A small update 3/6/16

Hey guys,

So I am back in my university. The classes have resumed and I am busy once again. After a month long holidays, it is normal for me to be busy but no worries.

I will finish all my pending assignments and start Book 2 in a few days. In fact, I have already started writing it.

Hope you understand my troubles as all of us have at one point been in similar conditions.

Smile more,



18 thoughts on “A small update 3/6/16

    • Sorry about the previous comment. 8:30am – 12:00pm – hospital Postings. 1:00 pm – 5 pm classes. Mon-Tue n Friday – 8:00pm – 10pm – BID postings. Hospital postings are my work since I am a medical student. So basically, I have average of 4 hrs every day after I do my work where I have to study, complete my essays and prepare for my tests. And recently, my health has deteriorated and I had constant cold, fever for over ten days. Admist all this, I am sorry to say this but I have decided to go on a hiatus. The reason why I haven’t made a post informing you of my decision is because I was waiting hoping that things would settle down and I might be able to go back to my previous schedule. I am sorry about this, believe me, I am hating myself by doing this but I got no choice. It’s either my health and my education or my writing. I had to choose one.


      • Ah no worries, take your time bud, I’ve enjoyed your novels too much just to leave it because of a hiatus, I’ll be here when you resume work again. Best of luck


  1. Don’t worry sir, you have been doing a great work. Those are your priorities and our should take care of them, i’m a history student and my day at college goes from 8am to 8 pm reading about 900 pags worth of books each week while also dealing with written assignments and tests… Oh, the things we do for our future!


    • Well, people started blaming me that i stole it for “Ad” money. The version i posted is in public domain which means that I can literally republish it, sell it, post it, make millions out of it, if i can and no one can say anything to me. But, the shitheads @noveltranslations don’t understand that and just started drowning my post with negative comments so I thought fuck this and deleted my posts.


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