Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 48 – The Taiji and the Yin and Yang.

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Important notes : This chapter goes into detail regarding various chinese terms. So a brief explanation regarding these for your benefit. These terms are important for understanding future chapters and can also help you understand novels like ISSTH better.

1) Taoism (also called Daoism) is a spiritual, philosophical and religious tradition of Chinese origin that emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao (also romanized as Dao). The term Tao means “way”, “path”, or “principle”, and can also be found in Chinese philosophies and religions other than Taoism.

2) yin and yang ( “dark—bright”) describes how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

3) The term taijitu in modern Chinese is commonly used to mean the simple “divided circle” form (), but it may refer to any of several schematic diagrams that contain at least one circle with an inner pattern of symmetry representing yin and yang.

4) Taiji is the “Supreme Ultimate” state of undifferentiated absolute and infinite potential, the oneness before duality, from which Yin and Yang originate


The Taiji and the yin and yang :

                The Sun is a pure yang energy body, but at the same time, it had boundless natural energy. The yang energy is present everywhere in nature, within our bodies, in the warmth of a mother and even in the earth. The mother shares her yang energy with the child and nourishes him. Thus the yang is omnipresent, present anywhere and everywhere in the universe.

                Rigel said to himself as he meditated on his insights into the dao of yang. As he thought about the yang, his mind began to question about the yin. The dao is the ultimate truth, no one knows the dao in its entirety. What we know is just a part of the ultimate truth which in turn is the foundation of the universe, the life and everything in existence.

           Rigel meditated on the dao of yang, but he didn’t stop himself from thinking about the yin because he knew that yang and yin were always interrelated. He first gained insight into the yin due to his insights into the yang so Rigel felt that understanding the yin might let him understand the yang.

            If the yang was the pure warmth of nature, the fierce energy of the sun and the boundless natural life force, then what was yin? The yang and yin are always in equilibrium within the nature. One can temporarily disturb this equilibrium, but can one complete separate the yin from the yang?

            Rigel didn’t know the answer, but he felt the cold energy of the surroundings vibrate in excitement as he meditated on yin. Within Rigel’s subconsciousness, he opened his eyes as he experienced the change in his surroundings. Suddenly, like a sudden spark, he understood what yin really was.

            What use is the warmth if there wasn’t cold? What is the importance of life if there wasn’t death? The yin is the reason the yang shines brightly, it is the reason that the yang exist in the first place. The yin represents the death, the cold and the moon because there is life, the warmth and the sun.  

             Yin is as important as yang. There can never be more yang than yin because that will destroy the balance of the nature. Infact as there are pure yang immortals and pure yang bodies like sun in the universe, there should also be pure yin immortals and pure yin bodies like the moon.

               Rigel opened his eyes and took out the scroll of ‘Flesh of fire’ in excitement. The more he meditated on dao, the more his spirit strengthened. Although the growth of his spirit doesn’t directly influence his cultivation. Rigel eventually became calmer and stronger while his eyes glowed with confidence.

            The dao is the truth, but it is also the way, the path of his cultivation. Having gained a bit of insight into his path, Rigel became exceeding calm and confident in himself. He was at a mere fourth level of Qi condensation, but Rigel was no longer focused on his cultivation base. He was  wholeheartedly focused on his dao as he felt that it was the true path he would eventually have to walk.             

           What Rigel didn’t know was the fact that the dao of yin and yang was together known as the great dao of Taoism, representing the Taiji and Rigel had already unknowingly started to gain insights into this great dao of taoism. The yin and the yang are themselves a part of the dao, but together they form the basis of taoism, a great dao.

            Rigel read the theory of ‘Flesh of fire’ slowly. The actual art itself was very simple, it told a way to strengthen one’s body by using the energy of natural flames. However, Rigel wasn’t interested in the actual art, but rather on the meaning hidden behind the origin of the art.

              Since he had the art of the paragon body and had also gained insight into the dao of yang, he understood that the art of ‘Flesh of fire’ better than anyone. People would usually follow the theory of the art blindly thus missing its real worth.

            Rigel found it mysterious that the ‘flesh of fire’ profound art had similarities to the art of the paragon body only it was at infinitely low level. While the flesh of fire relied on flames to strengthen the body, the paragon body relied on the boundless yang energy in nature to similarly strengthen the body.

           However what interested Rigel was the fact that the ‘flesh of fire’ art never stated that only yang type flame energy should be absorbed. Then didn’t it mean that absorbing the yin type flame energy also had similar effects on the body.

           The ‘flesh of fire’ didn’t limit itself to a single nature of energy so Rigel wanted to test whether he would be able to strengthen his body with a yin natured cold flame.

           “The tao of taoism is also decorated as dao. While the dao is boundless, so is the tao. I have yet to understand the first stage of Taijutsu, the boundlessness of nature so I can’t expect to understand the second stage of Taijutsu – the yin and yang.” Rigel mused to himself and put away the scroll of ‘flesh of fire’

(AN – The Taijutsu has 5 stages. The essence of various stages will be explained in future. )        

           As Rigel put away the scroll, he felt his cultivation base shaking. A look of surprise appeared on Rigel’s face. He never really tried to absorb the natural energy to increase his cultivation base and yet, after all his efforts to strengthen it and after contemplating on the dao, he was naturally filled with the boundless energy of the nature and was on the verge of breakthrough.

          “Alright.” Rigel said to himself as a look of determination appeared on his face. He started meditating once again and began to rotate his cultivation base. The boundless Qi in his dantain was rotating like a vortex and after Rigel’s probing, it began to tremble and began to rotate at a speed several times faster.


         Rigel directed the entire power of the rotating Qi vortex towards a weak point in the borders of his dantian. With a bang, the Qi vortex tore opened a way in the boundary increasing the area of the dantian by more than thirty percent.

“Success!” Rigel smiled slightly as he succeeded in breaking through and entering into the fifth level of Qi condensation.

           However, the changes didn’t stop with just that. Usually upon entering the fifth level of Qi condensation, the soul of the expert will undergo incredible growth and develops its own divine sense, but Rigel had already developed his divine sense long ago.

         “For every aspect of my soul I recover, you shall dominate everything under the heavens in one aspect”, Those were the words spoken by Rudra when he recovered the first fragment of his soul.

           “Divine will” was the first aspect of soul claimed back by Rudra and thus Rigel was granted divine sense even when he was just in the third level of Qi condensation.

             Upon breaking through into the fifth level of Qi condensation, Rigel’s soul automatically began to grow powerful. The spider web shaped spiritual energy which was protecting his soul also extended to accommodate the growing soul.

             Rigel’s divine sense also began to grow more powerful with his soul. Soon the range of his divine sense exceeded the limit of three hundred metres and continued to spread until it was seven hundred metres. A look of surprise appeared on Rigel’s face because nine hundred and ninety metres was the limit of the divine sense of a Qi condensation expert and he was already at seven hundred limit mark at fifth level of Qi condensation.

             However, the change didn’t stop just yet. Even as the soul was becoming more powerful, from with the soul emerged a black current which lingered outside the soul amidst the white coloured spiritual energy.

          The black current was flickering weakly as if it was struggling to survive, just a look at it and one could immediately tell that this black current was the same one seen by Rudra when he had ignited the spiritual energy in Rigel’s sea of consciousness.

             It was so weak and small that it completely escaped the detection of Rigel and continued to sink to the bottom of the sea of consciousness where it began to pulsate slowly.  

“Small causes can have large effects. An insignificant butterfly in a significant time and position can cause a storm a thousand miles away.

        Similarly, that black insignificant current missed by Rigel would one day cause changes which will forever change him.


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6 thoughts on “Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 48 – The Taiji and the Yin and Yang.

  1. I like reading your story but one part of it is annoying.
    ‘Blabla cause, doesnt know yet blabla which will change him/his life forever’
    It’s honestly annoying..you don’t have to write it out, you can use that phase once or twice but you shouldn’t repeat it as often as you do.
    Just point the reader in the direction you want, hint on things but don’t try to explain them with that sentence.

    It would be perfectly fine if you stop the chapter before the quote.
    Just my opinion,
    Thanks for your hard work, I appreciate reading your story c:


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