Rigel: The Savage World – Book 1 – Chapter 54 – Soul Ignition

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Soul Ignition:



Orlon narrowed his eyes and tapped his bag of holding, a green saber flew out and floated before him as his body tensed in anticipation of the fight. Patriarch Liongate took a step forward and stood before Orlon.However, he didn’t rush to attack because he knew from experience that Shukla wasn’t bluffing. They did have a method to stop him.

No matter how powerful a Spark formation stage expert was, he was still nothing in front of a Soul Ignition stage expert. However, Shukla, Boler, and Leyden seemed suspiciously confident to fight head on against Liongate.

“Be careful Orlon,” warned Liongate.

Compared to Orlon, Liongate was far more experienced. He had seen far too many instances where experts had fallen due to their sheer carelessness.

Orlon grabbed the green saber as he heard Liongate. He wasn’t sure if Patriarch Liongate was overly cautious, but he trusted his judgment.

While Orlon grew up in the safety of the Shia clan, Liongate roamed the world and established a clan on his own.  Thus, it was even impossible to compare the difference in their experiences.

Leyden glanced at Liongate’s cautious behavior and frowned slightly. For their plan to work, Liongate had to attack them with his whole strength. His cautious attitude was within their calculations, but they didn’t expect that he would be so cautious towards three Spark formation experts.

Usually, any Soul Ignition stage expert would try to kill them without waiting for a second more in such a situation, but Liongate was willing to think carefully before making his move. They had severely underestimated the control Liongate had over him.

Leyden snorted coldly and thought, “This is going to be troublesome.” He glanced at Liongate and said in a ridiculing voice, “What the? I heard that you were a great warrior. Afraid of mere Spark formation stage experts, this isn’t like you Liongate. Very well, let’s wait it out. A few more minutes and our work will be done here.”

Liongate narrowed his eyes as he heard Leyden. A cold glint surfaced in his eyes as he finally realized that he had been right all along.

“Fool,” Boler scolded Leyden through his divine sense, “You just proved his thoughts. He was cautious because he was unsure about our objectives. Now, he knows that we do have a method to stop him.”

Leyden looked at Boler and answered in a calm voice, “And, what does this change? He still isn’t aware of our trump card Boler. Furthermore, I openly declared that we do have a trump card to deal with him.

      Now he will be unsure whether I was lying or was merely telling the truth. I threw him from one mystery into another. He is like a rat trapped in a dungeon of traps. There is nothing he can do to escape from our encirclement.“

Shukla smiled slightly as he realized their thoughts. However, it wasn’t just Shukla; Orlon had also released the meaning behind Leyden’s words. He gritted his teeth as he finally realized why Liongate was cautious before.

Leyden, Boler, and Shukla, all of them were completely different kinds of people. Strong, cunning and selfish. None of them would hesitate to throw each other at death’s door if they could escape instead and yet, such people were working together.

It only meant one thing. They were all under the control of someone. A person capable of making these people throw their self-esteem aside and cooperate to fight against a Soul Ignition stage expert.

Would such a person only send three Spark formation stage experts to fight Liongate without a plan? No, he definitely wouldn’t.

Orlon finally understood why Liongate said that they were dangerous. It wasn’t just them they were fighting against. The one they needed to be cautious about was the person behind them.

Liongate frowned as he thought about Leyden’s words. Being a supreme expert in cultivation world, he could naturally see through Leyden’s plan. Any normal person would indeed be trapped in Leyden’s scheme, but cultivators are not that easy to manipulate and certainly not someone who was at Liongate’s level.

Liongate eyes grew cold as Shanya’s message resonated in his mind. He knew that Shanya had a top-tier Soul Ignition stage defensive artifact, so he was sure that she would be able to hold for a few minutes.

However, if he wasted any more time. Liongate did not want to think about the consequences. He took a deep breath and straightened his back. He looked at Shukla, Boler and Leyden coldly and tapped his heart twice.

Leyden looked at Liongate in confusion and asked in a small voice, “What is he doing?”

Boler narrowed his gaze as he saw Liongate’s action. He had a hunch, but he didn’t want to believe that Liongate can be so reckless.

“I have no need to use this to deal with you bastards. However, it looks like you have something up your sleeve. Very well, since you don’t fear death, why don’t I show you, just what happens when I go all out.” Liongate said in a cold voice and continued, “Soul Ignition.”

Shukla, Leyden, Boler and even Orlon widened their eyes in shock as Liongate’s aura soared to heavens as his cultivation base grew several times stronger within mere seconds and his eyes turned red in anger.

The air around him crackled while the ground beneath his feet sunk under extreme pressure. Liongate’s muscles rippled while he tightened his fists.

Soul Ignition is an ability unique to Soul Ignition stage experts. Using the Spark cultivated in Spark formation stage, they ignite their souls, briefly increasing the power of their cultivation base by several levels.

However, the number of times a Soul Ignition stage expert can use it varied for everyone. Some could only use it once a day while others can use it up to three times. It depended on the power of their souls and the quality of the Spark they formed during Spark formation stage.

Such a power came with its disadvantages. After using the Soul Ignition, the expert will temporarily enter a state of complete defenselessness. So, unless he can finish them off within that short span of time, he would instead die in their hands. Thus, none of them ever imagined that Liongate would use Soul Ignition to deal with them while he still had to deal with Lord Li.

“You crazy bastard, you actually used Soul Ignition to deal with us.” Shukla roared in anger and immediately retreated without any hesitation. Leyden and Boler cursed in their hearts and followed Shukla. They no longer had any intention of fighting Liongate.

Originally, they had a Soul draining poison when used in proximity can stun a Soul Ignition stage expert for a few minutes. Using this chance, they wanted to kill Liongate. However, now that Liongate was in Soul Ignition state, such a treasure was of no use. He was impervious to all techniques, divine abilities and poisons.

Fighting him in his current state meant only death. Forget about them; even Lord Li wouldn’t be able to resist the current Liongate without entering the Soul Ignition state himself.  

“You aren’t going anywhere.” Liongate roared in fury and disappeared from his spot.

Shukla bit his lip until blood leaked into his mouth. He didn’t think that he would have to face Liongate. As Shukla heard Liongate’s roar, his body shook as he coughed up a mouthful of blood. The very next instant, he felt an intense sense of danger.

Before he could react, he felt an enormous pressure on his back. Shock flashed through his eyes while his body trembled instinctively as a fist descended and smashed him to the ground.


The ground underneath Shukla shook and layers upon layers of earth deformed as a crater formed underneath him.

       Boler and Leyden were thoroughly shaken to their core. Although they knew how destructively powerful Soul Ignition was, it was their first time experiencing the full might of such power.

Liongate’s face twisted as he grabbed Shukla by his head and smashed it to the ground and then punched the back of his head with all his might



Shukla moaned in pain as his bones cracked while his face became a bloody mess. Boler didn’t wait any longer and immediately took to his feet and ran as if his life was on the line. Upon seeing Shukla’s fate, it didn’t take him a second more to realize that falling in Liongate’s hands meant a single fate, death.

Leyden and Boler ran in opposite directions. Who among them would be the next target, they didn’t know, but they were ready to take chances. This way, one of them would have an opportunity to survive. If one was chased, it meant that the other would be able to escape. Both could only hope that it would be the other.

Orlon finally recovered from his shock as he stared at Liongate. For as long as he could remember, he had never seen such a furious side of him. His eyes flickered as he saw Boler and Leyden escaping in opposite directions. However, he didn’t chase them, but instead began to rush towards the Shia clan.

Boler, Leyden, and Shukla were originally no match for Liongate and in his current state, it was only a matter of seconds before they died in his hands, so Orlon wasn’t worried.

His eyes, however, were dark as he thought of Taeron and Leya. He didn’t know if they were safe. Compared to Leya, who was a Spark formation stage expert, he was more worried about Taeron. His fists tightened as he looked at the distant Shia clan and said to himself in an anxious voice, “Be safe Taeron.”


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