Editors wanted (urgently)


                  Hi guys, I am here today to once again request if any of you are interested in becoming my editor.

             I already have a team of three editors, Gillium is currently inactive, the Aroson occasionally helps us out and the third person, Gabe is my savior.

So why do I need more editors?

          When I recruited Gabe, I said that the max he needed to edit would be 1 chapter/ day and that had stayed true until now. I currently have holidays so I can write more than 1 chapter/day but I don’t want to force Gabe to edit so many chapters.

             If I had more editors, that would be awesome for me and Gabe. It’s fine if you can help for only a month, I would be able to pump out more chapters.

Requirements –

  1. Excellent knowledge of english grammar
  2. Should be able to edit at least 1 chapter/day.
  3. Should be able to re-structure complex sentences.
  4. Should not abandon me after three days because I would then have to ask people again.


Things you should know before applying.

  1. If you are a grammar nazi, I welcome you bro. I don’t mind if you are harsh with me, I need critics.
  2. My editors not only help me with chapter edits but also with storylines and various other things related to Rigel n Riddick.
  3. If you can find mistakes in my chapters and are confident that it is certainly a mistake then you are qualified to apply.
  4. Please do not apply for the sake of reading early chapters. I need help and with good help, I can release a lot more.

P.S Gabe, if you are reading this. I am sorry that I didn’t contact you before deciding to post this. You were offline for almost six hours.

Contact me here – gsdreddy12345@gmail.com

Or on discord app – You can find me in novel translations server or Gravity server under the name GSD Reddy.

P.S I have an unedited chapter waiting to be edited. Then I can publish it.


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