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If you like my novel and think that I deserve to get a little encouragement for all my hardwork, you can encourage me here by donating. Please remember that amount doesn’t matter because I will feel the same gratitude for 1 cent or 100 dollars. THANK YOU

The donations in this page will not go to sponsored chapter but are purely to support author, I don’t think any one will donate here (LOL) but if you wish to encourage me, I am grateful to even your thought.


Q) I don’t want to donate. Why should I?

A) That’s totally alright. I wont pressurize you guys and am happy if you simply read my fiction. Also please don’t force yourself for I will feel guilty about it if you donate because of my plea, donate only if you feel like encouraging me for my hard work or if you feel like supporting me  .


17 thoughts on “Support Author

  1. stumbled onto here, got to say im a fan… one thing i want to critique about your novel is that the MC never really has been in a life and death situation like other Xianxia novels, he seems to have everything handed to him tbh (example void, big sis, sebastian saving him; Sylvie assisting him; receiving the fortune etc)… all the MC has done is train and being cruel which is fine but in the big picture doesn’t amount to much… dunno if that made sense but looking forward to the rest of the story


    • Thank you MShinoda, don’t worry my story will have the life and death situations in later stages. Currently I don’t want to forcefully place MC in such situations when I clearly don’t see any. Also welcome to reddycreations.


    • I have already explained before but wordads policy states that a website should have its content posted only on the site. Since I have my work posted on Japtem and royalroadl, they asked me to remove my work from these sites if I want to get approved for wordads program. Being a new author I decided to opt out of wordads program for more potential readers I can obtain by posting on royalroadl. Thank you for your concern lirg123 and welcome to reddycreations.


  2. As thanks for the amazing story and in hope of much to come I have giving but a paltry offering to help you along.
    AKA (100$)


    • Hi Tim, thank you for your generosity. Though you donated in support author section I take that you have sponsored for chapters so five chapters will be released in hour honour. Welcome to reddycreations


  3. Hi i started reading today and i am confused about the realms and planes so if you can explain or direct me somewhere where i can learn it, that would be great 🙂 and btw, im hooked


    • Hmm, Hi sirponzter. I explained in book 1 Ch 34 but I will briefly explain again.
      Asgard is one of the major material plane in all of the universes. The material planes are all connected to their respective higher planes. These higher planes are 3 in number ranging for beginner, divine and peak disciples.
      When one becomes a deva, they can enter into first of the nine great planes. These planes also corresponds to nine levels of devas.
      Any deva who stands at a peak of his world is given a opportunity to either stay or leave the plane to find a minor realm to rule.
      I will explain again in the future when our story progresses to those parts but now we are still in the material plane of Asgard so enjoy it for now.


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