time she spent with Rigel. Ravel was known as a troublesome lady for being rude and wild, with her genius level power combined with her status of being the young lady of the clan, she did have the qualifications for being arrogant.

          However, that Ravel was spending time alone with Rigel and was supposedly even taking care of him. The various disciples of the clan who had thoughts of courting her or even wanted to ask her hand in marriage were thus thoroughly infuriated by Rigel. Furthermore, the fact that Rigel didn’t even belong to the clan and was an outsider only added fuel to their flames of anger.

             The burly youth was eighteen just like Ravel, but compared to her who had already stepped into the Spark formation stage at just eighteen, his talent as a cultivator was nothing impressive. However, that didn’t change the fact that he was infatuated by Ravel.

         No matter how rude or unladylike Ravel was, no one, not even Rigel could deny the fact that she was beautiful beyond comparison. With her beauty and perfect body, she was the bane of all men. No man would be able to admit that he didn’t feel desire to obtain her, the burly youth was the same.

               Even though he knew that he had no qualifications to court Ravel, he wasn’t willing to admit that fact. What infuriated him and made him mad with anger was the fact that Rigel was on a much closer terms with Ravel than him.

             He was a member of the main bloodline and had tried to impress Ravel with various gifts on multiple occasions and yet, a kid no more than sixteen who wasn’t even a member of the clan was able to gain Ravel’s attention while all he could do was to stay on the sidelines observing Ravel’s kind smile as she talked to Rigel.

           Thus he asked his subordinates to track Rigel’s movements for a week before he made a move on Rigel. He originally only wanted to thoroughly scare Rigel to the point that he wouldn’t be able to go against his orders and speak to Ravel. However, not only did Rigel scare him to death instead, with his astonishing strength but also threatened to kill him if there was a next time.

          Blinded by fury and shame, the burly youth had decided then and there that he would kill Rigel even if he has to take the punishment of the clan later. Rigel had shattered his pride and looked down on him. To the current burly youth, all that mattered at that minute was Rigel’s death.

           Rigel looked at the nine of them charging at them and then at the burly youth, he was certain that the pale look on his face was nothing more than just acting. He was just waiting for his chance to strike Rigel, while acting as if he was injured to draw Rigel’s attention away from him as a potential threat.

          Rigel smiled coldly in his heart and widened his stance. He knew from the moment he had opened up to Ravel and allowed her to continue their present relationship that he would face people like the burly youth without a doubt.

           However, Rigel wasn’t too worried about people like the burly youth who came to confront him directly. He was more worried about people who were watching him from shadows, they were the truly dangerous opponents, the kind who can throw him into an abyss in a split second if he was careless.

          Rigel extended his left hand and slid his right leg back, straightening his posture and narrowing his eyes. The nine people quickly smacked their bag of holdings causing various flying swords and a few other treasures to fly out.


          Rigel shouted in a booming voice. At the same time he activated the ‘Black Inferno’ and wrapped his hands in the black flames. His eyes were concentrated as he kicked the ground and rushed forward.


         The ground cracked slightly under the power of his steps changing the faces of the nine cultivators. Their faces became extremely serious as they slowed down, no longer rushing forward wildly and instead employed their flying treasures to attack Rigel.

           Rigel rushed forward at high speed and punched empty air, a smile bloomed on his face as he coldly looked at the unsuspecting cultivators.

          Within a split second, the black flames originally wrapped around his hands expanded into a ten metre large inferno stunning everyone present and clashed with their treasures.

*Crack* *Crack*

        Some of the treasures of lower quality began to crack slowly under the assault of the Black Inferno. However, their horror didn’t end with just that. The ten metre inferno began to grow even larger and close in on them.

        That moment, all of them no longer cared about Rigel and immediately turned on their heels retreating without any hesitation. Rigel withdrew his fist and dashed forward, even though his face revealed nothing, in fact a Black Inferno of this magnitude consumed a huge amount of energy.

         Even with his strengthened cultivation, two times was his limit for using such an enormous Black Inferno. Rigel didn’t even glance at the nine Qi cultivators and directly charged at the burly youth.

            At first the burly youth was completely confident that he would be able to deal with Rigel alongside nine Qi cultivators, his confidence caused a smile to bloom on his face as he watched Rigel wildly dashing towards the nine cultivators. His expression changed when he saw the explosive speed and the power exerted by Rigel’s legs, his shock turned into horror as he witnessed the ten metre large Inferno manifest in front of his eyes.

          His horror turned into utter fear as Rigel dashed at him ignoring everyone. The burly youth wanted to retreat but was unable to move even an inch due to fear. At the same time, the steel sword Rigel had kept away a bit earlier had appeared by his side and flew towards him at a high speed.

              The nine had recovered their senses by this point and charged at Rigel with anxious faces. If something did happen to the burly youth, they knew that they would be held accountable for it  and would face disastrous consequences.

              However, it was all too late, Rigel was already in front of the burly youth who almost pissed in his pants as he saw the cold smile on Rigel’s face. “I…It was my mistake… please..” He tried to explain himself with a stutter but the cold steel tip of the flying sword was put in his mouth stopping him mid sentence.


“Please don’t kill young master Taeron. We were wrong this time. We will apologize. Please.”

              Some of the nine cultivators shouted in horror as they saw that Rigel keeping the tip of his sword in Heron’s mouth. At that point one push will kill Taeron without any resistance.

“Hahaha…” Rigel’s loud laughter rang out in the silent forest with nothing but the occasional crackling sounds of the burning tinder.

           Rigel looked at all of them coldly and continued in a ringing voice, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill him. He is not worthy of dying in my hands, but I don’t mind cutting his tongue off. What do you say young master Taeron?”

          The burly youth, Taeron looked at Rigel with teary eyes and seeing that Rigel was absolutely serious shook his head furiously. The salty taste of his blood entered his mouth due to his own movement and this made him tremble even more in fear.

           Rigel narrowed his eyes and slowly removed the sword from Heron’s mouth and looked at everyone with cold eyes. He smiled slightly and said in a honeyed voice, “All of you have not only disturbed by cultivation, but also psychologically tortured me by ganging up on me.

          To make up for the trauma I suffered, I think half of your spirit stones should be enough. That way I will be able to get treatment for my psychological trauma.”

               Everyone watched Rigel with opened mouths. “Psychological trauma – Just who traumatised whom?” that was the question running through their minds but at that moment, all they could do was to grit their teeth and quietly hand over half of their spirit stones.

             Rigel collected the spirit stones from everyone, which all accounted to more than twenty thousand. A smile bloomed on his face as he contently stored them all away in his bag of holding. He then looked at everyone indifferently and said in a calm voice, “I guess this shows how apologetic you are for your actions. Very well, I will accept your apology and leave for today.

           Let’s hope we will meet again soon fellow cultivators. I have to go as lady Ravel is waiting for me.”

            Theron’s face became red with anger as he heard Rigel. More than ten thousand of the twenty thousand spirit stones belonged to him and moreover Rigel provoked him even when he left by mentioning Ravel. He looked at Rigel’s walking away and said to himself in a low voice, filled with hatred “I won’t forget this humiliation Rigel, not until you die in my hands.”

              Walking away from the forest, Rigel retrieved his shirt hung on the branch and silently shook his head. He looked at the clan which was coming into view and thought to himself, “Looks like my life will only become tougher. Ah! Ravel, you are one hell of a trouble magnet but…” Rigel smiled to himself and thought, “Its worth it cause it’s you.”


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