Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 46 – Matriarch Shanya

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Matriarch Shanya :

                As Rigel walked away, Taeron and the others slowly gathered themselves together and left the forest. The entire event had left them tired in spirit and body. They were also left with the bitter fact that they had lost half their belongings in a single day. While some of them were furious, many were relieved that it had ended without any bloodshed.

                As they left, the sky above them rippled and a man with grey hair appeared there silently. He looked at the forest with narrowed eyes and shook his head in helplessness, but a small smile could be seen on his face. He glanced at the back of Rigel walking away from the skies and thought to himself, “I didn’t expect that you had such decisiveness within you kid. Well, not bad I suppose, it’s rare to find kids with backbone these days.”

          He was Patriarch Liongate.

             A fight involving several cultivators and one involving the usage of profound arts will certainly cause energy ripples. Even if sensed, usually the ripples caused by Qi condensation level power will be left unchecked, but due to the recent assassination of one of the core members of the clan, there were many people who were keeping a keen eye for any disturbance.

            Thus as soon as the fight between Rigel and Theron began, more than two Soul Ignition level divine senses had scanned the forest and Patriarch Liongate himself had at some point personally came to watch the fight. He was ready to save Rigel if he was truly in danger but the subsequent events had even left him with opened mouth.

             He had always thought that Rigel was just an ordinary kid who had almost died due to Shukla. He was indeed impressed with Rigel’s extraordinary will to live and the amazing speed with which he recovered but this was the first time he saw the true Rigel.

               Killing intent thick like a heavy waterfall washed over him as Rigel attacked Taeron, while his methods and the power he possessed was far above anything a fourth level should be capable of. Liongate wasn’t sure but he could guess that the Black flames used by Rigel were no ordinary profound art either.

              He had never seen or heard of such a profound art. Even though Liongate was surprised by the power of the Black Inferno, what attracted his attention was the decisiveness Rigel possessed. It was not something an ordinary person will ever be capable of. As they say, “Unless you draw blood, you can never be a true warrior.” Liongate was now sure that Rigel had killed before and it was more than just once.

              Rigel’s demeanour and his attitude when facing danger were almost like his natural instincts, like that of an experienced expert who had been in many life threatening battles. Only Rigel was too young so Liongate could only come to a conclusion that Rigel had a much more complicated childhood than what he informed him.

            However Liongate had no intention of inquiring about Rigel’s past. From what he saw just now, he was sure that Rigel had no ill intentions, not towards Ravel and certainly not towards the clan. Any person who harboured any ill intentions will try to stay as inconspicuous as possible and Rigel had no such intentions as he so boldly caused such a scene ultimately drawing attention towards himself.

              Liongate didn’t know what happened in Rigel’s past but it was obvious to him that he wasn’t ready to share it.  As he stood there, the sky rippled once again and an old woman with a weak body appeared beside him. She looked at the charred forest beneath her and sighed slightly.

            She waved her hand and immediately, the entire charred part of the forest was cut into innumerable small bits clearing away the entire destroyed part of the forest. Liongate looked at her and signalled with his eyes towards Rigel. The old woman looked at Rigel walking away and narrowed her eyes.

“What are you going to do about this Liongate?” The old woman asked in a low voice as she stared at Rigel. She could immediately tell that Rigel was hiding something from them.


           The old woman turned her head and stared at Liongate. She didn’t say anything but Liongate could clearly see in her eyes that she did not approve of his decision. So he sighed slightly and said in a calm voice, “That boy is approved by both of my grandchildren. I am sure that even Ezareal would come to like him too Shanya.

            We are becoming older with every passing year. If we can’t succeed in tempering our spirit and enter the Spirit tempering realm, we will soon reach the end of our longevity. Shanya, we can’t possibly look after our families forever. My grandchildren Derek and Ravel, both of whom never open up to anyone really have opened up to him. So I am gonna believe in them and let this matter slide.”

           Shanya too had a complicated look in her eyes as she heard Liongate. She couldn’t say anything as she remembered her own grandson Ezareal. Ravel and Derek had their father to look after them after Liongate, but Ezareal’s parents had long since passed away. Matriarch Shanya was the only one left for Ezareal. So she could understand how Liongate felt.

         Even though both of them were now present to take care of their grandchildren, what about future? It was evident that at some point they would have to take care of themselves. The path of cultivation was harsh and having loyal friends who truly care about you will make the journey a lot safer.

              Thus Liongate had chose to trust Rigel and let him go because he was willing to bet that his grandchildren were really right in trusting him. If Rigel can really be their friend to whom they can open up to, he didn’t care who he was.

           Shanya sighed heavily and looked at Liongate with calm eyes. Liongate smiled at Shanya because she respected his words and let the matter go. Shanya was always the one who was strict on herself and others. She had lost her son precisely because of her carelessness and ever since then, she blamed herself and cared about Ezareal, her only grandson more than her life.

             Shanya smiled weakly at Liongate and said in a low voice, “Very well, let us believe in our grandchildren Liongate. Since you are willing to bet on this kid, invite him to the birthday party of Ezareal as my personal guest. I will decide if you are right after I personally talk with the kid.”

              Liongate smiled slightly and nodded his head. It was obvious to him from her weak expression and body that she was nearly the end of her longevity faster than himself. However, he inquired no further and simply stayed silent. That day, that conversation between Liongate and Shayna would let to events which would forever change Rigel’s life.

               Back in his cottage given to him by the clan, Rigel removed all the spirit stones he had on him and counted them carefully. They amounted to about twenty two thousand in total. A smile bloomed on his face because this meant that he had enough spirit stones to buy a profound art from the treasure pavilion.

       Even though Rigel had ‘Black Inferno’, he lacked flexibility in his attacks due to the limitation of knowing only a single profound art. However, now with the twenty thousand spirit stones, Rigel estimated that he can either buy a single spark formation profound art or three Qi condensation profound arts.

           “I wonder what I should select.” Rigel thought to himself but then raised his head as someone walked into his small room. It was Derek followed by Ravel.

        Rigel had a confused expression on his face because even though Derek and Ravel visited him often, they never visited him together. Rigel put away the spirit stones in his bag of holding and went forward to invite them in. He then brought out a flask of rice wine and poured three cups before sitting by their side.

         Derek smiled slightly and lifted his cup and drowned the wine in one gulp. He knew that the wine was brought out for him, he always shared a cup of wine with Rigel whenever he came to visit him. Since he believed in Rigel, he wasn’t worried to consume the wine without any fear of poisoning.        

            Ravel looked at the cup of wine before her and then looked at the two boys who were happily chatting while drowning a third cup and sighed slightly. She then lifted the cup of wine and gulped it down as well. The wine burned her throat but also left a sweet aftertaste of rich rice flavor.

         Rigel smiled as he saw Ravel drinking and put down his cup. He looked at Derek and asked in a questioning voice, “It’s rare to see both of you together. What is the occasion?”

          Derek smiled and drowned his fifth cup before smiling slightly and asked in a probing voice, “Let’s leave that matter aside for now. Rigel, you always force me to buy wine saying that you are broke. From what I see, you are quite loaded, aren’t you?”

         Rigel laughed loudly and explained that he had extorted the spirit stones just recently from Taeron who tried to mess with him. Although, Rigel explained it all with a smile, both Derek and Ravel were frowning as they heard Rigel.

“Can you recognize the disciples who were with Taeron?” Ravel asked in an urgent voice while Derek looked at Rigel waiting for an answer.

         Rigel looked at them and smiled slightly, he drowned another cup of wine and said in a low voice, “I didn’t tell you about Taeron because I want you to help me. I told you because you asked about the spirit stones and I didn’t want to lie to you. Derek, Ravel, I can take care of myself. Don’t unnecessarily do anything. Both of you are in responsible positions, the clan won’t judge your actions favourably if you simply target some disciples.

          No matter what, whatever I may say, there is no proof that I am correct. Making this event public will only harm us and give Taeron a way to target me and possibly even you guys.”

        “But…” Ravel said in a low voice only to stop as she realised that Rigel was indeed right. Touching Taeron without any evidence will only make things more troublesome.

           Derek sighed and drank another cup of wine. Rigel smiled slightly and asked in a calm voice, “Now tell me, why did you guys come here for?”

         Derek smiled and took out a scroll decorated with golden threads. He handed the scroll over to Rigel and said in a low voice, “This is for you from Matriarch Shanya, Ezreal’s grandmother. You should know that her status in the clan is second only to my grandpa.”

        Rigel took the scroll carefully and opened it cautiously. He then looked at Ravel and Derek and asked in a surprised voice, “Are you serious? A personal invitation by Matriarch Shanya to the birthday party of Ezareal. Why would she invite me? I don’t even know her.”

        “We don’t know either but it is a good thing Rigel. Ezareal is turning twenty one so it’s a big affair. It is even possible that the clan will give Ezareal control of the alchemy department since he will be twenty one and can officially take charge of any position.” Ravel said and continued, “Being a personal guest of Matriarch Shanya, you will be given special treatment. It is a great chance to know all the important people of the clan.”

             Rigel nodded his head and stored away the scroll. The birthday was in two weeks time so he decided to think about the matter later. Between drinks and funny chatter between the three of them, the rest of the evening passed away in a blink of an eye.


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