Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 49 – Coming of age

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This is the second of the six promised chapters (2/6)

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Coming of age :

               The entire Shia clan was chaotic as disciples worked relentlessly to make various arrangements on the orders of elders who were determined to make the most out of the ceremony. Ezareal was not only the most excelling disciple of the younger generation, his status in the clan was also very high. Being the only grandson of Matriarch Shanya, his coming of age was determined to be grand.

            However that was not the only significance of this event. About three months ago, a core elder of the Shia clan was murdered right in the middle of the clan grounds and the murderer Shukla has even managed to escape even after pursued by Patriarch Liongate. Since then, the Shia clan had closed its doors and went to into temporary seclusion.

           Ezareal’s coming of age ceremony was their way of showing the world that they were strong and unafraid of anyone. The clan’s doors were opened up for general populace and the ceremony was set to be conducted in an extraordinarily grand manner to show everyone the wealth and power accumulated by Shia clan over three centuries.

           “We are not something you can destroy with an attack or two.” That was the message the Shia clan was trying to announce through this ceremony.

           Rigel was in the inner quarters of the clan, in a majestic room looking at Derek being attended by three maids along with an elderly woman, who were all trying to fix his suit made up of expensive linen and silk. Although Rigel was never really into luxury, at that moment, he couldn’t help but feel a bit envious of Derek.

          The mere cost of Derek’s suit would be worth ten times his fortune because not only was it made of expensive materials, there were also many defensive spells on it to make sure that Derek was well protected.

         Having noticed the gaze of Rigel, Derek signalled the maids to leave and asked in a calm voice, “What are you looking at Rigel? Do you want this suit?”

           Rigel looked at Derek and said in a serious voice, “Thank you, young master Derek, for your benevolence.”

            “What benevolence? Forget about it, even if I was a hundred times more benevolent, I can’t give this suit to you because it belongs to my father who inherited it from my grandfather.” Derek explained in an emotional voice.

             “Oh!” Rigel was surprised that the suit was so old because it looked like anything but old. Noticing Rigel’s confusion Derek laughed and explained, “The outer materials, the linen and even  the silk is just for decoration. This suit is originally a top tier spark formation stage body armour which is given to the descendants of the clan for protection.”

           If before Rigel only felt a bit of envy, then now he was envious to the point of crying. A top tier spark formation stage body armour, just what kind of unequal world was he living in. Rigel would be severely injured or in the worst case scenario die if a peak spark formation stage expert gave him a casual blow, but the same expert wouldn’t be able to harm Derek at all because of his body armour.

             Just as they were chatting, the door opened and Ravel walked in wearing a stunning violet dress adorned with pearls. Rigel looked at Ravel and tried very hard to control his expression, but her ample chest which was almost spilling out of her dress and the single ornament which adored her neck highlighting her neckline made Rigel suck in a cold breath.

             Her blonde hair tied into a top knot and pinned with a jade pin adored with a green diamond almost shattered the control Rigel had over him.           

            Rigel however finally managed to control himself after repeatedly reminding himself that Derek was in the room as well. Making a move on the sister in the presence of an overprotective brother is beyond foolishness. Ravel looked at Rigel and smiled with a raised eyebrow. Maybe it was a women’s instinct or just pure coincidence, she noticed Rigel while he was struggling to keep his eyes off her.

          Rigel sighed in his heart but maintained a straight face as he saw Ravel’s smile because he knew that if he slipped any further Derek might notice that something was going on between them and he knew that the result of that definitely won’t be good.

        “Father is waiting for you Derek. Also uncle Orlon is back. Taeron is at fault for attacking Rigel but don’t cause any trouble when uncle Orlon and Leya are around. We both know how much they care about that good for nothing brat.” Ravel said in a low voice.

                 Derek narrowed his eyes as he heard about Orlon. He was a person who held great authority among his father’s generation after his father. Although his father and Orlon weren’t on great terms, they respected each other for their strength. The relationship between them was that of respect.

“I know.” Derek said in a low voice and continued, “I will be leaving then.”

          Derek soon left in a hurry leaving Rigel and Ravel alone in the room. Rigel gulped as Ravel turned around and faced him with a cold expression. She looked pissed off and Rigel was sweating on his back as he waited for her to explode.

            However what followed next left Rigel his heart thumping and his mind dumbfounded at the same. Ravel walked towards Rigel, took out a green diamond adorned with gold and an elegant chain and asked Rigel to put it on her.

          Rigel hesitantly took the ornament into his hands and slowly moved behind Ravel while still confused with her actions. He let the chain slide around her neck and slowly fixed the lock around her back. His fingers gently grazed her skin as he tried to adjust the chain.

           In the silence of the room, the only sounds heard was their breathing. As Rigel’s fingers touched Ravel, her skin trembled while her body moved in a way enticing Rigel to touch her more. Even though Rigel was long since done putting the chain around her neck, his hands didn’t leave her. They slowly grazed her skin, touched the nape of her neck and were beginning to move towards her lower back when the door suddenly opened bringing them back to their senses.

        A maid walked into the room with a tray of food in her hand and stood there dumbfounded as she saw Rigel standing behind Ravel. However, she was facing Rigel’s back so she couldn’t see exactly where his hands were.

           Rigel turned around and looked at the maid indifferently. He signalled her to put the tray aside and leave immediately. The maid having recovered her senses immediately bowed and left the room without wasting a second more.


               Rigel released a heavy sigh of relief and stepped away from Ravel. Only then did he notice that Ravel was standing still with a scarlet red face. In the spur of the moment, both of them had lost control and almost exceeded their limits. Had the maid been a minute late, Rigel was sure that he would have pushed Ravel down and kissed her.

           It was only after the maid left did Rigel understand just how much of a dangerous position he was in. What if it wasn’t the maid? What if it was Ravel’s father or her grandfather or even Derek? What would have happened to him? Rigel didn’t know, but he clenched his hands as they still weren’t completely in his control having experienced the silky soft skin they were touching just a second ago.

             Rigel looked at Ravel and her red face. He knew that he was at fault. Ravel may have provoked his desires with her actions, but he should have controlled himself.

“I am sorry.” Rigel apologised in a low voice and continued, “I shouldn’t have done that.”

            Ravel looked at Rigel from the corner of her eyes but remained silent. She too understood how dangerously close they were to exceed their limits. She knew that if the rumour spreads and reaches her grandfather or her father, Rigel would be in danger.

           Rigel glanced at Ravel wanting to explain himself but he couldn’t speak. A minute passed in silence as he didn’t know how to make up for his actions. Ravel was the young lady of the Shia clan while he was nothing more than an ordinary cultivator. The Shia clan had been kind to him, they saved his life and gave him a place which he could call his home.

           No matter in status or wealth, he was nothing in front of such a clan and he certainly had no right to even dream of courting Ravel who was the heiress to the entire clan. The difference between their statuses was simply too large.

            Ravel turned around and walked towards the door. She didn’t look at Rigel nor did she speak a single word. Rigel lowered his head as he saw that Ravel was leaving without speaking a single word. He had no words to apologise to her.

          Ravel walked to the door and turned back, she looked at Rigel’s lowered head and smiled lovingly.

              “You are right, you shouldn’t have done that.” she said in a serious voice. Rigel raised his head and looked at her in confusion. Ravel smiled slightly and turned around and just as she left the room, she added in a lovely voice, “But I don’t dislike it.”

             Rigel looked at Ravel’s disappearing back with an opened mouth. He was shocked to the point that he couldn’t even speak. His shock slowly turned into a smile and then into laughter as he ran after Ravel.


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