Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 52 – Despicable Methods

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Despicable Methods:

                Rigel stood there silently as he didn’t know how to react. He could obviously tell from their expressions that something was wrong only he didn’t know what it was. A few seconds passed as they stared at Rigel and he was getting anxious. Was his previous encounter with Ravel exposed by the maid? Did they find out his past? Or was it the recent fight with Taeron?

            Rigel could be questioned for a number of things, but still he knew that they weren’t enough for the two old leaders of the sect to leave such an important ceremony. However, Rigel’s questions were quickly answered as yet another man with great authority appeared beside them – Ragnar.

           Following the appearance of Ragnar, the trio didn’t seem to care about Rigel and began to discuss something among themselves. Rigel slowly backed away because he knew that he still wasn’t qualified to stay around.

           But as he turned around, he saw Derek hurrying towards him with a complicated expression on his face forcing Rigel to stop in his tracks once again. Now he was genuinely worried about what was happening within the clan? The Patriarch and the Matriarch of the clan along with the Ragnar and Orlon were gathered outside the main hall leaving the guests alone, and now even Derek had left the Great Hall.

            Just what matter could have such significance that they were forced to take action immediately.

           Soon Derek arrived beside Rigel and looked at his father. He could also tell from their expressions that it was a serious matter. He then looked at Rigel with a guilty expression.

            Although he didn’t say anything, Rigel could see the apologetic expression in his eyes and sighed in his heart. He didn’t blame Derek because he would have done the same thing had he been in his position.

         “What is happening?” Rigel asked in a calm voice as he knew that he could now no longer ignore the matter.

             Derek looked at Rigel and said in a low voice, “It seems that a fight broke out in our market. I don’t know the details yet, but it appears to be caused by a disciple of the Li sect.”

           Rigel listened to Derek and frowned slightly. Was it just a disturbance? Would a disturbance cause all four major figures of the clan to assemble during Ezareal’s coming of age ceremony?

            Rigel didn’t think so. No matter how he thought about it, such an immediate action wasn’t necessary for a mere fight. It was much more than simple disturbances, some underlying issues which weren’t even clear to Derek.

             As Rigel and Derek stood there, another elder appeared and bowed slightly before reporting to the Liongate in a grave voice, “Patriarch, I just went to confirm the news. It’s true that a fight broke out and three of Li sect’s inner disciples have died in the hands of our guards.

           However, the fight broke out because one among them suddenly attacked and killed one of our guards. In the moment of fury, the remaining guards attacked the Li sect disciples and killed them.”

        Matriarch Shanya narrowed her eyes and looked at Patriarch Liongate. Ragnar breathed out and said in a low voice, “Father, something seems weird about this entire incident. This event seems like a coincidence, but it is too perfect to be true.

           Something is going on behind the scenes. What does the Li sect want?”

       The elder looked at clan leader Ragnar and said in a low voice, “There is more my lord.”

          Ragnar and Orlon looked at the elder in confusion. Matriarch Shanya glanced at the elder and asked in a cold voice, “What is it?”

       “Elder Yulong is dead. I found his corpse. However, there weren’t any signs of fighting. It looked like a natural death, but a Spark formation stage expert dying a natural death is unheard of.” the elder answered in a small voice.

          Everyone’s expressions changed as they heard the words of the elder. The death of a guard didn’t mean much to them, but the death of an elder meant an enormous loss to the clan.

         Orlon narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, “Elder Yulong was in the mid-Spark formation stage. To kill him without any resistance, I am afraid this is done either by a powerful Spark formation stage expert or at worse, a Soul Ignition stage expert.

         And the only people with enough power to dispatch such experts are the Xia and the Li sects. The Li sect has just learned about the incident so it shouldn’t be them, then maybe it is the Xia sect.”

           Ragnar frowned and continued, “It makes sense that Xia sect has somehow caused the trouble in the market and killed Elder Yulong to make us confront Li sect. They are obviously going to benefit from our conflict.

              However, it can also be Li sect who sacrificed three of their disciples to plant a seed of conflict. They may have killed Elder Yulong to divert our attention towards Xia sect.

        Leaving these two aside, it can also be the Lord perfect of Rio prefecture who is involved in this. He could have purposefully started a conflict to pitch all three of us against one another. This way he would be able to constrict our growth without lifting a finger.” Ragnar concluded with a complicated expression in his eyes.

          Rigel and Derek listened with wide eyes. It was still too early for them to understand the hidden politics under the illusion of stability seen between the powers of the Rio town. In a situation where they didn’t know who among the three enemies were targeting them and who among them were in cahoots with one another, all you could do was to rely on your instincts to make sure you were not falling in their traps.

         Matriarch Shanya frowned as she heard Liongate, she knew that there were against someone. An enemy was targeting them; only they didn’t know who among the three were they actually up against yet.

           “It doesn’t matter who we are up against.” Patriarch Liongate said in a calm voice and continued, “Ragnar and I will take a look at the situation. We can’t overlook the possibility that a Soul Ignition stage expert is involved in Yulong murder. If that is indeed the case, we can never be too careful.”                      

         At some point, many elders had gathered outside the hall waiting for their orders.

          It didn’t take long for them to realize that something was going on. In fact other than the ordinary disciples, every other person of considerable authority were able to sense that something was wrong.

       Back in the hall, Ezareal took a sip of his wine and looked at Ravel. Even though he looked the same, his expression was one level colder. He didn’t miss the confusion in Ravel’s eyes made when their engagement was announced. She was lost and confused but was never happy. It was evident to him that Ravel was not happy with their engagement.

           “I wasn’t expecting Uncle Ragnar to announce it today as well Ravel. It slightly disrupted my plans, but well, I can’t expect everything to go my way. It’s about time.” Ezareal thought to himself as he waited for the news.

           Fifteen minutes later, Ragnar walked in along with Matriarch Shanya and others. A confused look appeared in Ezareal’s eyes as he looked at his grandmother and said to himself in a low voice, “So you have chosen to stay back grandma.”

        Who among Liongate or Shanya would decide to stay back? Ezareal didn’t know. The goal of causing a disturbance in the market was to separate the two Soul Ignition stage experts. It didn’t matter who among them stayed behind.

         “What are you going to do kid? Don’t tell me you are going to betray us now,” an old voice resounded in Ezareal’s mind as he stared at his grandmother.

         Ezareal turned his head and stared at an old man standing among people. The old man looked completely unassuming and ordinary; he didn’t particularly stand out nor did he try to camouflage himself. He looked just an average person who would never register in your mind without a closer look.

         Ezareal didn’t say anything, but narrowed his eyes and walked away. The old man smiled slightly and stared at the ceiling as he thought, “Not battling an eyelid, nor feeling a bit of guilt for killing your family, you are one cold bastard.”

          The old man looked at Shanya, Ragnar and five other elders in the hall and twisted his neck. A cold smile emerged on his face as he said in a low voice, “Let’s get on with it. Puppet destruction.”

           Resounding with his low voice, the faces of seven people within the crowd twisted as their bodies bulged like a balloon. Screams rang out in the hall, and a look of horror appeared on Shayna’s eyes who was the first to sense the situation followed by Ragnar.

 However, it was all too late.


         Seven loud explosions shook the main hall causing seven splatters of blood which dyed the Great Hall in the color of crimson. Dozens of mutilated corpses flew out and hundreds of screams rang out as the hall which was filled with laughter and joy became their worst nightmare.



Reddy Corner – Recently, I am spending more of my time editing than writing new chapters. It’s probably because Book 1 is coming to an end. I will revise the whole Book 1 while writing Book 2. I still need to order a cover; I contacted a few artists, but good ones want too much money, and I am short on funds. Also, I need to order a professional ebook formatting. Ah! I didn’t know this before, but if I want to publish a decent ebook on Amazon, I still need hundreds of dollars.

Publishing is a gamble. I will either lose all my money or will gain some. Let’s see how it works.

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5 thoughts on “Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 52 – Despicable Methods

    • My views of the society are often reflected in my works. I am not a person who blindly believes in everything said to me by anyone. Truth is often concealed, masked under the disguise of a lie, aN incomplete truth. A bully may not exactly be what others project him to be, all those people who smile at you wouldn’t really come to your aid when you are in trouble. Find real friends among just Friends.

      However, I don’t ask others to stay away from such people. I ask them to stay guarded and conscious so that when/if they do betray you, make sure you wouldn’t be destroyed. Those people didn’t deserve your love and they definitely should never have control over your life.

      I learned this the hard way. So may be, that is the reason why I tend to write about various dark aspects of human nature.


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