Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 53 – Patriarch Li

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Patriarch Li:        


        “Nooooooooo!” Ravel’s horrified scream rang out as she looked at the hall which was filled with corpses, burnt bodies and severely injured people on the brink of death.

        Rigel’s eyes shook as he heard Ravel. He immediately grabbed her and hugged her preventing her from seeing any more. The scene within the hall was too cruel and repulsive. The cries of hundreds and deaths of dozens, Rigel knew that this would forever scar Ravel.

     “It is good to see you Shanya. How long has it been? 30 years or 40 years. You have aged Shanya. The woman who used to turn heads is no longer huh! Age is one strange thing, isn’t it Shanya?” An old voice rang out as an old man slowly walked towards them stepping over corpses.

       Ragnar and Matriarch Shanya looked at the old man who still looked like an average person. The old man smiled and narrowed his eyes. His body trembled slightly and grew a head taller, his face changed and from within him emerged a tyrannical aura which swept the hall like a storm.

         Shayna’s eyes turned red in anger as finally realised who the old man was, she clenched her fists and roared in a loud voice, “Li.”

         The old man was the Patriarch of the Li sect, Lord Li. A smile lit up on his face as he glanced at Shayna and said in a teasing voice, “Eh! You still remember me Shanya. How unexpected? Sorry that we had to reunite under such circumstances.

       I would love to talk to you about old times, but unfortunately, we are on tight schedule, I don’t want that scary old bastard Liongate to interfere. So do me a favour and surrender peacefully. I promise a painless and swift death.”

        “Bastard,” Ragnar roared loudly and charged forward only to be stopped by Matriarch Shanya.

           Ragnar looked at Matriarch Shanya in confusion and so did the other five elders in the hall because they were at an absolute advantage in numbers.

          While the other side had only Lord Li, they had six Peak Spark formation stage experts and Matriarch Shanya. They didn’t understand why she was still unwilling to attack Li at once.

           “Don’t underestimate him.” Matriarch Shanya said in a low voice and continued, “Our Shia clan has two while the Xia sect has four Soul Ignition stage experts. However, Li sect only has him.

         Do you know what this means? Usually in such a situation, Li sect should have perished long ago under our strength, and yet, they continue to be our equal, in fact, stronger in some aspects. He is not someone you guys can fight. Stay back.”

         Ragnar gritted his teeth and clenched his fists until blood dripped off his fists. Patriarch Li smiled brightly and glanced at Matriarch Shanya. “Eh! Why don’t you let them have a shot at killing me Shanya? I want to see why this hot headed fool of yours is given praises as being one of the strongest of his generation.

           Ragnar, is it? Kid, you should have lived a carefree life. I don’t see fear in your eyes. If you think, that is an aspect of a great warrior; you can’t be more wrong. Fearlessness is a symbol of immaturity.

          The world is huge. You are nothing but a rat in a rather small hole. Come to me; I will teach you some wisdom kid.”

      Ragnar could only clench his fist and stay silent. He did want to attack at that instant, but upon thinking, he realised that Matriarch Shanya was indeed right. Li had not only dared to barge into Shia clan but also had absolute confidence to crush them all.

      “Stand back Ragnar. Protect Derek and Ravel. Don’t let him reach Ezareal.” Matriarch Shanya said in a cold voice and patted her bag of holding. A dozen golden flying swords emerged from her bag and formed a double layered Pentagon around her with head and tail made up of one sword each.

          Li smiled slightly and waved his hand. A two-metre long staff emerged from his bag of holding and floated before him. He licked his lips and asked in a cold voice, “Oi! Oi! Aren’t you too cautious? What? Did you remember your husband’s death? He was a fine man; I still remember slitting his throat.”

      “Bastard,” Shanya roared loudly and kicked the floor. Her figure disappeared and reappeared before Li, who smiled and flicked his finger. The staff rotated at high speed and attacked Shanya who snorted coldly and waved her hand.

     The Pentagon sword formation struck the staff. A gust of immense energy swept the manor, and the walls shook under the pressure.

   “Oh! It looks like you improved since I last met you Shanya, but it isn’t enough.” Li said in a calm voice and disappeared.

      Shayna’s face flickered she tapped her bag of holding, a giant leaf appeared out of nowhere and wrapped around her just in time as a hand struck her.

             A loud sound rang out and Matriarch retreated five steps. Her face was pale, but she managed to stand on her feet. A look of surprise was on Li’s face when he saw that Matriarch Shanya was able to withstand his attack.

     “Heh! A top tier Soul Ignition stage defensive artifact huh! How did you manage to get such a treasure?” Li asked in a questioning voice.

     Although he didn’t particularly look irritated by the fact that Matriarch Shanya had a defensive artifact on her, one could see the caution in his eye. Normally, it was easy for him to dispose of Shanya, but a top tier Soul Ignition stage defensive artifact made it ten times harder.

       In a normal fight, he wouldn’t mind and slowly chip away at her until he managed to land a lethal strike but now he was short on time. He did take precautions to obstruct Liongate, but there was no way to delay him for an extended period.

         Although, Li didn’t fear Liongate. He knew very well, how powerful Liongate was. With him here, it will be almost impossible for him to kill Shanya.

      “Defending won’t save you Shanya. Defeating me will. Aren’t you going to attack?” Li asked in a calm voice.

      The leaf opened slightly, and Matriarch Shanya looked at Li coldly and said in a calm voice, “I only need to defend myself until Liongate comes back. I sent him a message through a transmission scroll as soon as I knew it was you. He should be here in a few minutes.”

         “Bitch!” Li cursed loudly as he heard Shanya. He didn’t foresee that Shanaya would use a transmission scroll immediately nor did he think that Shanya would have a top tier defensive artifact on her.

Transmission scrolls were a type of artifact to send a one-way message to any divine sense at a distant location usually unreachable by one’s divine sense.


          Li sighed in his heart and thought, “Well, I shouldn’t expect that everything will go as I expect it to.” He then smiled coldly at Shanya and said in a calm voice, “I see, you are indeed right that with that defensive artifact, I really can’t kill you in a few minutes.

        However, you are wrong about one thing Shanya. Did you really think I wouldn’t take precautions to make sure Liongate won’t come back too early?”

        Matriarch Shanya smiled coldly and said in a low voice, “That won’t change anything. He will be back for sure. All I need to do is to stay alive until then.”

         “True,” Li agreed with a smile on his face and continued, “but do you really think that I will wait for Liongate. Who do you think you are dealing with bitch?

       My goal, this time, is to deliver a devastating blow on your Shia clan. It doesn’t matter how. Killing you is the best way, but I can instead kill all the elders, the clan leader, all the Spark formation stage experts in this room and Oh yeah! Your only grandson. What do you think about it?

        Don’t tell me, all of them have a top tier Soul Ignition stage defensive artifact to protect themselves? Or do you think, I am not capable of killing everyone in this room within a few minutes.”

         Everyone’s eyes widened as they heard Li. Rigel stared at him with cold eyes. Li’s words were very sinister, but it was the best way to achieve his goal. Such a plan could never cross the mind of a person unless he were a cold hearted bastard who didn’t mind killing hundreds of thousands of people to achieve his goals.

        Matriarch Shanya narrowed her eyes and gritted her teeth, but she could find no way to stop Li. As long as she stayed within the protective leaf, she wouldn’t be able to attack, and she had no doubt that Li wouldn’t hesitate to do exactly what he had just suggested.

        Shanya looked at Ezareal among those who were protected by Ragnar and the elders and closed her eyes. The leaf unwinded and Shanya calmly walked out.

          Li smiled and twisted his neck as he said, “Good girl.” His aura suddenly became ten times colder as his killing intent reached heavens. The staff in his hands suddenly began to emit cold aura as ice formed on its surface.


        Outside the Shia clan, Patriarch Liongate and Orlon were hurrying at high speed. A few minutes ago they heard a loud sound and then sensed an intense energy ripple originating from Shia clan.

         Without wasting a second, Liongate hurried back followed by Orlon. He had a dreadful feeling and a minute later; he got the message of Matriarch Shanya.

         “Li.” Liongate clenched his fist in anger. He knew very well how powerful Li was and also the fact that Shanya was no match for him. He could only hope that nothing happens to her or anyone before he reached the clan.

          At that moment, Liongate suddenly felt an intense sense of danger. He stopped in his tracks and retreated while simultaneously grabbing Orlon just in time to miss the activation of a delayed seal which would have trapped him.

         Liongate looked at the seal and narrowed his eyes while Orlon stared at someone who walked from the other side and widened his eyes. Liongate followed his gaze and saw Shukla walking towards them along with Leyden and Boler.

 “Shukla,” Liongate said through gritted teeth.

          Shukla smiled coldly while Boler sighed and said in a calm voice, “Ah! I guess I was too optimistic to expect a person of his expertise to fall into a trap of this level. Well, we weren’t depending on the trap to begin with, so the failure is still within acceptable range.”

          Leyden twisted his neck as he looked at Liongate and said in a calm voice, “You are not going anywhere, old man. The three of us may not be enough to defeat you, but we are more than sufficient to delay you.”

          Liongate narrowed his eyes as he heard Leyden. All three of them were still in Spark formation stage, but he felt a certain sense of danger from them.

              He wasn’t sure why, but he could tell from experience that none of them were your ordinary Spark formation stage experts.      


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