Revision Plans

Hey guys,

I have been busy the last couple of days rewriting parts of Book 1 and editing the chapters. I know from personal experience that the past chapters aren’t really how you remember they are, and as I read through chapters, I am seeing a ton of mistakes which makes me wonder just how I wrote them.

So, I am determined to edit all 55 chapters before starting Book 2. The reason for this is simple, I want all of you to have the best experience possible while reading Rigel and I don’t want to cut corners in my efforts.

I will be reposting all the chapters again on Royalroadl, while I will just update the existing chapters on my website. The reason for doing this only on my website is because, it is just inconvenient for me to delete all the posts on my website whose links are everywhere, from TOC to Reddit.

So that’s it. It is May 23rd and I have less than a week to edit 50 chapters. Let me tell you, editing is mind boggling. I am losing all my mental facilities upon editing for just 2 hours. Now, I have a lot more respect to all the editors out there.

Also, I highly recommend reading all the chapters once again. The edited chapters are nothing like the past, they are smooth, without 90% grammatical errors and are awesome.

The reuploading of edited chapters starts today, and will continue until the end of May.

You guys are awesome and have a nice day.

Smile more

GSD Reddy.



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