Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 47 – Flesh of Fire

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‘Flesh of Fire’ :

               “Get out!” Taeron roared loudly in anger and threw a cup of wine on the maid who brought food for him. Thrown by a sixth level Qi condensation expert, the cup flew at incredible speed and would have killed or severely injure the mortal woman hadn’t a hand casually knocked the cup aside with just a flick.

           The maid fell on her knees scared to death and looked at the person who had just saved her life. She was a woman in her early twenties with pitch black hair and chocolate brown eyes who was looking at Taeron with an irritated expression. She looked at the maid and said in calm voice, “Leave.”

            The maid hurriedly bowed and left the chambers leaving Taeron alone with the woman. Taeron drowned a large gulp of wine directly from the bottle and looked at the woman. He smiled mockingly at himself and said in a taut voice, “Why did you come here sister? Did you come here to mock your brother?”

              The woman sighed deeply and walked towards Taeron and sat beside him. She stared at Taeron directly in the eye and said in a low voice, “Taeron, It is one thing for me to bully you but do you think your sister will let others bully her brother. I already know what happened. It seems that there is a wolf in sheep’s clothing among us, but we first need to confirm whether it is just a wolf or a lion acting as a wolf before taking any action.”

                 Taeron lowered his head and gritted his teeth. He grunted in anger and said in a low voice, “He…he looked down on me. I want him dead. I don’t care who he knows, I want him dead Leya.”

           The woman known as Leya looked at her younger brother and sighed in her heart. Taeron was a boy without a mother and being the big sister, she had been the one who took on all responsibilities of a mother and raised Taeron while their father was always busy cultivating and adventuring in the outside world.

                  Leya knew that this time Taeron was at fault and she knew about the relationship between Rigel and Derek. It’s been three days since then and she still hadn’t heard anything from Derek. So she concluded that it can only be because of Rigel. Leya could thus immediately tell that she was dealing with a rather troublesome person who wasn’t giving her any chance to retaliate.

           However, Leya had to come to Taeron because ever since then, he was drowning himself in alcohol and was refusing to eat at all. She knew it would be incredibly difficult and dangerous to touch Rigel at this point, but she had to convince Taeron so she had no choice but to promise him that she would deal with Rigel.

              “Alright Taeron, I will take care of that brat but you have to promise me that you won’t cause anymore trouble for the time being. Ezareal’s birthday is coming up in ten days, and I don’t want to hear a single complaint from anyone regarding you. Also, father will be back soon to attend the ceremony so sober up.

              Don’t blame me if father finds out that you have been slacking. You know I can’t control our father, he might throw you out of the clan in anger.” Leya said in a calm voice.

             Taeron’s face immediately became serious as he heard about his father. His father was among the most influential members of second generation of Shia clan. Also, his father and Derek’s father were known to be rivals since their childhood and both of them not only had two children each but had also lost their wives.

           While both Derek and Ravel were called as peerless geniuses, his sister Leya was known as one of the most talented among their generation. Taeron however was known to possess only ordinary talent in cultivation. So his father was never pleased with him and since his childhood, an instinctive fear had developed in Taeron towards his father.

          Leya looked at Taeron and narrowed her eyes. She no longer stayed because she knew that Taeron will definitely sober up. The name of their father was like an imperial decree to Taeron who for some reason feared his own father. Leya looked at the skies and said in an almost inaudible voice, “If only you knew how much father loves you.”

           Taeron had a belief that his father wasn’t satisfied with his cultivation and thus hated him, but how could he understand the love of a father at his age. Parents will never hate their children even if they betray them. Hate was the last thing Taeron’s father felt towards him, the more fragile Taeron was, the more he feared for his safety and the more he loved him.

              Only he never showed his love to Taeron because he feared that his love would soften him. It was tough love but it was due to him that Taeron finally managed to enter the sixth level of Qi condensation at the age of eighteen.

                 Leya however knew how much her father cared about Taeron so she closed her eyes and decided then and there that the matter regarding Rigel and Taeron should never be revealed to her father. A little matter concerning two kids might as well lead to a large rift between the main members of the clan if her father did interfere.


            Rigel was walking behind an old man who directed him towards the section with fire attribute profound arts in the treasure pavilion. Rigel had after much thinking decided to select a single Spark formation stage profound art rather than three Qi condensation profound arts. So he was now browsing through the collection of profound arts with a concentrated look in his eyes.

       The old man after leading Rigel to the area with fire attribute profound arts left leaving Rigel to slowly browse the entire section without any hurry. Although the section was filled with scrolls upon scrolls of profound arts, they were nothing more than just descriptions of the profound arts. The true profound arts were stored safely in the upper floors of the nine floored treasure pavilion and only upon buying an art, would the real art be brought down by an elder.       

           Rigel was dumbfounded as he saw the sheer number of profound arts before him. With a glance, he estimated that there are at least over two hundred Spark formation stage profound arts. If the Shia clan had over two hundred spark formation profound arts, then just how many Qi condensation arts did they possess, Rigel didn’t know but he was sure that it was an astronomical number.

“Seventh fire” – A series of seven attacks with each attack more powerful than the previous one. Perfect for sword  and saber users. – 15000 spirit stones.

“Rabid flame” – An attack which unleashes a sea of flames destroying anything in its path. Perfect for martial arts and mace users. – 40000 spirit stones.

“Harmonious night” – A spiritual attack which uses the divine sense of the spark formation expert to create a sense of euphoria for a few moments – 35000 spirit stones.      

      Rigel read through the descriptions of the profound arts one after another. He thought that his twenty two thousand spirit stones would be enough to buy any spark formation profound art but he soon found out that he was a bit naive.

         The cost of spirit formation profound arts ranged anywhere from twelve thousand to all the way up to a hundred and fifty thousand spirit stones. There were actually very few profound arts Rigel could select with his twenty two thousand spirit stones.


      Rigel sighed slightly in disappointment and read another profound scroll.

“Frigid Fire” – An unique flame ability which produces cold flames. Although the cold flames alone doesn’t possess great power, the coldness seeping through the body can slow down the enemy greatly – 20000 spirit stones.

         “I can’t choose one. I wish Rudra was here to help me. That way, I would have found a perfect profound art for me.” Rigel thought to himself and turned around to search in a different section. However, just as he turned around he noticed a slightly damaged scroll among a few others stacked at the end of the row.

         Rigel didn’t know why but he felt a weird impulse to read that scroll so he slowly grabbed it and read it out to himself.

         “Flesh of fire” – A fire attribute profound art which uses the flames of nature to temper the body and strengthen it. – 16000 spirit stones.

        Rigel didn’t understand what ‘flames of nature’ meant but he was instantly attracted to it. Rigel’s current path was focused on strengthening his body rather than his spirit. It was an unorthodox path but it suited him as he possessed the weird healing ability of the black pearl, the art of paragon body and an inherently strong body since childhood.

            The ‘Flesh of fire’ may not be immediately useful to him, but Rigel felt that it would be incredibly useful in future and it costs only sixteen thousand spirit stones. So after just a minute of thinking Rigel selected the ‘Flesh of fire’ and went to the entrance of the treasure pavilion.     

            The old man who showed Rigel his way was sitting there quietly sipping his tea when Rigel came carrying the scroll of ‘Flesh of fire’. The old man merely glanced at Rigel and then at the sixteen thousand spirit stones Rigel too out and waved his hand. A much older scroll appeared in his hands but similar to the one in Rigel’s hands.

           He collected the spirit stones and gave the scroll away to Rigel, only to return to sipping his tea indifferently . Rigel glanced at the original copy of the profound art and then carefully put it in his bag of holding. He bowed slightly to the old man and left the treasure pavilion.

           Rigel didn’t know how the ‘Flesh of fire’ profound art would help him, but he felt that if he managed to gain complete enlightenment regarding it, then he would be able to gain a deeper insight into the Yang energy of the fire, the sun and the nature.

               “I hope that I was right in selecting ‘Flesh of Fire’. If I am lucky, my gains this time may be very large.” Rigel mused to himself as he made his way to his cottage.


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  1. I am super excited to bring Chapter 49 to you guys. Just finished writing it, currently in stock for patrons and I am smiling to my self like a maniac thinking. Shit! Did I really write that?


  2. Thanks for the chapter bud.
    Never read Rigel until today and always got annoyed that you released more chapters of Rigel than Riddick recently, but now I just want as many chapters as Rigel as possible. It’s freakin’ awesome.


  3. A bit of a disappointing chapter, at least for me. The whole ‘damaged, old (often incomplete) art scroll that lies in a corner neglected and generally costs less than the rest but seems tailored for the mc’ has been so many times before that just reading about it makes me cringe.
    Thanks for the chapter though.


    • Well, I don’t think you would be disappointed really the invisible philosopher after reading the next chapter. I know I shouldn’t spoil you but still, that scroll isn’t gonna be used to gain some OP ability or any ability at all.


      • Well, you’ve been doing quite well with this novel. I greatly enjoy it. So I’ll just wait for the next chapter and give you the benefit of the doubt for now.

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